Powerpoint projects for corporate clients


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Powerpoint projects for corporate clients

  1. 1. Olam International Limited Coffee THE BRAND BEHIND THE BRANDS T H E B R A N D B E H I N D T H E B R A N D S
  2. 2. Our Business: Supply Chain Manager of Agricultural Raw Materials Integrated From Farm to Factory Managing Risk at Every Stage Farming Origination Logistics Processing Marketing Trading & Solutions & Distribution Services End-to-End Supply Chain Capability Rule: Differential Value Chain Integration THE BRAND BEHIND THE BRANDS THE BRAND BEHIND THE BRANDSTHE BRAND BEHIND THE BRANDS
  3. 3. Expanding Our Presence: Present Day 1994 • 7 Products • 4 Countries 2001 • 10 Products • ~20 Countries 2 2005 Expanded • 14 Products into Asia & Europe • ~40 Countries 1 Founded Today as an exporter • 20 Products in Nigeria in 1989 • ~60 Countries Global presence across 3 Expansion into 4 5 continents North & South America, Middle East THE BRAND BEHIND THE BRANDS THE BRAND BEHIND THE BRANDSTHE BRAND BEHIND THE BRANDS
  4. 4. Olam Coffee: Rapid & Continuous Growth • 1 Origin FY 1994 • 1 Marketing Office  India Coffee as first Origin • 2 Processing Centers  Marketing office at Singapore • 5 Buying Centers FY 2004 • 8 Origins • 2 Marketing Offices  Started Operations in Brazil • 15 Processing Centers  Entry Into South America • 70 Buying Centers FY 2010 • 16 Origins • 4 Marketing Offices  Among Top 4 Coffee Trade Houses • 40 Processing Centers  Over 7.5 Million Bags Per Annum • 150 Buying Centers THE BRAND BEHIND THE BRANDS
  5. 5. Olam Coffee: Origin Spread Asia • India C. America & • Indonesia Andean Region Africa • Laos • Vietnam • Colombia • Cameroon Brazil • Ivory Coast • Honduras • Mexico • Tanzania • Peru • Togo • Uganda THE BRAND BEHIND THE BRANDS
  6. 6. Olam Coffee: Volumes 40% Asia 44% Natural Arabica 33% Brazil 37% Robusta 17% Africa 15% Other Milds 10% CAA 4% Colombia • Offerings from all major coffee origins • Customized quality as per buyer requirements THE BRAND BEHIND THE BRANDS
  7. 7. Marie HowardSenior Manager,Global R&ES Delivery & OperationsJune 2010 THE BRAND BEHIND THE BRANDS
  8. 8. …and what is a GTNand ECW and do I needto explain these? THE BRAND BEHIND THE BRANDS
  9. 9. We Will Need Innovation to Sustain the Planet Consumers: Consumers: More technology dependent, socially interconnected Want customized products and services that fit in their busy lives
  10. 10. We NeedInnovation toSustain BusinessGrowth Innovation will play a critical role in meeting the tough challenges faced by leaders today.
  11. 11. We Believe Innovation Powers GrowthWe built a successful 170 year old, $70 Billion company.We created market leading brands - like Pampers, Tide, Crest,Head & Shoulder - to name a few of our $24 Billion brands.Each year when IRI reports the industry pacesetters forinnovative products, P&G leads the consumer package industry. Over time, we have proven we can innovate to grow our business.
  12. 12. Purpose Inspired Innovation must marry the science of innovation with the art of innovation - marrying invention with insights;information with inspiration to win the hearts and minds of consumers.
  13. 13. New I’s of Innovation Innovation
  14. 14. InspirationP&G’s Live, Learn &Thrive charitable givingprograms and brandedsocial innovationprograms has delivered Requirescommercial and connecting withcommunity success. the consumer on a higher, more emotional level - a level beyond functional benefits.
  15. 15. Insights Phenomena of Apple Rich consumer insights begin a deep understanding of your current and potential consumers. Apple’s iMac was a runaway success despite the fact that IBM spent more than 100 times Apple’s R&D spending. Apple’s i-pod was neither the first nor best of MP3 players. While other companies had similar technologies, they lacked Apple’s consumer connection, customization and design.
  16. 16. PuR Water Purification PowderPuR was born out of the inspiration we could save manyof the 1.6 million children that die each year from dysenteryand other related diseases. To provide clean water but required to Developed PuR in go beyond chlorine collaboration with the water treatments Centers For Disease which kill bacteria Control to kill bacteria and viruses but failed and viruses. to kill deadly parasites.
  17. 17. PuR Water Purification Powder Philippines 13 million Indonesia liters of drinking Asia water Vietnam P&G’s Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program has helped purify more than a billion liters of water across 40 countries. today
  18. 18. Incorporating New I’s of Innovation We get inspiration from our higher purpose of improving the lives of the world’s consumers. We focus on insights by keeping consumers as boss - understanding their needs and matching these needs with relevant invention. We are interacting with consumers and key stakeholders as we design, qualify and commercialize innovations.
  19. 19. Making Digital Glossy
  20. 20. “The best thing you can do isthe right thing; the next bestthing you can do is the wrongthing; the worst thing you cando is nothing. THEODORE ROOSEVELT
  21. 21. 2011 Over One-third By 2015 TheAsia reaches 50% of all of Thais there will DVD playerover 1 billion phones are have a tablet be an 84% sold 350,000 internet smartphones increase units in the users in China, in internet first year. Singapore traffic across and Thailand Asia The iPad sold 3 million units in the first 80 days.
  22. 22. Who We Spoke To… Interviews11 in-home with Vogueinterviews and GQwith luxury editorsconsumers (online andwho use print)iPads Secondary research logos for our sources: IDC, New York Times, Nielsen, Roy Morgan