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Krystol Magazine Volume 15, Issue 1 will fill you in on the FIVE IMPORTANT CERTIFICATIONS that you should know when it comes to Concrete Waterproofing. Also - how much do you know about waterproofing shotcrete? We'll give you the Ins and Outs!

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Krystol Magazine 15.1

  1. 1. Volume 15 | Issue 1KRYSTOL ®THE CONCRETE WATERPROOFING MAGAZINEFeature Story:PURSUING PLUS: Five Important CertificationsQUALITY: CEO Column The Ins and Outs of Waterproofing ShotcreteWATERPROOFING Spotlight on USAJAMESON HOUSE
  2. 2. Please Contact: +1.604.324.8280 or toll free (North America) 1.800.267.8280Kryton takes the risk out of concrete waterproofing.
  3. 3. 6 Jameson House in Vancouver, Canada is uniquely appealing. 5 IMPORTANT Certifications4 Editor: Crystal Kwon Associate Editor: Jillian Turner Learn about the five important construction certifications that will Art Director: Sarah Rippin help you identify reputable products Contributors: Alex Emlyn Pursuing Quality: Waterproofing the Jameson House Alireza Biparva6 FEATURE ARTICLE Haney Wang Kari Yuers Kevin Davis Kevin Yuers Vicki Pistner9 CEO COLUMN Read about the global state of the ready-mix industry from our Kari Yuers Krystol® Magazine is printed by Kryton International Inc. 1645 East Kent Avenue Vancouver, BC, V59 2S8 Canada10 The Ins and Outs of Learn about this construction method and its unique waterproofing challenges Waterproofing Shotcrete For information about this publication, email or call 1.800.267.8280 or +1.604.324.828012 Kryton News New faces in the Middle East and China Copyright ©201 1 Kryton International Inc. All rights reserved.13 Ask a Kryton Expert Read about new findings in self-sealing research14 Regional Spotlight on USA Our pick of five key projects in the USA Krystol® Magazine Volume 15 | Issue 1 3
  4. 4. FIVE IMPORTANT BUILDING CERTIFICATIONS Like any purchase, the construction world has no lack of product choice and selection. Finding the right product for your project can be a challenging process, especially if you are dealing with niche markets in uncharted territories. Certifications can help decision-makers easily identify potential products as marks of approval indicate that it has undergone lab testing and accreditation. This eliminates skepticism and assures customers that the product performs well and is reliable. Here are the five important building certifications that are used around the globe. 1. BBA BRITISH BOARD OF AGRÉMENT objective is to provide reassurance to The BBA offers Agrément Certificates all players in the construction process that provide unbiased information on and to encourage the development the performance of new construction Established: UK, 1966 and adoption of innovative construction products and then generate an solutions. The BBA inspects to information sheet on their performance. The British Board of Agrément (BBA) confirm consistency of production and The BBA is known for its independence is a recognized certification in the competence of installers, contractors, in their field of work, and welcoming United Kingdom and beyond, that designers and other working parties. criticism that allows the organization provides impartial performance reviews to continually improve their quality of construction products and materials. Moreover, BBA certification requires certifications with a high level of As a major authority in its region, the manufacturers to have quality insurance confidence. BBA strives for a healthier construction programs, plant inspections and ISO environment by assessing, testing and 9000 compliance. This is an added Kryton’s KIM holds an Agrément approving the certification of products benefit for end-users, ensuring that these Certificate from BBA stating that it is with a thorough inspection process. Their adjacent measures are taken. a reactive chemical admixture used to provide watertight concrete.4
  5. 5. establish the city as a world-class leader as it has undergone the required product2. GB in development. Dubai Accreditation testing at an approved EuropeanChinese National Standards Department (DAC) is the branch of the laboratory and is manufactured in a DM that uses the International standards controlled environment and Kryton has ISO/IEC 17043 to monitor and test for the EC Certificate of Conformity that registered laboratories. shows Kryton has complied with allEstablished: China, 2001 obligations required by the Accredited and registered labs are European Directives.The GB standard is comprised of classified as Testing Labs, Calibrationa suite of standards developed in Labs and Medical Labs. Kryton has been 5. NSFChina. The suite includes four levels of approved under the central laboratory National SanitationChinese Standards; including National, department category. Foundation InternationalProfessional, Local, and Enterprise. Themost widely implemented standardsare the Chinese National Standards, Kryton’s KIM has been accredited foralso referred to as GuoBao Standards durability and water resistance under Established: USA, 1944(GB). The GB is a series of standards the DM standards. Kryton’s Krystol T1adopted mainly from the International and Krystol T2 have been accredited for The NSF certifies and lists products,Electrotechnical Commission standards potable water containment under the good, systems, materials, and(IEC) and the International Organization DM standards. components. A product that is “listed”for Standardization (ISO). or “certified” is guaranteed to have 4. CE been reviewed through sampling, metThe GB standards are enforced by laws standards, and has conducted or will European CEand administrative regulations and are conduct periodic audits to review thefocused on the protection of human product. The NSF offers a wide rangehealth, personal property, and safety. of certifications with a major focusIt is additionally used widely by labs on potable water and clean water Established: Europe, 1993and test centers in China to determine systems within its health and safety riskmaterial performance. Though the GB management. The NSF mark signifies The European CE (Conformitéis not a certificate, it is mandatory that that they have thoroughly examined the Européenne) mark is an indicator ofcertain products pass the examination product as an independent, third party a product’s compliance with the EUto be deemed credible and the returning organization and that the product meets legislation. It is a mandatory conformancetest reports are crucial in maintaining a relevant standards. mark on any product that is placed on theproduct’s reputation in the market. market in the European Economic Area The organization aims to provide health (EEA) and often requires certificationKryton’s Krystol T1 and KIM have and safety risk management solutions to from the ISO 9000 standards. Thispassed the GB standard for cement- companies, government and consumers marking allows free movement of thebased penetrating crystalline around the world. products within the European marketwaterproofing materials. and indicates that the product conforms Kryton’s KIM, Krystol T1, Krystol T2, to the various applicable European Krystol Waterstop System are certified Conformity directives.3. DM non-toxic by NSF International and areDubai Municipality safe and suitable for use in potable water Products which are considered to have a greater risk are independently applications. certified by a nominated member of government that has been notified by theEstablished: Dubai, 2002 European Commission. The CE marking is often considered to be a quality mark.The Dubai Municipality (DM) provides Manufacturers of a product may affixaccreditations for goods and services in the CE marking onto their product bythe United Arab Emirates ensuring that taking certain steps outlined by theirthey conform to international standards requirements. Documents are madeof confidence and credibility. The Dubai available to authorities upon request.Municipality provides municipal services Kryton’s KIM bears the CE markto the population of Dubai and aims to Krystol® Magazine Volume 15 | Issue 1 5
  6. 6. The exposed architectural concrete had to be waterproofed against Vancouver’s seven-month long rainy season. Jameson House: PURSUING QUALITY VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA | COMPLETED 2011 Quality is the name of the game most special properties. a stunning building that would last a for BOSA Properties and their iconic lifetime. No expense would be spared as Jameson House project. Along The distinguishable design can be the total construction costs reached over Vancouver’s protected heritage district, attributed to project architects Foster $80 million dollars CDN . stands Jameson House with its thirty- and Partners studio led by Lord Norman seven illustrious floors of glass and Foster. This world-renowned firm is As in any structure, durability would concrete. Situated in a corridor of synonymous with quality and excellence be the key in defining success. And of heritage buildings, Jameson House and Jameson House marks the first course, the durability would be a direct makes a statement that asserts modern mixed use venture by the firm in North result of the materials used to protect architectural art. The four rounded bays America. With established developer it from general aging and wear. As on the west side of the building are the BOSA driving the project forward concrete was the main building material most defining architectural elements that alongside a celebrated design firm, used throughout the total 27,127 square maximize views and minimize the effects Jameson House was well on its way to meters (292,000 square feet) of the of wind and thermal gains. The interior of success. The thrust of the property was structure, concrete waterproofing was a the building is equally stunning, marking clear and simple: use the highest quality critical concern for BOSA Properties. The Jameson House as one of Vancouver’s materials and trades possible to build developers had to select a waterproofing The thrust of the property was clear and simple: use the highest quality materials and trades possible to build a stunning building that would last a lifetime.6
  7. 7. Photo: www.architecturalphotographer.comsystem that could guarantee lasting protection of theirbuilding, not only to safeguard their reputation but toalso please their upscale residents. As the building wasan innovative mix of retail, office and residential space,it included business tenants and residential buyers whopaid up to $5 million CDN for their home.Lafarge was the concrete provider selected for theproject and they were consulted on methods to optimizethe performance of the concrete. Having workedwith Kryton on many projects both locally and abroad,they suggested integral crystalline technology as asolution. Integral crystalline waterproofing replacesexternal membranes and coatings by transforming theentire concrete mass into a waterproof barrier thatcannot be punctured, damaged or worn away. Lafargehas had tremendous success over the years usingKryton’s Krystol Internal Membrane (KIM) admixture towaterproof below grade foundations, pits, retaining wallsand containment tanks but the project collaborators hadan unconventional application in mind.With a prestigious designer on board, the developers feltthat preserving the exterior look of the building was apriority. They decided to use Kryton’s KIM admixture forthe above grade areas of the building, as the unfinishedarchitectural concrete was the unique design finishdictated by Foster and Partners. As Vancouver seesheavy rainfalls for over seven months of the year, thebuilding had to face these elements for its lifetime. Unlikesimilar waterproofing systems, Krystol technology iseffective under hydrostatic pressure, allowing it to protectagainst rain and other weathering elements. Lafargeused over 2,500 meters (8,200 feet) of their Chronolia™concrete treated with approximately 13,440 kilograms(29,630 pounds) of KIM admixture.Chronolia™ is Lafarge’s high-performing ready-mixconcrete that accelerates strength gain. Together withthe KIM admixture, there is no question that the concretewas a premium value added mix. At first glance, theinvestment in the mix seemed exorbitant. But uponcloser examination, both value added products allowedfor greater return on time and performance savings.KIM is packaged in pulpable bags which are added tothe concrete directly at time of mixing. Once cured, itoutperforms coatings, sealers and external membranesand eliminates sub-trades and the time, scheduling,storage, coordination and all other associated costslinked to monitoring them. With the use of KIM alone,projects typically see reduced waterproofing costs byJameson House in Downtown Vancouver’s HeritageDistrict marks the first North American residential project byrenowned Foster and Partners. Krystol® Magazine Volume 15 | Issue 1 7
  8. 8. forty per cent versus traditional systems. and more, Jameson House clearly The admixture combined with Lafarge’s epitomizes quality; from start to finish, Chronolia™ further shortened the inside and out. construction cycle, allowing the project to be completed sooner, and open for Concrete is a building material that occupancy. saw its first formulations in the first century B.C. As technology progresses, BOSA Properties knew that the highest science and research are finding ways to quality materials would initially cost a improve the durability and performance premium, but in time, they would pay for of concrete; they have come a long themselves. Ultimately, the developers way. With developers, architects and realized savings of two-fold. Short term, other construction players seeing the the most significant savings were seen value in high quality materials, the world by shortening the construction cycle is building longer-lasting, architectural and eliminating sub-trades and in the marvels. The emphasis is no longer on long run, leaks, costly call backs and durability or design exclusively; but rather discoloration were avoided. a new two-fold approach. Jameson House is the manifestation of this trend. Using KIM in the above grade areas Today, it is one of Vancouver’s most was indicative of BOSA Properties’ luxurious buildings and with the concrete pursuit of quality as each material was waterproofed for a lifetime, it certainly will selected with a careful, discerning eye. stay this way for decades to come. From conception to completion, the ‘spare nothing’ approach was evident. Find out more at The interior finishes included remote controlled counters, travertine stones and complimentary membership to the city’s most prestigious private club, DID YOU Terminal City Club. With these amenities KNOW? Automated parking garages are no longer a thing of the future! The Jameson House features the valet of the future that is safe, convenient and automated. Imagine this: you pull into the chic transfer station, lock your vehicle or bike and go. The fully mechanized valet system does the rest and whisks your vehicle away quickly and securely while you enter the elevator. When you are ready to depart, your vehicle will be called and ready for you. This technology is convenient for the user, Photo: and saves space, energy and time. While it has been used throughout Europe for over forty years, it is still The rounded bays maximized views and minimized the effects of wind and thermal gains. quite the wonder in North America.8
  9. 9. CEO COLUMNKARI YUERS, PRESIDENT & CEO | KRYTON INTERNATIONAL INC.As my peers can attest, our industry has durable. The proliferation of these new enhances concrete durability and providesquite the longevity. In 3,000 BC, we saw ‘ingredients’ allow us to build better, long- environmental benefits. A side benefit tothe Chinese use early forms of concrete lasting structures with less impact on the the fact that China still develops much ofto build the Great Wall, and in 300 BC environment without compromising the its electricity from coal burning generatingthe Romans innovated with admixtures economics of a project. stations is that they have a ready supply ofsuch as animal fat, milk and blood. Even fly, the Great Wall is standing and our However, like many things in theindustry is still innovating, growing and construction industry, innovation is slow We have science and research to thank forstrong. Although we no longer use horse and not always on par. In India, we are the remarkable developments in to make concrete stronger or use still seeing mountains of aggregates At Kryton, that has been our core since theblood for frost-resistance, we have come being shovelled and mixed on-site. early 70s which has led to the developmentleaps and bounds with respect to mix However, as infrastructure demand of our concrete permeability testingdesigns and admixtures. increases and requirement for more laboratory which is the largest of its kind in durable concrete develops, the ready North America.Unlike other grandfather industries that mix concrete channel is evolving tohave become obsolete with research meet those demands. In China, we are Although concrete is the oldest buildingand science, we have been fortunate seeing many mass concreting operations material in the world, we are committed toenough to benefit from it. For instance, in take off, creating a demand for high- having it solve the problems of a modernNorth America we are seeing the rise of performance mix designs and value world. Investing in our research has allowedrecycled materials such as fly ash being added materials to assist in meeting the us to continually improve our products toused to create greener, more sustainable service life targets for the bridges and ensure that they are on the forefront offorms of concrete. We also have self- tunnels that are being built to support discovery. Alongside our industry peers, weconsolidating concrete that fills formwork transportation infrastructure development. look forward to the embracing the newestwithout any mechanical consolidation; China also has a focus on developing and upcoming breakthroughs in concreteshortening construction cycles. And of concrete mix designs that focus on and construction.course, waterproofing admixtures such sustainability. Fly ash is a supplementaryas our own Krystol Internal Membrane cementitious material that is commonly(KIM) that keep the concrete strong and used as a cement replacement that Krystol® Magazine Volume 15 | Issue 1 9
  10. 10. SHOTCRETING: ON THE RISE Original forms of shotcrete date back There are a few drawbacks that should greater shrinkage and cracking. There over a century. Despite its many be considered. Shotcrete requires a may be more numerous and larger voids advantages, the industry is still slow concrete mix with smaller aggregates, created when rebar is displaced during to adopt the method for structural which is typically 20 per cent more than the period that the shotcrete is still applications. So what is structural traditional mixes. Additionally, wages for plastic. Additionally, any shotcrete that is shotcrete and what are its benefits trained nozzlemen certified through the placed by a less experienced nozzleman and drawbacks? Read on to learn if American Concrete Institute are more can contain insufficient consolidation or this application method is right for costly. However, as the saved project cold joints within the concrete. Proper your next project. time can often mean everything for the consolidation must be achieved to success of the project, these hard costs prevent imperfections such as cracks, are ultimately returned. voids and joints that could later cause Shotcrete is simply spraying concrete waterproofing problems in the structure. into place through a high velocity hose, As construction is incredibly collaborative, allowing it to consolidate on vertical and the true value of an application method The two major categories of horizontal faces upon impact without can be deemed by its ability to integrate waterproofing systems that are used sagging. Unlike cast-in-place concrete into the entire process. As with any for shotcrete are surface-applied that requires forming on all sides, concrete structure, there is the risk that membranes and integral systems. shotcrete reduces or eliminates the need water will seep into it causing leakage Surface-applied systems include for formwork. This also means there or corrosion of the rebar; the need to coatings and sheet membranes among is no need to store forming systems waterproof is important. other options. on-site. It is ideal for irregular surfaces such as caves, tunnels and domes while Shotcrete can be more challenging in Surface-Applied Waterproofing still delivering the structural integrity of terms of waterproofing than cast-in- Surface coatings are typically polymer or traditional methods. place concrete. It has the potential for bitumen based. The advantages to this10
  11. 11. method are seamlessness and the abilityto conform to surface irregularities andpenetrations. The disadvantages includelimited crack resistance, requiringaccess space to apply and requiringproper surface preparation, makingsurface coating systems unsuitable forshotcrete applications.Sheet membranes are flexible sheetsthat are adhered to the wall and thensealed at the seams. This methodhas excellent crack-bridging abilitybut has similar limitation to coatingswhen used with cast-in-place concrete.Shotcrete applications would require themembranes to be hung on the back form,giving a high potential for seam failureand penetrations that would compromisethe system. This method is expensive andhard to repair.Integral SystemsIntegral systems include densifyers,water repellants and crystalline/reactive systems. Densifyers can includecomponents such as silica fume, fly ash,slag, other pozzolans and water reducing KIM is added to the concrete at the time of mixing, eliminating sub-trades, and shorteningadmixtures, which can all be effective in the construction cycle.creating lower permeability concrete. Theadvantage of this type of system overone such as the surface-applied system Reactive/crystalline systems such as has an integrated repair system, andis the system is integral and cannot be Krystol International Membrane (KIM) achieves the lowest overall cost.damaged by scratches or punctures. have all the advantages offered by the densifying system, no labor, time or Shotcrete has proven itself as a preferredIt requires no labor, time, access or access required, no seams and it cannot method of construction for manypreparation to install as the components be cut, punctured or damaged. In addition concrete structures as project leadersare pre-mixed within the concrete. This KIM will self-seal any minor cracks that become more familiar with the processmethod is not without problems. None of form and can be complimented by a and time saving measures. The currentthese admixtures do anything to address waterstop system. The disadvantages equipment used to apply shotcrete isthe real weak points in concrete, the of this system are that the cracks and now combined with better designedcracks and the joints. Silica fume may joints may take time to self-seal and shotcrete mixes from suppliers andeven lead to more cracking. the system requires better than usual improved training, enabling the proper consolidation and curing. installation whereas in the past, theseWater repellants and pore blockers are may not have existed. The shotcretetypically stearates, fatty acids, oils and Construction using structural shotcrete mixes and related installation equipmentsilicons. They have similar advantages to is on the rise and it has special have now evolved to meet the needsdensifyers though they function through waterproofing challenges. Any below of projects. There seems to be littlethe use of water tension. They are better grade structural shotcrete is going question that it will continue to be usedable to resist water entering through to need a reliable waterproofing at an ever increasing rate.cracks and joints than a densifyer system. Crystalline waterproofing suitsalone but are unable to withstand high shotcrete best because it is an integralhydrostatic pressures. They generally system that is not prone to damage oralso require the use of a waterstop poor workmanship, it incorporates asystem that is very difficult to apply with complimentary waterstop system, reliablya shotcrete application. withstands extreme hydrostatic pressure, Krystol® Magazine Volume 15 | Issue 1 11
  12. 12. KRYTON NEWS NEW ANCHORS in the Middle East and Asia Kryton China staff alongside Sales Director Kevin Davis and Joining Fadi Farhat in the Middle East is Abdulrahman Jbara Cementious Materials Specialist Alireza Biparva. as Territory Manager of Saudia Arabia. Kryton continues its investment in some of the fastest growing In the Middle East, things are equally exciting particularly in the markets on the international front. With China being positioned Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as Kryton welcomes Abdulrahman to move into the largest construction market in the world, Jbara as the Regional Territory Manager. The addition reflects Kryton has added three new industry professionals to the Kryton’s steady commitment to the region with the opening of Kryton China office. Laixin Guo, Marco Zeng and Christine the JAFZA warehouse earlier this year. Abdulrahman Jbara Zhou have joined Kryton lending their expertise in construction will be a strong addition to the existing staff with his expertise materials to new and existing construction projects, and in the construction materials industry and strong technical providing distributor support. These three additions to the background. existing team have solidified the presence in China, as they are focused on establishing Kryton as the leading concrete In addition to these new hires in the East and Middle East, waterproofing solutions provider. Kryton is actively engaging with new and existing distributors to further solidify their presence and market share. FEATURED tweets Follow @KrytonIntl on Twitter and join the conversation! @DavidTaguchi: @OBRASSOR: @BOSAPROPERTIES: @KrytonIntl we are on this @KrytonIntl Is there any @Obrassor Yes, @ one buildings in Vancouver BC BosaProperties’s Jameson and made sure @KrytonIntl (Canada) that have KIM House has KIM in their products were specified :) mix in exposed concrete exposed architectural walls. architectural walls? @GRADEBEAM: @OBRASSOR: @KARIMOORS: Absolutely! MT @krytonintl: @KrytonIntl I’m good for @krytonintl Thx! Click here @GradeBeam The ‘sensing now, I was informed that the to join Women in Concrete skin’ for concrete is amazing. @thebrewerydist also used on LinkedIn - the gathering Looking forward to hearing KIM mix in their concrete. place for women in the more as technology develops! construction industry!12
  13. 13. ASK A KRYTON EXPERTINSIGHTS FROM THE LARGEST CONCRETE PERMEABILITYTESTING LABRATORY IN NORTH AMERICA.The testing apparatus delivers a constant head pressure of water through the sample, allowing it to test for self-sealing abilities. Cracking in concrete is inevitable during the curing process and later on in its service life. The self-sealing process is a phenomenon that allows the concrete to seal its own cracks with no external repairing systems. Water is the contributing agent that can set in motion this process. However, new research shows that admixtures have proven to be able to accelerate and improve the self-sealing abilities of concrete. Read on to learn more about the science behindAlireza BeparvaCementious Materials Specialist at Kryton self-sealing concrete.Q: What are the benefits Q: How do you test Q: How can chemical admixturesof self-sealing concrete? for self-sealing concrete? help with self-sealing?A: By imparting self-sealing abilities A: Kryton has an established test method A: Chemical admixtures are designedto concrete, permeability is reduced that is pending patent protection. The to service different properties ofand thereby durability is increased. test method consists of two stages. The concrete. Different admixtures canDurable concrete ultimately reduces first stage is producing a consistent crack influence the properties of self-the need for costly and time consuming down a sample of concrete. The second sealing positively, negatively, or notmaintenance. Low permeability aides stage is to place the sample into an at all. Particularly, Kryton’s integralin the durability of the concrete as it apparatus that will supply a constant head waterproofing admixture KIM hasreduces contact with water, salt and of water through the sample. The self- shown positive results and significantlyother harmful chemicals that can lead sealing can then be monitored via the rate accelerated the self-sealing process. Into the deterioration of the concrete of the flow of water through the sample. fact, it self-seals hairline cracks up toand corrosion of reinforcing steel. By This general method has been used by 0.5 millimeters (0.02 in.).protecting the concrete from ingress of various researchers and is a suitablethese materials, the concrete’s durability model of a real life situation. Ask Kryton your concrete related questions!is enhanced and time and money saving Email: info@kryton.comresults are seen. Krystol® Magazine Volume 15 | Issue 1 13
  14. 14. KRYTON IN THE UNITED STATES In the United States, we are still seeing the effects of the economic crisis. While there has been a dramatic reduction of high- rise construction projects, the outlooks remain positive as the economy has grown for five consecutive quarters. In fact, the Portland Cement Association had 1.4% growth in 201 and expects 4% growth in 2012. 1 With only 37% of the federal stimulus money committed to projects so far, the country should benefit from short term growth on projects such as healthcare, high speed rail, infrastructure, schools, bridges and dams. Further economic growth for the region is bolstered with private funding. With credit still tight, private investors are seeking deals in depressed markets. For the last forty years, Kryton has been waterproofing concrete throughout the United States on projects that are dry till this day. As infrastructure continues to be an area of focus in the coming years, Kryton looks forward to strengthening their position as a key player. 1. Clos de la Tech Wine Caves 2. CityCenter (San Carlos, California) (Las Vegas, Nevada) Clos de la Tech is an innovative winery built into three man- CityCenter is the largest privately-financed construction project made caves located on a fifty degree hillside in Woodside, in the history of the United States. The project needed the California. Dynamite was used to blast into the rock to create equivalent to 120,000 typical concrete-mixing trucks; enough three identical caves that are 90 meters (300 feet) deep to build a 4-foot sidewalk from Las Vegas, to New York City… and over 6 meters (20 feet) tall. Up to 14,500 cubic meters and back. Situated on top of an aquifer, developers knew the (19,000 cubic yards) of earth was removed to create a concrete waterproofing solution was crucial. fermentation site, storage space, living space and a bottling site that would hold up to 13,000 cases of wine. Kryton’s KIM was chosen to waterproof the valet tunnel, the 72 elevator pits, swimming pools and all other critical below grade As shotcrete was used to construct all three of these caves, structures, including the water tank that is used for Cirque du traditional membranes were not suitable as a waterproofing Soliel’s Elvis show. A total of 20,000 kilograms (44,092 pounds) solution. Over 1,800 cubic meters (2,000 cubic yards) of KIM of KIM was used in addition to the Krystol Waterstop System to concrete was used in the project. waterproof the construction joints in the below grade areas.14
  15. 15. 3. Carlyle Residence 4. Horseneck Beach Bathhouses (Los Angeles, California) (Westport, Massachusetts)Developers Elad Properties set out to build the world’s only Horseneck Beach State Reservation is one of Massachusetts’spaparazzi-proof condominiums for the most elite residents. The most prestigious public beaches. In 2007, new facilities were24 story building includes 78 private condominiums with prices constructed including two Bathhouses that contained publicbeginning at $2.9 million USD and ranging up to $15 million. restroom accommodations, cold water rinse stations andThe four level below grade parking structure is equipped with changing stalls with both a covered and open air elevator system that leads owners to their respective suites Water ingress was obviously the primary concern for thewithout so much as a single hallway. However, its placement builders who needed a permanent waterproofing solution forabove an aquifer challenged the architects. the structure. Materials were selected based on their ability to provide the maximum amount of protection with the leastEvery portion of the below grade area was waterproofed with amount of maintenance.Kryton’s waterproofing systems. The walls used Kryton’s KIM,and the slab and wall joints used the Krystol Waterstop System. Kryton’s KIM and Krystol Waterstop System were used to waterproof and protect all below grade areas of the structure. USA DISTRIBUTORS Kryton has exclusive distributors throughout the United States. Contact the distributor in your region to find out more about Kryton’s waterproofing products. Or contact Corey Strobel, Territory Manager at or by phone at +1.714.269.3500. CMC Construction Services (TX) www.cmcconstructionservices.com5. Terminus 100 CoMar Enterprises Ltd.  (WA, OR) (Atlanta, Georgia) Construction Solutions LLC  (AL, GA, IL, KY, NC, SC, TN)The Terminus 100 building sprawls 148 meters (485 feet) tall www.construct-solutions.comwith 26 floors and 198,120 square meters (650,000 square General Resource Technology, Inc.  (MI, MN, MO, WI)feet) of mixed-use space. It is the first of five high-rises planned www.grtinc.comby Cousins Properties on the 4 hectare (10-acre) site. Hill Brothers Chemical Co.  (AZ, CA, CO, NU, NV, UT) www.hillbrothers.comThe contractor, ABE Enterprises, installed the shoring wall in thetwo-level below grade parking garage with a “top down” method, New England Dry Concrete  (CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VI)so there was no room for surface-applied waterproofing www.dryconcrete.commembranes. As a result, the project team choose Kryton’s KIM OK Hardware  (HI)and Krystol Waterstop System to waterproof the below gradeshoring walls. Krystol® Magazine Volume 15 | Issue 1 15
  16. 16. ASIA PACIFIC’S LARGEST INTEGRATED RESORT & CASINO WOULDN’T GAMBLE ON ANYTHING ELSE. THEY CHOSE KRYTON WATERPROOFING. The Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, sought a single waterproofing solution that could protect the massive foundation that includes multi-levels of retail space, a casino, exhibition centre, parking, tunnels and more. Complicating matters was the fact that the project was built on reclaimed land and surrounded by seawater. The designs called for Kryton. Our crystalline technology protects concrete—permanently. And our comprehensive system shaves weeks off construction schedules and cuts waterproofing costs up to 40%. Please contact: +1.604.324.8280 or Kryton takes the risk out of concrete waterproofing. Toll Free (North America) 1.800.267.828016