Extinct species India
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    Std-11th A
    College-BhonslaMilitary college,Nasik
  • 3. Introduction-
    What is extinct?
    The moment of extinction is generally considered to be the death of the last individual of that species
  • 4. Superstition may make owls fully extinct
    In some places in India, it is Prompted by superstition, many people rely heavily on battling ill-luck with totems, many of which are derived from birds and many animals. The owl, for instance, is in demand during this period for the believed good luck it bring if sacrifice. Traffic India and WWF India brought out a report on the unlawful trap of owls in the motherland, a carry out so as to gain impetus all through Diwali.
  • 5. The statement was out by the minister for environment and forest Jairam Ramesh who said actual steps should be taken to control this illegitimate trade. They are used largely for black enchantment which is why it is not surprising that most owls are found in the control of tantriks and saints.
  • 6. They are also used for folk medicine, gambling and road performances. New Delhi ranks third in the unlawful smuggling of the bird subsequent to Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal/Andhra Pradesh. But expert believed the statistics could be advanced as a lot of trade takes place dissident. Between 2003 and 2007, the highest numbers of owl seizure were Reported from Delhi with many birds trapped.
  • 7. Step people should take to protect owls
    People should not kill owls because if they get extinct then it will disturb the ecosystem. Owls are remarkable and attractive birds. People should come together and help to protect owls. People should not get into disbelief and should avoid blind faith. This will help to protect the extinctions of this species like owls.
  • 8. Tiger is one of the most prevailing mammals, it also faces the most awful probability of being extinct.They have been sought after deeply by humans over the past few years. Their inhabitants in the Indian sub-continent have declined seriously in the past fifty years. In the 19th hundreds, the complete tiger population was more than one million. On the other hand, these days the international tiger population is fewer than ten thousand animals.
  • 9. Whereas human are the most awful enemy of the tiger, it also has enemy in the form of elephants, bears and very large buffaloes. The only defenses tigers have against their enemies are their blade spiky claws and their muscular teeth. Further than with the intention of, occasionally the complete heaviness of a tiger can finish a standard sized human. Tigers are known to weight as much as four hundred to five hundred pound.
  • 10. Most of the tiger's body parts are said to be medicines or poisons - perhaps the most commanding in the earth. This fake idea has consequently completed hunter hunt tigers for their whiskers, the aforesaid whiskers, their eyes, the aforesaid talismans and their liver and fat. The skeleton of a tiger are also said to be high-quality medicine.
  • 11. Other than simple hunting, humans have also distorted the natural habitat of the tiger. Humans have encroach on tiger land, which more often than not results in hunting tigers in the end. They have also destroyed their habitats by cutting down trees and polluting the atmosphere. More dangerously, humans have sought their prey, forcing tigers to either go hungry or take more risk.
  • 12. Steps taken by Government to protect Tigers
    There are now serious actions taken for the survival of this majestic beast at the brink of extinction. All sub species of the tiger, like the white tiger has been proclaimed to be endangered. China has banned the sale of all and some tiger connected products since 1993. Since then, prohibited poaching of tigers for their hair, bones and other organs is uncontrolled.
  • 13. Hangul Dears
    In Kashmir the last of the Hangul Deer live on the 86,000 acres of Dachigam National Park.Moreover identified as the Kashmiri Stag, the Hangul is well-known for its red wool and five-pronged antlers. Inhabitant to India, its population has dwindled in topical decades due to reduction in forests, enlarged tourism, and climate change.
  • 14. In 1947, the Hangul inhabitants were more than 2,000. Nowadays, the Wildlife Institute of India describes the population as seriously endangered, signifying that there are less than 250 deer. Even though there are more than 150 varieties of deer renowned worldwide, the Hangul is the only existing in race of the Red Deer family of Europe including India.
  • 15. Hangul is a seriously endanger species and has seen a stable decline in population from 2004-05. This has necessitated confined propagation beneath the authority's leadership.
  • 16. The current population trends indicate that species could go extinct if necessary and serious interventions aren’t made. Help them to live Their life.
  • 17. Elephant getting Extinct
    Elephants are endangered because the tusks are made of ivory which is highly prized by hunters and collectors. Its weight is 880 to 1,100 pounds. Its skin is about 7 inches think and very tough. The Indian Elephant is smaller than the African Elephant. It lives in Asia.
  • 18. According to a current review and research, the population of these African elephants, that at present number around 600,000, is decreasing by about 38,000 each passing year. These figures have been calculated using the annual number of illegal tusk seized, which have significantly exceed the elephant birth rate, significance these mammals could face complete extinction within the next 15 years.
  • 19. The reason why elephant are getting extinct because of the habitat and the next is this constant catching of elephants for training, for tourism or logging. And this training that we are doing of elephants is the most brutal, primitive and stupid in the whole world
  • 20. What should be done to protect elephants ?
    People should form associations & totally ban poaching and there should be strict action against killing of elephants.