Kuliza Brochure: We Build Apps


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Kuliza builds social, local and mobile apps that
enable companies to elevate campaigns,
shape communities and transform commerce

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Kuliza Brochure: We Build Apps

  1. 1. To ElevateCampaignsTo ShapeCommunitiesTo TransformCommerce
  2. 2. Apps To Elevate Campaigns Social Deals This app allows brands to share multiple deals, discounts and coupons with their fans via a Facebook app. Brands can incentivize their fans to share, engage, and make purchases online or in-store and ensure an increase in returns from their social media investment. Brand Sites / Campaign Microsites Kuliza helps businesses design and develop their digital brand sites. We leverage the latest Value Pricing Model Contact Request Demo trends and principles in design, web technologies, social APIs, storytelling, game Drive more sales | Drive viral growth | Monthly subscription socialdeals@kuliza.com Scan Code mechanics, and cognitive science to engineer digital brand destinations that help brands Enhance loyalty above connect and engage with their fans and customers. We also aid in extending the online brand experience seamlessly across web, mobile, and tablet devices. Value Pricing Model Contact Request Demo Articulate brand position and value | Custom one-time pricing brandsites@kuliza.com Scan Code Custom Facebook Apps Connect brands to people above Kuliza’s social apps studio group has a detailed understanding of the social dynamics that go behind social apps, and are passionate about designing and building next-generation social apps and games. With our social apps framework, brands can leverage functionality of pre-existing social app templates and easily access pre-existing content and community Soapbox Facebook Contest App via open API access to Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Flickr, FourSquare, etc. SB Soapbox is a contest framework that allows brands to create and monitor custom promotions to engage and grow their community on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. These promotions can range from contests and deals to sweepstakes and trivia. Value Drive customer engagement | Increase brand recall and loyalty Pricing Model Custom one-time pricing Contact socialapps@kuliza.com Request Demo Scan Code above Value Pricing Model Contact Request Demo Engage with fan community | Convert fans Monthly per campaign subscription soapbox@kuliza.com Scan Code Custom Mobile Apps into brand evangelists above Social is becoming predominantly mobile. Kuliza specializes in the development of mobile social media communication solutions. We can help you develop the appropriate concepts. We strategically and conceptually extend campaigns into the mobile channel and take care of the entire mobile design and engineering needs of the campaign. Touch Catalogs Brands can create interactive touch catalogs by publishing their marketing collaterals or Value Pricing Model Contact Request Demo catalogs to tablets in minutes. The app can either be used as a clienteling solution for sales Increase brand reach | Create unique Custom one-time pricing mobileapps@kuliza.com Scan Code teams to remain in sync withthe latest marketing collaterals, or as a brand messaging brand experiences above consumer app. Value Pricing Model Contact Request Demo Extend brand awareness to touch devices One-time setup charge + Per device touchcatalog@kuliza.com Scan Code | Interactive and engaging communication charge / Monthly subscription above
  3. 3. Apps To Shape Communities Online Communities Kuliza designs and builds online destinations that extends a brand’s online presence and nurtures the relationship with their community of customers, fans, or employees. We leverage open source platforms such as Drupal and Joomla to create community sites that are deeply customizable, provide integration with other social channels, and allow members to connect, collaborate, organize, and share meaningful content. Value Pricing Model Contact Request Demo Nurture relationships | Enhance offerings Custom one-time pricing communitysites@kuliza.com Scan Code Tag.it Experience TEx through insights and feedback above We integrate NFC and smart digital devices with analytics to make your ground marketing efforts easier and more rewarding. Our solutions leverage smart posters, e-coupons, digital tickets, or even combine NFC and smart tablet-based feedback systems. The goal of these solutions is to help make the touch points between the brand and customers frictionless Social Reader Facebook App and create enchanting brand experiences. The app offers a new way for publishers, newspapers, and magazines to repurpose their Value Pricing Model Contact Request Demo content for Facebook. The app helps consumers read content with their friends. When Track engagement and feedback | Create One-time setup charge + Monthly tagitexp@kuliza.com Scan Code someone uses the app, the stories they read will be instantly shared with their friends, and unique brand experiences subscription above vice-versa, creating social engagement around intriguing articles and resulting in viral spread. Value Pricing Model Contact Request Demo Increase content consumption through Monthly subscription socialreader@kuliza.com Scan Code Tag.it Events TEv collective engagement above Tag.it Events makes it possible for events to support social check-ins, contests / games, and rich feedback through NFC technology. This solution provides custom wifi-enabled NFC devices, custom tags (i.e. bracelets, keychains, etc.) tailored to events of all sizes. It supports real-time interactions such as Facebook check-ins, Facebook likes, and Social Stories App auto-tweets, along with backend analytics to measure overall engagement of the event. SP Stories provide a great way to reach out to people and create an instant sense of connection. The app provides a destination for customers and the brand to connect and learn through sharing stories. The platform provides a way for brands to deliver their story with more vigor, engage with influencers / evangelists, and strengthen connections with and within their customer communities. Value Measure event engagement | Receive real-time market feedback Pricing Model One-time setup charge + Per event charge Contact tagitevents@kuliza.com Request Demo Scan Code above Value Pricing Model Contact Request Demo Communicate brand message | Capture Monthly subscription socialstories@kuliza.com Scan Code customer experience above
  4. 4. Commerce Social GiftingApps To Transform E-Commerce Sites SG “Gift with Friends” is a Facebook based social gifting app which makes it possible for brands to allow customers to team up with friends to purchase gift cards. The app provides a wizard that will help them design an eGiftCard, select the recipient, then invite friends to contribute. This creates an inherently social buying experience and generates viral spread of the brands gift vouchers. Kuliza helps brands create social and enjoyable shopping experiences online and in-store. Value Pricing Model Contact Request Demo They become more personal and relevant using social graph data, and more expressive by Increase product awareness | Drive viral Monthly subscription socialgifting@kuliza.com Scan code sharing feelings about products or offers using the Facebook open graph API. Finally, they growth above are more portable by operating through e-commerce websites, social networks, and in brick and mortar stores via existing mobile or tablet apps. Value Pricing Model Contact Request Demo Provide personalized, engaging and Custom one-time pricing commercesites@kuliza.com Scan code enCount Mobile Loyalty App eC portable experience above Encount, Kuliza’s mobile engagement framework, helps businesses digitize and mobilize deals, personalize offers, leverage store locator to increase foot falls, understand customers better, and drive overall loyalty. Facebook Stores Kuliza helps brands create f-commerce solutions to engage and activate customers Value Pricing Model Contact Request Demo through promotions, storefronts and referral programs specifically designed to drive Personalize deals | Understand buying One-time setup charge + Monthly encount@kuliza.com Scan code awareness, purchase and referral. Our f-commerce solutions help brands create pop-up behavior | Enhance loyalty subscription above stores, catalogs, limited edition offers; launch products and deals; allow customers to recommend, like, and ask advice from friends; have virtual trials; and share promotions. Value Pricing Model Contact Request Demo Transform fans to loyal customers | One-time setup charge + Monthly fstores@kuliza.com Scan code Custom M-Commerce Apps Reduce acquisition costs | Track analytics subscription above Kuliza helps our clients extend their online commerce programs onto mobile devices. In addition to the technology, we place particular focus on usability and user guidance, irrespective of whether it is for smart phones or tablets. Shop.Pulse Social Shopping App SP Shop.Puse is a social commerce platform to help brands and retailers integrate a social shopping experience into their existing e-commerce solutions. It enables shoppers to easily express how they feel about a brand’s products and offers with their friends and in return receive a better, more personalized shopping experience. Value Drive repeat transactions | Personalize shopping experience Pricing Model Custom one-time pricing Contact mcommerce@kuliza.com Request Demo Scan code above Value Pricing Model Contact Request Demo Track end-to-end engagement, intent and Monthly subscription shoppulse@kuliza.com Scan code influence above
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