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Canvas edition 1


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We present to you the first edition of Canvas- The Newsletter of Marketing Club of IIM Rohtak

Published in: Business, Health & Medicine
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Canvas edition 1

  1. 1. MARQUE! 6 OCTOBER 2011 CANVASShock Marketing ShockvertisingHow many shock volts can you handle? "Shockvertising" is a way to jolt our senses, to cause an immediate reaction. Shock is sometimes used by marketers to grab the attention of consumers before applying the sales pitch. Shocking titles, pictures or actions never fail to get the attention of an audience. Think about the last time you heard something about any business that made you look up their website. In the overflow of information these days; how does your business stand out? While it can be an effective tactic it is Marketing is fun. Its making money business and the world. Each edition of important toand everything else that matters while having Canvas is based on a central theme from the understand when to use it and when not to.a blast. Marketing is a way of life. And we marketing world of Marque, the marketing club of IIM The first edition is all about Shock -Matthew BywaterRohtak, know it fully well. Marketing. So, how many shock volts can Canvas is the Newsletter of Marque, you handle?bringing to words and life the various - Bharadwaj Battaramconcepts put in practice and evolving in Marque Sneak Peak • Social Issues - Tanuj Goyal • ROM Chocolate - Akshay Gupta • Barnardo’s - Ankur Shukla • United Colors of Benetton - Harsh Gupta! PAGE 1
  2. 2. MARQUE! 6 OCTOBER 2011 SHOCK ADVERTISING – SOCIAL ISSUES All social awareness campaigns can broadly be the commercial spheres and has been in use for longdivided into two categories – now. a) social malpractice Shockvertising is widely used in lot of countries b) health problems caused due to negligent for the promotion of anti-smoking initiatives. WHO behavior and/or bad habits also suggests pictures of rotting lungs, miscarried Any such campaign that aims at influencing a foetuses and bleeding brains should be put on allprevalent social belief or a persistent behavior of an tobacco packages because they are effective inindividual must perform three important functions: preventing tobacco use.generate awareness about the consequences of these Due to the anxiety these ads tend to create therepractices/behaviors, persuade people to avoid these remains a higher probability that the personbehaviors and provide them support and guidance watching them will discuss it with others. This isfor the same. very important in the case of advertisements issued “How to draw the attention of the target in the interest of general public where the success ofaudiences so as to impart a long lasting impression a campaign solely depends upon the number ofwhich in turn will lead to increased participation and persons to which the message could be delivered.higher success?” is the question that arises. This iswhere shock advertising gains importance.Controversial by the very nature of it, shockadvertising makes deliberate use of blunt slogans,provocative images and bold statements thatchallenge conventional understanding of social orderand generally accepted norms thereby causing instantattention. It’s a much exploited marketing strategy in Stop domestic violence - Tanuj Goyal IIM Rohtak ! PAGE 2
  3. 3. MARQUE! 6 OCTOBER 2011ROM CHOCOLATE of national ego and pride in the decided right from the start that Common sense would dictate Romanians. they would run the Americanthat a marketing campaign The marketing campaign ROM for just a week, regardlesschallenging the nationalist pride became a point of discussion of the response, and then switchof your target market is not the across the country, and the back to the original way to promote your Romanians felt like they had lost Also, it might be safe to assumeproduct. The marketing team at a national symbol. A wave of that McCann would have doneROM Chocolate surely didn’t patriotism swept through the the analysis of the market beforethink so. And going by the country, and citizens stood launching a campaign of thisimmediate response to the united to defend the Romanian sort, which might have resultedcampaign, they sure got that culture and their own flag. Flash in the brand name gettingright. mobs, Facebook groups, Youtube destroyed. Such a campaign videos and debates on prime time obviously might not have worked ROM Chocolate is a in most other countries, whereRomanian chocolate bar, with television were organized to protest the change. Meanwhile, a the changing of the national flagthe Romanian flag on its to the American flag might havepackaging since its launch in dedicated McCann team responded to comments posted been seen as a political agenda.1964. This strategy had helped So, it is essential that shockthem be the most popular online, and did their part to feed the debates. marketing also be carried out inchocolate in Romania till an ethical, non-offensive andrecently, when it had started ROM let this public outcry professional manner.losing its market share to continue for a week, beforeAmerican brands such as informing the public that the Shock marketing is utilizedSnickers. Romania had been American ROM was actually a by a number of brands today, andgoing through political and hoax, and returning to the ROM, along with McCanneconomic crises, and the morale market with the original ROM Erickson, has certainly takenwithin the country was low. The packaging. Simultaneously, they advantage of the Romanian prideyouth, especially, had started also launched a ROM Anthem in to reinvent their brand, andlooking up to everything Romanian to tap into the newly customer loyalty to it. At theAmerican, including their rekindled patriotic passion. The same time, they also managed tochocolates, and the Romanian campaign was a resounding achieve a more substantial goal,association of ROM was success – within the first two which no sales figures couldbecoming quite meaningless in weeks, the campaign reached match up to. They managed tothis scenario. 67% of Romanians. It managed unite the people of Romania to generate 300,000 Euros worth towards a common goal, Enter, McCann Erickson something that is hardly heard ofRomania. Instead of trying to of publicity without having to pay a cent for it, and the number in today’s world. So, it is safe tofight the growing apathy of the say that this marketing strategyyouth, they decided to join them. of fans of the ROM Facebook by ROM was one of shock and page increased by 300%. ROM ROM decided an overnight went on the become Romania’s awe, while containing a hiddenchange in their packaging. most popular chocolate bar with social agenda as well.Instead of the Romanian flag, a 79% increase in sales, and The icing on the cake fortheir chocolate now had the outperformed the market by ROM and McCann EricksonAmerican flag on it. It was now 20% in the most relevant Romania -.their campaign wonadvertised with a number of channels. two Grand Prix awards at thetaglines such as “The Taste of 2011 Cannes Lions Festival ofCoolness”, “Let’s Build America Some would argue that ROM went a step too far by testing the Creativity. Also, the AmericanHere”, “Patriotism Won’t Feed ROM was sold out, as aYou”, and “The American Dream ego of a nation with their Collector’s Edition in the Romanian campaign. Indeed it was a hugeChocolate”. The purpose of this risk, and could have heavilyshock tactic was to instill a sense backfired. However, ROM went - Akshay Gupta ahead with it, and managed to IIM Rohtak come out unscathed. They had! PAGE 3
  4. 4. MARQUE! 6 OCTOBER 2011GIVING CHILDREN BACK THEIR FUTURE (1999 - 2000) This campaign included seven press advertisementswhich depicted children in adult situations, such as ababy injecting heroin, a toddler clutching a bottle ofwhisky and another preparing to commit suicide. Theadvertisements aimed to show what potentiallydisastrous adulthoods await many of the disadvantagedand vulnerable young people Barnardos works with.According to the copy, John is a 23 year old drug addict;however, in the image a baby is shown, completecontrast to portray the gravity of the situation. In all the advertisements, there is a sharp contrastbetween the child and the background. The child iswhite in color and the background is dark and violent.The objects like injections and bottle of whisky are usedto shock people and make them realize that thesechildren need their immediate help.BARNARDO’S, UK years Barnardos was relatively Almost 80 per cent of the quiet about its new areas of public in UK think it is work, which resulted in low justifiable for charities to use public awareness of Barnardos shock tactics in their advertising, and what we did. This according to a survey by pollsters encouraged Barnardos to re- YouGov. Eighty-two per cent said Barnardos is a British charity think its approach and so they shock tactics were acceptable iffounded by Thomas John tasked the advertising agency they raised awareness ofBarnardo in 1866, to care for Bartle, Bogle & Hegarty (BBH) domestic violence and 78 pervulnerable children and young in 1998, with raising awareness cent said the same was true ofpeople. Barnardos used to be a and repositioning Barnardos as child poverty.children’s charity famous for its modern, relevant and deservingorphanages, which in 1966 they by bringing the public up-to-datebegan to close. Over the next 30 with the vital work they do. BARNARDOS’ SHOCK ADVERTISING “A good basic selling idea, involvement and relevancy, of course, are as important as ever, but in the advertising days of today, unless you make yourself noticed and believed, you aint got nothing”. Every day we come across hundreds of advertisements which grab our attention. They have in them that one unexpected factor, that one difference, that one little thing that sometimes takes us by surprise and is shocking to our senses.! PAGE 4
  5. 5. MARQUE! 6 OCTOBER 2011CHILD POVERTY CAMPAIGN (2003) The campaign is largely regarded as the charitysmost controversial print advertisement which wasbanned by The Advertising Standards Authority. Thisimage of a newborn baby attracted a storm ofcontroversy, after another leading childrens charityclaimed it was insulting to the very people they purportto help. However, Barnardos stuck by its campaign toraise awareness of how children born into poverty willgrow up to be living in squalor, addicted to alcohol ordrugs and be involved in crime. Image of the cockroach is synonymous with theconcept of squalor in which the baby will develop. Theidea of cockroach was to shock people and to make them thinkabout what they can do to help children like the one used in thisadvert. In the other poster, they incorporated a wellknown saying into the campaign, if you were born with asilver spoon in your mouth it means that youre spoiltand given everything you want whereas the saying isturned on its head There are no silver spoons for childrenborn into poverty. The other items used in the campaignswere newspaper adverts, broadsheet press andmethylated spirit bottle. The strengths of the campaignsare the images used because it rea$y demonstrates theseriousness of the topic and communicates the message we$.NEW LIFE CAMPAIGN (2005) seeking to make them unmissable.” The parodying the concept of birth can be offending for some. The advert of a girl growing up being abused is both visually shocking and stimulating. The images of a girl abused and looking at you with hope, stir emotions in you and it forces your senses to take some steps. The issue of prostitution and The concept behind the ‘new abuse of teenage girls is an issuelife’ campaign is that Barnardo’s which has a very negativegives children a better start in life, connotation and the negativeand therefore the chance of a better emotions have been visuallyfuture. Again in this campaign, they captured and presented to shock thehave used visually stimulating viewers. The images make you feelimages. Quoting, Andrew Nebel, the responsible for their plight if youcharitys director of fundraising, don’t take any steps to save and communications, “I The step is to donate money tocan honestly say we were not trying to Barnardo’s charity groupshock for theatrical purposes. We were - Ankur Shukla IIM Rohtak! PAGE 5
  6. 6. MARQUE! 6 OCTOBER 2011WHAT THE HELL IS THAT AD ABOUT? Shock Marketing is a type of marketing that becomes involved in a process of answering the“deliberately, rather than inadvertently, startles and questions: What does this image mean? Why does thisoffends its audience by violating norms for social values image appears with the Benetton logo? How do I feeland personal ideals.” about the subject of the image? What can I do? When This form of advertising is often controversial, images have shock value, they attract many people’sdisturbing, explicit and may bring out provocative attention. People are bound to think about the image inpolitical message; may not only offend but can frighten the ad and thus know some of the world’s problems inas well; uses scare tactics and elements of fear to sell a the process.product or deliver a public service message, making a Benetton’s shocking ads are designed to raise public“high impact.” It is often considered to have been awareness of social issues, issues that are global andpioneered by Benetton, the Italian clothing retailers universal. Using shocking images people are forced towhich created the line United Colors of Benetton, and think about the topic.its advertisements in the late 1980s. The ads only have an image that grabs audience Today, Benetton Group is present in 120 countries attention in just a glance and a logo. The companyaround the world. Its retail network of 5,000 carries out a single campaign that runs all over thecontemporary stores around the world, offers high world. These ads do not tell anyone to buy company’squality customer services and generates a total turnover products and don’t even imply it. Because Benettonsof over 1.9 billion euro. The group provides employment clothes are sold around the world, the expenses incurredto 7,987 people around the world. to tailor campaigns to specific national markets would Benetton’s intuitional campaigns carry a big idea, a have been enormous. To reduce these high costs, UCBunique concept of showing shocking images to the brings the worlds markets together by using a singleworld. The idea behind using shocking images was an advertisement that would appeal to many cultures, races,effort by Benetton to breakthrough the complacency religions, and lifestyles. The attempt is only to promotethat exists in our society. Removing these images from discussion about issues which people might ignore iftheir familiar contexts and putting them in a new presented to them through some other channel. Hence,context, makes them more likely noticed, as the viewer it is an advertising that speaks across all cultural boundaries and raises social awareness by presenting powerful human and universal themes. UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON Because the guidelines for acceptable advertisements vary throughout the world, Benettons campaigns were praised in some countries and damned in others. For example, a photograph of a priest and a nun kissing did not produce the extreme outcry in the United States as it did in Vatican City. - Harsh Gupta IIM Rohtak! PAGE 6
  7. 7. MARQUE! 6 OCTOBER 2011Marque - IIM Rohtak Official Website: Visit Marque: Join us and follow us on Facebook and Twitter!/marqueiimrohtak Connect with us on LinkedIn