The benefits of eBooks


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Presentation at the Elsevier forum Fostering eBooks Usage
through Successful Partnerships, Harbin, China, 23-25 June 2013

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  • There are many advantages / benefits of eBooks. For today’s presentation I have chosen only three, each from a different perspective.I will also say a few words about the university and library I work at.In conclusion – a few comments on what the future might look like.
  • Saving physical space is one of the main benefits e-books bring to tertiary libraries. This photo is from the UofALLS, but I trust it is not unknown to other university libraries.Almost all tertiary libraries suffer from the lack of physical space and have to weed their collections - There is no need to weed eBook collections, which brings two benefits: Saving time We do not have to worry if books we withdraw are going to be needed in the future.
  • Criteria for withdrawing print material at UofALLS is number of issues + age of books. eBooks prove that use of books depends on relevance of content, i.e. a number of older Sciencedirect titles are still in use. e.g. This is a title published more than 10 years ago that is still used – the e-version was used three times this year. As a comparison, the print book was last time issued in 2006.
  • A number of eBook features are beneficial for researchers.EBooks support user needs in many ways – e.g. by having additional features such as reference tools, software that enlarges font, or voice recognition software that helps visually impaired people.24/7 availability students and researchers love most. Particularly important for people who are not on the campus.
  • Several studies are done on eBooks usage, and they all show that:E-books are used when they are neededUsers dip in and out.This slide shows that at the UofALLS, usage of ScienceDirect collection coincides with exams and assignments.
  • Usageof the Knovel collection shows the same pattern.
  • The animations and videos can be used to explain some concepts to students that are otherwise difficult to grasp.The illustration is from ebrary and shows additional features, including dictionary, linking to external sources, reference tools, ability to annotate, etc.[If time, show:]
  • This illustration is from Knovel, and shows additional tools each book has – interactive tables, equation plotters, charts and graphs that can be manipulated and exported into other tools.
  • Ebooks are popular!Comparison of e- and print books usage of the same titles at the UofALLS.
  • Ebooks will continue to change library, research and teaching landscape.
  • Xièxiè谢谢
  • The benefits of eBooks

    1. 1. The Benefits of eBooks Ksenija Minčić-Obradović The University of Auckland Fostering eBooks Usage through Successful Partnerships Harbin, China 23-25 June 2013
    2. 2. Today’s Presentation • About the UofALLS (University of Auckland Libraries and Learning Services) • Three benefits of ebooks from three different perspectives: 1. Libraries - Saving physical space 2. Researchers - Availability and flexibility 3. Teachers - Powerful teaching tool • Looking into the future
    3. 3. The University of Auckland • 6 campuses • Over 40,000 individual students • Nearly 7,000 academic and professional staff The University of Auckland
    4. 4. Libraries and Learning Services • Ranks with the top 5 Australian university libraries (245 FTEs) • Over 2 million volumes (hardcopy) • 550,000+ e-books, 145,000+ e-journals, 1,000+ databases • Voyager catalogue has ~1.8 million records (~30% are for e-books)
    5. 5. Saving Physical Space
    6. 6. Ebooks live longer E- version at UofALLS Used three times this year Print version at UofALLS Last issued in 2006
    7. 7. Availability and Flexibility • Full text searches • Built-in reference tools • Software that assists with reading • Any time, any place
    8. 8. ScienceDirect usage at UofALLS March 2012 - March 2013
    9. 9. Knovel Title Visits at UofALLS April 2012 – March 2013
    10. 10. eBooks are a powerful teaching tool • Multidimensional learning environment • Gadgets, calculators, dictionaries, tables, graphs, animations, applications, videos...
    11. 11. Knovel eBook Collection at UofALLS
    12. 12. Looking at today (ScienceDirect at UofALLS, March 2013) Title E-book requests (March 2013) Print Charges (since purchased) Surgical Pathology of the GI Tract, Liver, Biliary Tract, and Pancreas, 2nd ed. (2009) 63 4 Wine science : principles and applications, 3rd ed. (2008) 62 9 The Autoimmune Diseases, 4th ed. (2006) 56 13 Modern Surgical Pathology, 2nd ed. (2009) 55 1 Learning Autodesk 3ds Max Design 2010: Essentials (2009) 45 16
    13. 13. Looking into the future • Changes in libraries’ long term strategies • Virtual libraries • Further integration of ebooks with literacy and learning • Increase in use of online/mobile technologies • New developments in multidimensional learning environment • Social networking embedded in e-books
    14. 14. Questions and comments