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Rebrandings of Tech Companies

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Rebrandings of Tech Companies



This article, by Amit Mirchandani, MD at Lucid Design, was published in issue 06 of Social Technology Quarterly.

This article, by Amit Mirchandani, MD at Lucid Design, was published in issue 06 of Social Technology Quarterly.



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Rebrandings of Tech Companies Document Transcript

  • 1. Kuliza3. MindtreeMindtree’s original logo looked more appropriate asthe signboard to a less discerning art gallery ratherthan a logo for a global information technologyservices corporation with 11,000 employees basedall around the world. The revised logo is certainlymore appropriate if not a little expected for what sucha corporation ought to look like. Nevertheless, it is avery positive step in the right direction, communicatingcapability, professionalism, technology, and a globalperspective.1. MicrosoftMicrosoft has taken a page out of Apple’s mandate onsimplicity to reveal this new logo. Referring to some ofits consumer logos from the past, the new logo doesaway with the differentiation between the corporateand consumer logo: a silly idea to begin with. Whilethe applications of the new logo are very cleverconsidering how Windows 8 is composed of an arrayof functional squares, the execution is a bit weak. Thelogo looks nondescript and simple rather than uniqueand simple.2.TwitterIf a company has been able to replace its name with asymbol, that can be considered a huge sign of successin my view: think Nike, Mercedes, Shell, and Apple.Where twitter makes this success even sweeter is in thetightness of it all - not only does the symbol represent thebrand name and the company’s mission statement, butalso the very action that the company’s product enablesyou to do. This sort of clarity in the messaging of the logocomes by once in a generation!
  • 2. Social Technology Quarterly 06Focus55. ShutterstockThe old logo shown here is not exactly the oldest logo in thehistory of Shutterstock. In the last ten years the companyhas rebranded itself at least four times, starting with a ratherlikeable camera with a film strip rolling out of it with the wordsShutterstock on it. As the logo evolved the camera becamemore and more abstract and the type became an arbitrarycontinuation of letters where ever possible. I am happy to saythat the new identity is a beautiful and refreshing departurefrom that line of thinking. The two corners of the framethat define the “o” can be used in myriad ways across anymaterials, highlighting what ever the company wishes to callattention to. Bold, inventive and cleanly executed!4. StumbleUponStumbleUpon’s new identity represents a healthy evolution fromthe dot com era logos of the early 2000s. The new colours arereduced to just two, both bold and vibrant. A graphic reductionsees unnecessary gradients and shadows eliminated, giving thelogo a clean minimal feel. The interplay between the mark andthe type is more harmoious. This has a knock down effect tothe website, and that is where massive strides have often beenmade: gone is the light blue and white machine language basedfunctionality that has typified so many sites built in the last tenyears.Rebrandings ofTech Companiesby Amit MirchandaniPhoto Credit: Underconstruction.com