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We at Kumar Organic manufactures and exports range of hair care actives that are know for its clinically proven efficacy and safety.

We have actives for hair regrowth, anti-dandruff, moisturizer/conditioner and thickening/binding agent.

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Hair care ingredients-Kumar Organic Products

  1. 1. INTRODUCING KUMAR ORGANIC PRODUCTS LIMITED’S HAIR CARE RANGEHair care actives that go in the formulation of niche and premium consumer products
  2. 2. Hair Growth StimulantsAnti – Dandruff AgentsHair Moisturizer / ConditionerThickening / Binding Agent for Hair Care
  3. 3. KOPEXIL- Hair Growth Stimulant KOPEXIL- Hair Growth Stimulant Diaminopyrimidine Oxide Diaminopyrimidine Oxide A fortifying hair growth active for hair care formulation Clinically proven to be effective KOPEXIL increases the volume of hair in the growth stage by working on the deep structure of the roots. KOPEXIL helps in softening of the collagen and activation of hair follicles preventing premature hair loss, reinforcing hair anchoring. Applications Applications ••Hair Serum Hair Serum Dosage ••Conditioners Conditioners Standard Dosage Range ••Shampoo Shampoo upto 1.5% ••Hair Lotion Hair Lotion ••HairCream Hair Cream ••HairSpray Hair Spray ••Eyeliner & Mascara Eye liner & MascaraHistory: 2, 4 Diamino-pyrimidine-3-oxide (Aminexil) is a patented chemical molecule developed by L’Oreal and is claimed to helpprevent prefollicular fibrosis (scarring of the hair follicles).
  4. 4. KOPYRROL- Hair Growth Active KOPYRROL- Hair Growth Active Pyrrolidino Diaminopyrimidine Oxide Pyrrolidino Diaminopyrimidine Oxide An enlivening hair growth activeKOPYRROL (Pyrrolidinyl Diaminopyrimidine Oxide) recovers weak follicle cells bysupplying the nutrition which hair needed for healthy growth and increase thevolume of hair in the growth stage. KOPYRROL is used in hair cosmetics to combathair loss due to premature exhaustion of the hair root. Applications Applications Dosage ••Hair Tonic Hair Tonic Standard Dosage Range ••Conditioners Conditioners 2% to 5% ••Shampoo Shampoo ••Hair Lotion/Cream Hair Lotion/Cream ••HairSpray Hair Spray ••Eyeliner & Mascara Eye liner & Mascara
  5. 5. ZINC PYRITHIONE is the most renowned antidandruff used worldwide for morethan 60 years In cosmetics and personal care products, Zinc Pyrithionefunctions as an antidandruff agent, antimicrobial agent, hair conditioningagent, and preservative. It is effective against a wide variety of pathogenicbacteria. Applications Applications ••Shampoos Shampoos ••Conditioners Conditioners ••Hair Tonic Hair Tonic ••HairStyling gel Hair Styling gel ••HairTreatments Hair Treatments Formulations Formulations Dosage Standard Dosage Range 0.1% to 2%
  6. 6. Kopirox is an effective, practically nontoxic antidandruff active ingredient, whichlives on the skin and is associated with dandruff and other manifestations offlaking on the face and scalp. It is often used in shampoo as a replacement ofcommonly used Zinc Pyrithione.Piroctone Olamine is highly effective both in Leave – On and Rinse end useapplications Applications Applications ••Shampoos Shampoos ••Conditioners Conditioners ••Hair Tonic Hair Tonic ••HairStyling gel Hair Styling gel ••HairTreatments Hair Treatments Dosage Formulations Formulations Standard Dosage Range ••Hail Oil Hail Oil 0.1% to 1%
  7. 7. Ciclopirox Olamine is a broad-spectrum antifungal agent that inhibits the growthof the yeast known as Malassezia) which is associated with conditions such asDandruff and seborrhoeic dermatitis.Ciclopirox Olamine finds wide application in the treatment of a variety of Skindisorders, like dermatitis, yeast and fungal diseases, Applications Applications ••HairTreatments Hair Treatments Dosage Formulations Formulations Standard Dosage Range ••Topical Gels Topical Gels 0.1% to 8% ••Nail Lacquer Nail Lacquer Solution Solution ••Shampoo Shampoo
  8. 8. Hyaluronic acid is an excellent moisturizer which prevents drying of hair &flaking of the scalp.KOPURON (Hyaluronic acid) is a biopolymer produced by bacterialfermentation. No animal products are utilized. It is natural, biodegradable &eco-friendly. It is suitable for wash away products, topical applications & alsofor penetration into the sub dermal layers.Applications Applications••Shampoos Shampoos••Conditioners Conditioners Dosage••Hair serum Hair serum Standard Dosage••Lotions Lotions Range 0.1% to 2%••Gels Gels
  9. 9. PULLULAN- KOPULAN PULLULAN- KOPULAN Thickening & Binding Agent Thickening & Binding AgentPullulan is an has wide applications as a thickener, binder & additive. Improves productconsistency of hair care productsKOPULAN (Pullulan) is a biopolymer produced by fungal fermentation. It is natural,biodegradable & eco-friendly. It is an excipient giving excellent consistency for wash awayhair products such as shampoos & conditioners & for topical products such as haircolorants & hair styling products Applications Applications ••Shampoos Shampoos ••Conditioners Conditioners ••Hair colorants Hair colorants ••Hair styling Hair styling Dosage products products Standard Dosage Range 1% to 2%
  10. 10. Disclaimer:The information given and the recommendations made herein are based on literature search and are believed to be accurate but no guarantee of their accuracy is made.Information is supplied upon the condition that the receivers will make their own determination as to its suitability for their purposes prior to use. In no event will KUMARORGANIC PRODUCTS LTD be responsible for the damage of any nature whatsoever resulting from the use of or upon reliance of the information