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  • 1. A
  • 2. National registry to help find perfect kidney Published: Thursday, Dec 30, 2010, 0:56 IST By Santosh Andhale | Place: Mumbai | Agency: DNAA national database has been set up to address the issue of blood group mismatch, which often leads to delays in kidneytransplants. Set up by the Apex Kidney Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation, the Apex Swap Transplant Registry (ASTR)will contain details of people in need of kidneys along with their special needs.The mismatch between a donor and recipient because of varying blood groups is one of the biggest problems faced duringkidney transplants. In such cases, swap transplantation may come to the rescue. If there are two such pairs of kidney donor-recipients in the city, and if the kidney of one donor matches that of the recipient of the other pair or vice-versa, it can lead to asuccessful transplantation. Swap kidney transplant is a new concept. There haven’t been more than 15 swap transplants in thecity in the last four years. The Zonal Transplant Co-ordination Committee (ZTCC) maintains the registry for people who wanta cadaver organ, but can’t get it from relatives and friends.Every year, 5,00,000 people are affected by kidney failure in India, a senior nephrologist said. However, only 3-5% getappropriate treatment in the form of a transplant or dialysis. The government gives permission to the hospitals to performkidney swap transplantation.Because of ASTR, transplant rate will increase in the city and the country. Family donors, who want to donate their kidney totheir near and dear ones, but cannot because of incompatible blood groups, can do so by registering themselves with the swapregistry. According to the Human Organ Transplant Act (HOTA), swap kidney transplantation is legally permissible. Doctorssaid around 400 people are awaiting cadaver kidney transplant in Mumbai, with an average waiting period of 6-7 years. “Thisis the first time in India that an initiative has been taken to start a swap transplant registry to curtail the waiting period forpatients. The facility is provided free of cost,” said Dr Viswanath Billa, coordinator, ASTR and senior nephrologist, BombayHospital.Dr Jatin Kothari, joint secretary, ZTCC, and nephrologist at Hinduja Hospital, said, “This is a welcome move. There is a needto create awareness about swap kidney transplant.”The ZTCC was formed in 2001 to address various complex scientific, ethical, social issues of cadaver transplant. Its purpose isto improve organ donation and increase the availability and access to donor organs for patients with end organ failure. TheASTR will work in sync with the transplant community to make swap transplants a possibility in the legal framework. It willmake it transparent and easy for all needy patients. To register, contact Prakash Shirodkar at 25278908
  • 3. Inclusives..1. Blood groups are incompatible.2. Lymphocyte cross match positive3. Donor positive for Hepatitis B or C and Recipient negative.4. Patient with a blood group compatible donor, who would like to enter the ASTR to enable another unfortunate patient to get a kidney.
  • 4. Responsibility and Rights of the Primary Nephrologist.• The ASTR is only a match-making agency. Any patient who wishes to register at the ASTR, can do so only through their 10 nephrologist, with a referral note on his letterhead.• Once referred to the ASTR, the pt would be registered and as soon as a possible swap match is generated by the database, this information would be conveyed to the 10 Nephrologist/s.• Further workup as well as the procedure of transplant would be the prerogative of the 10 nephrologists.• The ASTR does not participate in the actual transplant surgery and is not liable for any of the events following the generation of the match.
  • 5. DonorRecipientFamily
  • 6. DonorRecipientFamily
  • 7. DonorRecipientFamily
  • 8. Total Swap Transplant Done Through ASTRA
  • 9. Swap Transplant in Process
  • 10. Domino The Domino Mukherjee Singh Mamdikar Bhalerao Sudhakaran Sudhaka Sushmit Parvati Nirmala Latika ranDonor a A A B AB B Wife Father Wife Wife Wife Bajrang Devidas Lahu Arjun AshokRecipient A B A AB B Husband Husband Husband Husband Son Mumbai Mumbai Hyderabad Mumbai Mumbai Bombay Hiranandani Lazarus Hinduja MGM Hospital Hospital Hospital Hospital Hospital
  • 11. Success of Apex Swap Transplant Registry,Indian Society of Nephrology Annual Conference Ahmedabad, 2012. Dr.Ganesh Sanap, Dr.Viswanath Billa, Dr.Jatin Kothari, Dr.Shrirang Bichu , Dr.Rajesh Kumar,
  • 12. more the people register,more the people match!
  • 13. ASTRA Sushrut Hospital, II floor Swastik Park Chembur Mumbai 400 071 Tel. 2527 8908/09www.apexkidneyfoundation.orgDr.Ganesh Sanap, 10am to 5pm, Mon to Sat
  • 14. Nobel winner Roth helped spark kidney donor revolution
  • 15. ASTRA Software Home Page
  • 16. Registered Patient List
  • 17. Compatibility Mach
  • 18. Compatibility Mach List