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Kuliza's recruitment presentation - We talk about the exciting things you will do at Kuliza by presenting you stories of 9 people like you and the exciting things they do here everyday.

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Recruitment presentation kuliza

  1. 1. 9 reasons to join Kuliza Kuliza Recruitment Presentation 1
  2. 2. 9 reasons to join Kuliza …and the impact you will have  Technologies  Live projects  Culture & ZaLife  Learning & Mentorship 2
  3. 3. Arpan Lepcha – Intern | IIIT-A I work on I created a online white label communities platform for and cloud Kuliza and computing moved it to cloud I publish my I have already worked with research on Kuliza’s marketing, design and Kuliza’s project management teams ZaGarage blog Achintya Praveen Rohit Brands | Social Media Design | Biking Processes | Music
  4. 4. Aram Bhusal – Intern | IIIT-AI build mobile I am working onapplications an SMSon platform that willBlackberry potentiallyand change the wayUshahidi we messageI am a I have already worked withblogger on different developers acrossKuliza’s KulizaZaGarageblog Deepak Akash Nikhil Android | Momos iPhone | Pranks Blackberry | Biker
  5. 5. Mayank Kandpal – Intern | DA-IICT I work on I built @cricapp SMS apps for a Fortune and 1000 company. Facebook It has over 0.5 games million hits! I am a regular I have mentored by Kuliza’s blogger and project and development enthusiastic managers and Chief Tinkerer participant in Kuliza’s AOE nights Abha Mayank Prashant Online Networks | Media Web 2.0 | Startups Cloud | AWS
  6. 6. Ansu Jain – iPhone | DA IICT I work on a My first project range of was building an technologies event based from iPhone iPhone app for to Drupal an international and Ubercart client My stock I work with our SWAT team that market dives into the toughest and advice is most challenging projects eagerly followed by Kulizans Vaibhav Abhay Vinay Social Commerce | Biker QA | Foodie Drupal | TT
  7. 7. Vaibhav Saini – Social Commerce | DA IICT I work on I set up an emerging internal technologies training club to make e- for interns, and commerce am a Kuliza social interviewer I commute on I am a SWAT team member, my Trek 3700 mentored by CEO and Kuliza’s bike and am go to person for social commerce Kuliza’s 2010 TT champ Rikson Anand SWAT Team | Gamer CEO | Yoga
  8. 8. Mayank Uniyal – Dev Mgr | IIIT-A I work on 4 years into technologies to Kuliza and l am make the leading key learning projects for experience over 2 years social I uphold I mentor a lot of Kulizans. Kuliza’s law as Mayank has recently joined my an honorary gang member of the ZaCourt jury Saurabh Abhinav Mayank Django | Music Python | Sports Blogger | Gamer
  9. 9. Preeti Gupta – Senior Dev | IIIT-A I help save I was involved lives during in growing the natural account of a disasters by major Fortune using RFID 500 auto technology major I prefer starting I get to work with excellent my day late technical architects and engineers and Kuliza’s from client organizations flexible hours don’t interrupt with my lifestyle .Net RFID
  10. 10. Rohit Bansal – Dev Mgr | IIIT-A I joined as an I worked with intern from Fortune 500 IIITA and now pharmaceutical handle firms to develop multiple their key CRM projects software I’m a runner- I worked with Nobel nominee up in Kuliza’s Nick Brown and Eric Hatcher, the Jazz It Up co-creator of Apache Lucene contest. We put a cricket pitch in our seating area Apache Lucene Nick Brown Astra Zeneca
  11. 11. Ankita Sharma – Culture | IIIT-A Kuliza’s official I am working bug smasher. on world’s first My key SMS based responsibility app platform is clean code called txtWeb I’m a winner I work with the Evangelist team of Kuliza’s Jazz on Kuliza’s culture activities It Up contest and host Coffee with A. Sharma Achintya Diarmaid Kaushal Brands | Social Media Culture | Behaviours Culture | Gamification
  12. 12. Our offerings ZaSocial ZaMobile ZaCloudBuild social platforms, tools and Build mobile apps for next Ensure a hassle freesoftware. Kuliza’s ZaSocial generation devices. ZaMobile infrastructure to sustain yourservices helps across the full services helps you changing needs:range of social product conceptualize, design, develop, Cloud system health checksdevelopment from planning to distribute and manage your Cloud architecture designdesign, development and apps. consultinghosting. Our focus areas are: Focus areas: Cloud migration and  Online communities  iOS management Social commerce Android OS  Bespoke app development Social CRM Blackberry OS on AWS and GAE Social Apps
  13. 13. Join the technology revolution! | | @ksarda