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9 Final Kpo

  1. 1. Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) Perfect solutions on time, anytime! Global FPO also provides knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) services. We help clients streamline operations, reduce costs and enhance business efficiencies through global sourcing. We have extensive experience and insight from consulting, migrating and executing thousands of large and complex business functions and processes in a global delivery framework. In the new knowledge economy, organizations around the globe are facing great challenges like the shortening of process-time for introducing products and services into the market and shortage of professionals in various knowledge-intensive high-skill sectors. We enable you to support the core functions of your business with our efficient and reliable KPO solutions. We are a single stop shop with extensive domain knowledge for KPO needs of an organisation. We operate with a focused differentiation strategy to enable enterprises to shorten design-to- market lead times, efficiently manage critical processes, augment organizational effectiveness in business administration and provide various financial researches. Why Global FPO? • Use of proprietary modeling tools • We incorporate live market data into all the levels of our analysis • Experienced and skilled team of credit research analysts • Data security: high levels of security at the hardware/software level • Daily, weekly or fortnightly reports, depending on your requirements • Reports on numbers, analyses and recommendations The KPO services provided by Global FPO can be broadly categorized into: A. IFRS, US GAAP & Indian GAAP advisory services B. Research services
  2. 2. A. IFRS, US GAAP & Indian GAAP advisory services The Local Accounting Standards Board of various countries has announced that IFRS will replace current Local GAAP for publicly and non-publicly accountable enterprises in a span of 1-3 years in various countries. The transition to IFRS is an accounting-driven exercise; however, its impact extends beyond the Accounting Department and often requires significant changes to business processes and information systems. For these reasons companies are strongly encouraged not to underestimate the amount & technical complexity of work involved. Global FPO has an established IFRS taskforce, which has worked with large, multinational companies on full IFRS conversion as well as assisting smaller companies in assessing the impact of IFRS and dealing with conversion issues. How Global FPO can help As advisor, we assist with: 1. IFRS, U.S. GAAP and Indian GAAP opinions We provide various IFRS, U.S. GAAP and Indian GAAP opinions for the accounting and related issues to various organisations. We help our clients in taking accounting treatment of various issues as per Accounting Standard issued by ICAI/ FASB/ IASB. Further, we take in to consideration the industrial practice where no written guidance of appropriate authorities is available. Our services include: • We perform technical research and maintain appropriate documentation to support our technical conclusions and its application. • Facilitating compliance with current and ongoing SEC/ ICAI/ FASB/ IASB/SEBI and any other local GAAP reporting requirements, as applicable. • Creating or updating policies to establish and communicate new and ongoing accounting and reporting objectives • Coordination with external auditors and other third parties to facilitate the efficient review and signoff of final deliverables 2. IFRS Conversion • Early diagnosis of major differences • Initial IFRS Impact Assessment
  3. 3. • Project support • Tailored training programmes • Full IFRS conversion Global FPO can assist you through this process. Our detailed transition methodology is a four phase approach that includes: • Preliminary and detailed assessment of Local GAAP and IFRS differences including an assessment of IFRS 1 exemptions • Design and detailed conversion planning including establishing a steering committee and project team and providing preliminary IFRS training, developing a communication plan and working through required systems changes • Implementation and testing including the finalization of new accounting policies, implementing IFRS 1 and implementing system changes • Post implementation review including the review of IFRS financial statements, and reviewing all changes in reporting and financial statement close processes 3. Preparation of financial statements as per IFRS, U.S.GAAP and Indian GAAP We assist our clients in preparation of financial statements as per Indian GAAP/U.S.GAAP/ IFRS, based on requirements of the entity. Further, we help our clients in making appropriate disclosure as per requirements of statute, accounting bodies and trade practice. Our services include: • Preparation of full fledged financial statements • Cash flow statement • Deferred tax reconciliation • Equity statements • Preparation of notes to account as per the requirements of the relevant GAAPs either comprehensive or separately such as relating to Leases, Property plant and equipment, Intangibles, Business combinations, Goodwill, Investments etc. • Consolidation of various subsidiaries, joint ventures, SPV etc. • Inter-Company elimination • Accounting for merger, acquisition and other business combinations
  4. 4. B. Research services Research Services includes the following: 1. Banking Research Services • Corporate and Retail Finance support • Corporate Credit Research 2. Financial Research Services • Securities • Exchanges • Investment Services 1. Fixed income macro strategy 2. Fixed income modeling 3. Risk modeling 4. Derivative pricing 5. Convertibles 3. Insurance and Specialty or High End Finance and Accounting Research Services 4. Economic and Financial Research Services • Established and emerging research and analytics • Foreign exchange research • Creation and introspection of research based economy analytical models for prediction of trend variations across multiple spectra. 5. Industry Financial Research Services • Industry trends with analyst reports • Financial research models. 6. Business Financial Research Services • Business intelligence and benchmarking studies • Creation of business databases • Business database research and analysis 7. Company Specific Financial Research Services • Creation of company profiles • Model development and maintenance 1. Capital structure analysis and research 2. Covenant analysis and research • Research and Analysis of company financials
  5. 5. 8. Financial statement analysis We can provide you with an in-depth analysis by analyzing your balance sheets, income statements, statements of retained earning and statement of cash flows. Based on our financial statement analysis, you can learn more about the financial condition of your business in both the long and short terms. Simply send us your financial statements and we will analyze them for you. Choose Global FPO as your partner for financial statement analysis services.
  6. 6. Financial Analysis Services Financial analysis is the integration and analysis of information stored in financial systems and other critical data sources across the organization. Furthermore financial analysis makes use of techniques to determine the mission performance and monetary accountability information of an organization. These techniques include calculating ROI, Ratio analysis, Break-even analysis, and preparation of Cash flow and Funds-flow statements, Cost/benefit analysis. Initially financial outsourcing services were limited to back office functions but with faster and more accurate interpretation of financial data, the scope of financial services has grown to encompass high-end jobs including equity analysis, financial research, investment analysis and modeling. Adding to this financial analysis outsourcing increasingly is being used as a tool not only for cost savings but also for business transformation, enhancing service levels, reducing expenses, increasing stakeholder value and gaining a greater competitive stronghold in their marketplaces. Scope of Financial Analysis Services Provided Our financial outsourcing services are used by Financial Institutions & Banks, Fund managers, Broking houses & Investors and individual organizations. Our financial Analysis services encompass the following segments: • Financial Research - Equity, Currency, Fund, Interest Rate research, Risk Management • Economic Research - Country reports, Sector outlooks • Business Research - Industry, Competitor, Supply Chain analysis, Executive summaries and Presentations. • Financial Knowledge Management - Examination Content modules for Internet based training, simulator questions for testing situations. • Financial Product Development -Conducting model development, simulation & back testing activities to for specific performance attributes. Our financial analysis services include: • Analysis of financial statements- monthly, quarterly and annual management reports • Analysis of Prospectus and Offer Documents • Analysis of Portfolio structures • Financial Research & Analysis • Outsource- Financial ratio analysis, break-even analysis, and NPV and IRR analysis.
  7. 7. • Corporate Financial Statements • Ad-hoc reports (fact books, competitor analysis) • Board of Directors and audit committee presentations on financial results, EHS compliance • Creation and maintenance of databases and libraries Vertical Methodology of Financial Analysis services: • Entrant analysis and five-force theory enterprise valuation at industry, market and segment levels. • Segment information: financial analysis of segment revenue, peer group reviews and nearest rival analysis. • Internal Business indicators: financial analysis of key internal metrics • Consolidated margin bridges and balance sheet variance reports
  8. 8. Finance Research Reports Services Financial services comprises of low end activities such as accounting and bookkeeping to high- skill activities such as preparing finance research reports, finance market research etc.. Financial services research and finance market research requires a high degree of expertise, skill sets, qualified manpower and a strong process. Based on these criteria, you can choose from among the hundreds of financial research firms that operate in India and in other outsourcing destinations worldwide. Global FPO has a dedicated division which caters to customer requirements in the financial research domain. With a highly skilled team of MBAs, PhDs and Engineering graduates along with a robust outsourcing process, we have been able to provide small and big companies with accurate financial research reports. Financial reports & financial research services We offer these custom financial reports as part of the service bouquet: 1. Financial modeling Financial modeling analysis uses a model or a simulation to represent financial reporting data. This complex method involves analyzing various parameters of financial operation and then deriving meaningful data from them. These include assessing expenditures or forecasting a budget. We can spare you the cost of spending on skilled staff and the technology necessary to carry out financial modeling. 2. DCF (Discounted cash flow) analysis Discounted cash flow analysis is a popular method used for generating value in a future investment– an asset, project or another company. Future expenditures are estimated and they are ‘discounted’ to arrive at the present rates of these expenditures. DCF analysis is particularly useful in financial research because they provide with a way of gauging how much investment needs to go into valuing a particular asset, project or a company. 3. IPO (Initial public offering) analysis IPO analysis is carried out to analyze the movement of various stocks in a financial market. Though not completely accurate, IPO analysis can track your stocks as well as your competitors stocks. It can give insight into the market performance of a particular company’s stock and the reasons for the up or down movement. 4. Credit research This service includes capital structure analysis, debt maturity profiles, ratio analysis, debt covenant analysis, risk profiles and the analysis of off balance sheet exposure.
  9. 9. 5. Technical analysis Technical analysis attempts to forecast future prices of products or services by studying past data – mainly price and volume. Global FPO can carry out extensive technical analysis to predict market conditions, financial health and pricing decisions for the future. 6. Business & investment environment assessment This financial research service involves scanning the business and investment environment to give insight into areas in which a financial institution can take measures – investing in a particular market or divesting from it, introducing new products / services or gearing up for the competition. Irrespective of the size of the company, assessing the business environment is essential in taking critical business decisions.
  10. 10. Business Research Services Business research is a potent tool for any organization. If you are a small business, business market research can shed light on where to invest and where to cut costs. Unlike market research, business research focuses on your competitors, their products, services, strategies etc. These two research methods can help any business to strategize based on numbers and not just by intuition. Business research services can help you: • Uncover your competitors for a particular offering • Analyze their sales / marketing strategies • Show growth trends and forecasts for a particular product / service • Estimate the market size through competitive analysis • Find new business opportunities where competition is less or non-existent Small businesses need business competitive analysis and research as it will help to zero-in on tactics to promote their products and services. Unlike research conducted by large firms, business research can be a cost effective investment to chart a growth path for your company. Conducting a business management research requires meticulous planning, execution and reporting. Global FPO has been providing business research for small businesses around the world and has extensive experience in methods that bring in valuable information back to you. Here’s a list of the business research services that we provide: 1. Business competitive analysis: Competitive analysis can provide you with intelligence on who are your competitors, their customers, economic health, demographic information and product related information. You can use this information to get ahead of your competitors 2. Business market research: Market research is the basis of any organization. It can give you information on your target market, customers, market size, similar products and their growth and other similar factors. Based on the outcome of the market research you can make changes on how to package your product / service and decide on the strategies needed to take it to the market Research Process at Global FPO Here’s a summary of the process that is being followed for our business research services: 1. Research goals: The first step of the research process is to finalize the goals of the research project. All subsequent activities follow the goal(s) and are planned for, accordingly
  11. 11. 2. Creating the research plan: A detailed research plan is drawn, which comprises of the target audience for the research, and the tools needed. The research plan varies with each research project 3. Information collection: Information is collected from the target audience through means such as questionnaires, e-mails, online surveys, online focus groups and field surveys. The collected information is stored in a database which is further used for analysis 4. Analyze the information: The collected information is then subjected to statistical analyses such as Regression analysis, ANOVA, Cross tabulation etc. This provides findings into various relationships in the collected data 5. Reporting: The final stage of the research process involves presenting the information in graphs, charts and self-explanatory tables. These are intended to help the end-user of the research report to assimilate the findings of the research project easily
  12. 12. Investment Research Services Investment Research can be defined very broadly as a process that contains one or more of the following: • The results of research into a designated investment or its issuer • Analysis of factors likely to influence the future performance of a designated investment or its issuer; and • Advice or recommendations based on those results and that analysis. Investment Research is useful to: • Individual investors • High Net worth Individuals (HNI) • Asset management companies • Companies • Economic Analysts Process of Investment Research Investment research involves fundamental analysis, technical analysis, or a combination of the two. Fundamental analysis essentially explains what to buy while technical analysis could be used to decide on when to buy. • Fundamental Analysis Fundamental analysis begins with the assertion that the 'true' or 'intrinsic' value of any financial asset equals the present value of all cash flows that the owner of the asset expects to receive. Accordingly the fundamental stock analyst attempts to forecast the timing and size of these cash flows and then converts them into equivalent present value by using an appropriate discount rate. Once the true value of the asset is determined, it is compared with the current market price of the asset in order to see whether the asset is fairly priced. Those assets whose price is above the intrinsic value are said to be 'over valued' and those whose prices are lower than the intrinsic value are 'under valued'. The magnitude of the difference between the current market value and 'true value' is also important information, because the strength of the research conviction that whether a given asset is incorrectly priced will partly depend on this information. To determine the intrinsic value, the financial statements of a company are extensively analyzed. Other factors such as its credit rating, business model, competitor parity of the company are also thoroughly scrutinized. • Technical Analysis Technical analysis involves the study of stock market prices of the financial asset under consideration, in an attempt to predict the future price movements it may take.
  13. 13. Initially, past prices are examined in order to identify recurring trends or patterns in price movements. Then more recent prices are analyzed in order to identify emerging trends or patterns that are similar to past ones. This analysis is done in the belief that these trends or patterns repeat themselves. Thus by identifying an emerging trend or pattern, the analyst hopes to accurately predict future price movements for that particular asset. • Combination Technique As can be seen, neither of the two methods is comprehensive. A synthesis of the two would be deal rather than any one, giving the investor information on what to buy and when to buy it. Apart from these two broad based techniques there are other techniques like passive investing which involves investing in index stocks or funds based on an active index.
  14. 14. Credit Research Services The importance of credit research in financial decision making has always been of paramount priority. In the recent times, credit research has grown in importance owing to the various events taking place across the financial world. Credit research lets users establish: • Key factors about an issuer's creditworthiness • Credit rating of holdings • Distinction between different risk exposures for new and existing deals • Understanding of analysts’ interpretation of significant political, regulatory, and environmental events and their impact economically From international corporations to financial institutions, from utilities and sovereigns to insurance companies, Global FPO’s credit research services aims to help your company achieve all the above goals and much more. Global FPO’s credit research services provide in-depth fundamental credit research with an emphasis on market, industry and issuer analysis. Our credit research services also help companies to identify credits and sectors that offer outstanding value in the corporate bond market. Our credit research products Global FPO serves both buy side as well as sell side clients. Some of the buy side clients we serve are high yield / distressed credit hedge funds and proprietary trading desks. Our sell side clients include fixed income / credit research sections of investment banks. The typical output of Global FPO’s credit research services include (but are not limited to): • Debt maturity profiles • Legal structure profiles • Risk profiles • Cash flow model • Analysis of off balance sheet exposure • Business analysis • Peer group analysis • Capital structure analysis • Operating model • Ratio analysis • Asset valuation
  15. 15. The Global FPO team of credit research analysts possesses good knowledge of financial modeling and decision tools and can help you in the following: • Fundamental analysis of the legal structure and the financial condition of current and potential holdings • Written watch or drop recommendations; systematic ongoing financial review of all securities and issuers • Define the interplay between credit strategies and their impact on business operations cost • Keep an eye on developments in the regulatory, legislative, economic, and fiscal arenas relating to securities and issuers
  16. 16. Equity Research Services Global FPO provides authoritative and unbiased equity analysis and opinions for global players. With Global FPO’s equity research services, investment firms can take a stand and focus their efforts on client relationships and investment strategies. We have a deep understanding of the industries and firms covered by our equity analysts which consequentially helps turn insight into action. We offer both buy side and sell side equity research services. Buy side analysts and Portfolio Managers can benefit to a large extent with insights of these proportions. Financial advisors and clients can use our detailed equity research in their business dialogues and negotiations. Our equity research analysts put in extra effort to provide a point of view on the fundamental business characteristics of any firm. Our analysts are also experienced in offering valuable reviews on the competence of the market price and the potential of price appreciation in the near and distant future. Equity research metrics Our team of equity analysts conducts reviews and cross checks on many factors while developing the equity research reports. Some of them are listed below: • A systematic approach to fact gathering and due diligence • Using standard methodologies for valuation and applying them to facts • In-depth understanding of the company, its business, financial condition, and earnings capacity • Scrutinize sales and expenses in the income statement • Analyze the cash and non-cash components • Use tools to evaluate the cash flow, quality of investments, earnings, and balance sheets • Scrutinize issuer characteristics like accounting policies, pattern of financial filings, disclosure, and accessibility • Analyze issue characteristics like seasoning, trading volume, volatility, dilution, inside ownership and insider buying and selling
  17. 17. Quick KPO Solutions from Global FPO At Global FPO we can provide you with quick KPO solutions that are both accurate and reliable. Whether you want to identify the key opinion leaders in your field, get information on how your product is positioned in the market, write a company profile or write abstracts, we can help you meet your business requirements. By investing in competitor analysis, trend analysis, syndicated research and competitive business analysis, you can get more insight into your business and make informative decisions. Our quick KPO solutions can give you a greater insight on your business 1. Key opinion leaders: We can help you identify the key opinion leaders in your field and provide you with information on what they are saying about your drug. We also help you develop a database of key opinion leaders that would include their profiles 2. Company profiling: The best way to rebuild your relationship with your customers is through a company profile or an industry report. We can help you rebuild your brand and your products by writing a persuasive yet informative company profile 3. Perceptual mapping: By analyzing how your product stands in comparison to your competitors’ product, you can make better decisions on how to improve the quality of your product and out beat competition 4. Abstract writing: Whether you require scientific abstract writing, legal abstract writing, medical abstract writing or technical abstract writing, we can provide you with effective writing 5. Competitive business analysis: By conducting this analysis, you can better understand your customers’ requirements and identify ways in which you can meet these requirements 6. Syndicated research: Stay ahead of your competitors by getting information on the market size and target market composition of your new product 7. Trend analysis: This analysis can give you in-depth information on customer trends, price trends, trend patterns, market segmentation, fraud detection, customer churn etc 8. Competitor analysis: By conducting a competitive analysis, you can better understand where you stand among your competitors. You can also get information on the key strategies that your customers are using
  18. 18. 9. Web research: We can provide you with market and industry information. Literature searches, competitor intelligence and industry details are some of the web research services that we offer