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A PPT talk about SharePoint site architecture, special in web application desgin

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SharePoint architecture-site

  1. 1. SharePoint Architecture Images say Serial 1:Web site (version 1) Philip (KZ) Gao(2014.04)
  2. 2. About SharePoint Architecture I plan to write 3 articles about SharePoint Architecture: 1. Web site Architecture(This article) 2. Web Page Architecture 3. File and Folder Architecture Microsoft has itself SharePoint Farm architecture, Services Architecture This PPT is against SharePoint 2010, 2013, it help you to understand the SharePoint site architecture, and how to design your site architecture
  3. 3. Basic knowledge Site URL anatomy •Protocol •Host name •Site Directory name •Web File name •Site port, default 80
  4. 4. Basic knowledge Host Named Site Path-based site • • •
  5. 5. IIS site Architecture Host-named site(DNS+IIS HOSTNAME) In same IP address or same web server: • • • Multi-IP IIS site(DNS+IIS IP BINDING) Multi-IP in same Web server: • ( • ( • Multi-port IIS site (IIS SITE PORT) Multi-port in same Web server or one IP: • Portal-Site (80 root portal, hostname or IP) • Portal-Site:8848 (Center admin) • Portal-Site:1001 (HR) • Portal-Site:1002 (Support) IIS architecture • Application Pool • Web Site • IP address, Host name, Port number • SSL & Certificate, authentication
  6. 6. SharePoint site basic architecture Farm Service app  services on server • Web application (Content database, app pool) • Site collection in root(host-named, path-based) •Site • Subsite … • List • Item
  7. 7. Web application structure • Service Application is based on service on server status • For each farm, Service application has two branch: default & custom, it is a service’s collection support web application • Web application related to: • IIS Application Pool(one web app to one app pool, but one app pool could support multi-web application • Content database: one web app need at least one content database, it could create multi-content database in one web application • One web application has a special authentication and a special authentication provider • An unique port number, IP address & URL is based IIS & DNS setup • Host header(host name) is optional • Follow one of the Service application: default, custom • Web application support one or more than one site collection
  8. 8. Path-based site design • Web application: • Site collection: (root site collection) • Site collection HR: • Site collection IT: • Managed Paths: Explicit Inclusion & Wildcard Inclusion • Explicit Inclusion:, only one site collection based this address • Wildcard Inclusion: • • (here is 3 site collections in “/IT”)
  9. 9. Multi-Port mode site design • http://contoso:8848 • http://contoso • http://contoso:1001 • http://contoso:1002 • Contoso(hostname or IP address) • Web application: contoso:8848 (SharePoint Center Administration) • Web application: contoso (default:80) portal intranet site • Web application: Contoso:1001 (HR site, use 1001) • Web application: Contoso:1002 (IT site, use 1002) • Alternate Access Mapping We could use address mapping these to internet • Contoso:1001  • Contoso:1002  This should setup DNS and IP binding in IIS, it’s not a good idea in site design
  10. 10. Host-named site design1 Hostname is SP1 • Web application: http://sp1(empty) Host-named Site collection: • • • This mode should use Powershell Search maybe problem when sp1 root site no site collection, even if you have a blank site in root, the search maybe can’t work well. We could use one content database for all site collection or multi-content database according requirement
  11. 11. Host-named site design2 Hostname is SP1 • Host-named Web application: • • • Each web application build a site collection in root without host header name. Host name can be deployed in one IP address with IIS hostname or multi- IP address for IP binding in IIS. All these need DNS mapping. Search can work well in this mode.
  12. 12. Conclusions •Understand site logical structure can help you design •CA(Center Administration) can’t config every mode, Powershell is important tool •We can design types logical site structures, but we should test each potential service, confirm all function •Site architecture design based on team, security, SharePoint services, server performance, backup, requirement.
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