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  • Often need just a little extra TLC, socializing, and love.
  • Updating supervisor with any changes in health OR with behavior
  • CHS presentation for new fosters

    1. 1. Chesapeake Humane Society Foster Care Program 757.546.5355 1
    2. 2. Our Mission 2 Our Mission: The Chesapeake Humane Society works to promote the welfare of companion animals through programs and initiatives that reduce pet overpopulation, increase adoptions, and encourage responsible pet guardianship through affordable pet care. Our Vision: To help pets and the people who love them find each other and stay together.
    3. 3. Introduction 3  Founded in 1972  501(c)3  Funded by private donors – we do not receive local, state, or federal government subsidies  Opened low-cost, high-quality spay/neuter clinic in 2008  Since 2008, CHS has helped over 14,000 animals through spay/neuter, vaccinations, and/or microchipping  CHS supports Chesapeake Animal Services by facilitating off- site adoption events and providing medical treatment to shelter animals in immediate need “we must not merely will our neighbors good but actually work to bring it about”
    4. 4. CHS vs. CAS 4 Although they are separate entities with very different roles, both are working towards the same goal of reducing the number of homeless animals in our area.  Chesapeake Humane Society (CHS) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that relies on funding by private donors and grants. CHS operates a low-cost spay/neuter clinic, provides temporary housing to a small number of cats, and runs a foster care program for cats and dogs. The humane society also facilitates adoption events for shelter animals.  Chesapeake Animal Services (CAS) is a city municipal agency that enforces local ordinances and humane treatment of animals. CAS provides shelter to strays, abused animals and owner relinquished animals. Both organizations are vital to animal welfare in Chesapeake. Neither one could do it all alone or without the support of the community. They also have something else in common: both rely on dedicated volunteers like you to help with the animals during their (hopefully short) time at the shelter!
    5. 5. Foster Parent & Volunteer Policies & Procedures 5 Role of Foster Parents & Volunteers Volunteers provide CHS with opportunities to enhance many of our programs and services. Many of our programs and events would not be able to function without the use of volunteers. Volunteers are an extension of the CHS staff. The four cardinal rules of volunteering at Chesapeake Humane Society  If you do not feel comfortable doing something, please do not do it.  If you have a question, ask your foster care supervisor.  Always remember to be professional, courteous, and positive.  Communication is the key to success. “never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the
    6. 6. About our Fosters 6  Limited space at the shelter  Orphaned puppies & kittens  Mistreated animals  Elderly dogs and cats  Animals that need socializing  Special needs  Heartworm positive dogs  Demodex mange  Injuries
    7. 7. Fosters 7 Spencer Spike Maggie’s kittens
    8. 8. Fosters 8 Munkie Spot Lambert
    9. 9. Fosters 9 Cinder Katydid Roxanne
    10. 10. Fosters 10 Jackson Daisy & Peanut Goldie
    11. 11. Foster Requirements & Responsibilities  Objective: To create a nurturing environment in the comfort of your own home, allowing the fostered animals to grow, heal, socialize and become/remain adoptable.  Responsibilities:  Be prepared to supply food and any supplies  Socialize, groom, begin basic obedience, and medicate animals  Ensure the animal’s safety  Bring foster in to CHS for regular check-ups and vaccinations  Communicate! Update often and report any issues to foster care supervisor  Ensure that foster animals are at adoption events 11
    12. 12. Foster Requirements & Responsibilities  Foster Care Rules:  Kittens and cats must remain indoors, regardless of cat’s history or desires. Screened-in porches are okay under supervision.  Puppies and dogs must be supervised whenever they are outside. No doggy doors!  If fence is not adequate, puppies and dogs must be walked on a leash. Tie outs or chains are unacceptable.  Fosters need to be fed a diet approved by CHS. Table food or human food is strictly prohibited for fosters! 12
    13. 13. Support for Fosters  CHS will work around your schedule and match an appropriate animal with foster families  CHS will provide all medical care  Care MUST be coordinated through your foster care supervisor  Food and other supplies will be provided to fosters as we receive donations 13 Your foster care supervisor is available to you 24 hours a day for support or questions
    14. 14. Be Prepared!  Bottle babies mean feedings every few hours …  Isolate fosters  Animal-proof the area for the safety of the animal and to protect your belongings  Remember, fosters don’t know your house rules!  Positive reinforcement training methods 14
    15. 15. Be Prepared!  Expect some accidents to happen  Crate train  Know how to ‘read’ body language  Potential problems  Whining  Barking  Separation Anxiety 15
    16. 16. Be Prepared!  The rewards of foster of great … you are helping save so many more lives!  Even though adoption is the goal … it’s always hard to say goodbye  16
    17. 17. Commitment from Foster Families  Communicate with your foster care supervisor  There is no such thing as a stupid question  Respond to your foster care supervisor and adoption inquiries in a timely manner.  Schedule ‘Meet and Greets’ with potential adopters  Not all adoptions work out. Be prepared to take a foster back in if it doesn’t work out.  Foster failures ….
    18. 18. Current Foster Needs
    19. 19. Community Partners: Capital Campaign 19
    20. 20. Thank you 20 123 N. Battlefield Blvd., Suite D Chesapeake, VA 23320 757.546.5355