Browsers to buyers: Converting online window-shoppers to buyers


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The combination of lower disposable incomes, cheaper prices and technology advances has made online shopping more attractive and easy for people. However, with just a laptop, tablet or mobile screen to convert browsers to buyers, online retailers need to evolve their websites to take advantage of human psychology and consumer behaviour.

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Browsers to buyers: Converting online window-shoppers to buyers

  1. 1. Browsers to Buyers: Convertingonline window-shoppers to customers
  2. 2. 01 High street stores sell to people’s desires and emotions. They can influence how much shoppers desire a product byHigh exciting their kinesthetic, olfactory, visual and gustatoryStreet senses.Stores In contrast, online stores have to focus on the user experience and design of their site to appeal to shoppers.
  3. 3. 02 Thinking about and actually spending money is a stressful experience so online retailers need to ensure that the user experience makes it easy to search for and purchase products.OnlineRetailersWeb StressApple
  4. 4. 03 Minimizing the pain and stress customers feel when spending money is crucial. Research found that removing decimals and the currency symbol from productPricing prices significantly increases the amount customers spend.PsychologyZucca Restaurant
  5. 5. 04 A simple process without distractions and with all the necessary information will encourage customers to stay and complete their purchase. For online shoppers, aCheckout registration form is a barrier to shopping. It can:Process 1. Imply commitment to shop that may not be likely 2. Take unnecessary time to finishRegistration The registration form is best included during the checkoutTarget process.
  6. 6. 04 Online retailers need to make it easy to modify an order during the checkout process. This will limit customer stress and the likelihood of navigating away from theCheckout checkout process.ProcessModify OrdersChicago L-Shirts
  7. 7. 04 Online retailers should provide as many details and options as possible for customers to review products before they complete their purchaseCheckoutProcessProduct DetailsThreadless
  8. 8. 05 It is important the people know what the process will be if they make a purchase online. Online retailers should show each step of the processProduct clearly and include as few steps as possible.DetailsBreadcrumbsCleartrip
  9. 9. 05 Shoppers should not be disrupted during the checkout process. Online retailers should Include information such as contact numbers and FAQsProduct that customers may need to prevent them navigating fromDetails the checkout process to look for this information.DisruptionApple
  10. 10. 06 Research shows that the lack of shipping costs is the most important feature that significantly improve sales: 1. It removes uncertainty about what the final price willShipping be 2. Easy to compare pricesCosts across stores, especially brick and mortar storesThreadless
  11. 11. 07 Shopping carts should give shoppers the option to: 1. Add multiple products 2. Edit the quantities 3. See what other people bought to encourage upsellingShopping 4. Display the total cost without ever leaving the product pageCart they are onDesignPottery Barn
  12. 12. 08 It is important that all the information a customer needs or expects is present and structured in an intelligent way The retailer should provide as much information as possible,Product such as:Detail 1. Sizes 2. MaterialsPage 3. Weight 4. Dimensions 5. Colours 6. InstructionsUser ExperienceNorth Face
  13. 13. 08 Online retailers only have product photos to excite and convince shoppers to buy. One strategy they can try is to influence shoppers by having product photographs that displayProduct how the product fits into the person’s life.DetailPagePhotographyInfluenceJoby
  14. 14. 08 Online retailers can also display photographs of product accessories to help people imagine what else they can purchase to enhance the experience with their new product.ProductDetailPagePhotographyUpsellingAmazon
  15. 15. 08 Online retailers can use photographs to reassure shoppers that the product fits their needs.ProductDetailPagePhotographyReassureWilliams Sonoma
  16. 16. 09 The most effective typography is simple and direct. Online retailers need to ensure that shoppers are not expending unnecessary effort reading and understanding the content. Type should also not distract attention from the productTypography photo.Chicago L-Shirts
  17. 17. 10 Online retailers need to provide reasons for people to trust the product they are viewing and opportunities to socially validate their purchase decision. This will make it easier for people to decide whether or not to purchase an item. Online retailers can do this on their e-Emotional commerce site in 3 ways by providing:Connect 1. Trustworthy reviews 2. Personal stories 3. Informative comments about products and how they work in the real worldAmazon
  18. 18. ThankYou