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5 tools to power your Twitter research


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This research presentation talks about the changing uses of Twitter and the various motives that can be potentially attached to Twitter research. …

This research presentation talks about the changing uses of Twitter and the various motives that can be potentially attached to Twitter research.
Here we have found out 5 different reasons one might need to research on Twitter and addressed best Twitter tools for that.

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  • 1. 5 tools to power your research on Twitter 1
  • 2. Understand Your Twitter Usage  Problem: How can I understand my Twitter habits better?  Tool: TweetStats o Tweetstats analyses your Twitter habits - how often your tweet, when you tweet, and your retweet and @ reply habits - and presents them in simple, clear graphs
  • 3. Research Twitter Trends  Problem: How do I understand emerging trends on Twitter?  Tool: Trendistic o Trendistic tracks trends through a visual graph of the number of mentions along with random tweets about that topic. o Allows users to compare up to 6 trends on one graph over a period of 24 hours to 6 months
  • 4. Research Domain Experts  Problem: How to reseach domain experts on Twitter?  Tool: WeFollow o WeFollow is a user directory that gives users a quick idea of who the most influential and most popular people in their industry or interest area are
  • 5. Research Influencers  Problem: How do I know the overall Twitter influence of people  Tool: Klout o Klout is a measurement tool that calculates how effective a user is at capturing the attention of influencers; how often a user’s content is retweeted and if tweets result in new conversations and followers; and how far a user’s influence reaches
  • 6. Engage Using Twitter  Problem: How do I engage with my audience on Twitter  Tool: InboxQ o InboxQ enables conversations by sending a real-time stream of Twitter questions related any area of interest
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