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Concrete Waterproofing that Works!                Stop using unreliable membranes to waterproof your                concre...
Contents                                                           Volume 13 | Issue 24		      Top	10	Things	to	Look	for	W...
0Top                                          Things to Look For When Selecting Your                                      ...
9. Do you require expert advice                                                                                           ...
Waterproofing the        Madushan DamThe	Madushan	hydroelectric	dam	is	       due	to	inclement	weather	on-site.	          ...
period.	The	concrete	walls	had	been	         exposure	to	water,	salts	or	other	waterproofed	with	a	traditional	           ...
By Your SideWhen	Kryton	was	brought	on	                   Kryton’s	China	office,	led	by	Helen	         travelled	to	the	si...
CEO ColumnModernizing Nuclear Power Construction Standardsby Kari YuersAt	the	recent	American	Concrete	              about...
Failed epoxy injection in this 30 year old water tank led to substantial cracking requiring repairs.Keeping Water         ...
at	the	support	columns	inside	the	tank.	These	columns	often	corrode	at	the	base	where	they	are	thoroughly	saturated	by	wat...
Kryton News                                                                                         Four New              ...
Ask a Kryton Expert!In	the	12	years	since	its	creation,	Leadership	in	Energy	and	Environmental	Design	(LEED)	has	been	used...
Kryton in the United KingdomFor	the	past	decade,	Kryton	has	been	involved	in	the	UK	                  end	of	the	tunnel	wi...
Central Street, LondonTouted	as	one	of	the	largest	land	deals	in	Central	London,	Central	Street	is	a	residential	and	comme...
Concrete Waterproofing that Works!KIM® resists hydrostatic pressure up to 140m.Using KIM® in your concrete can save you ti...
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Krystol Magazine 13.2


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Krystol Magazine 13.2 provides readers with a profile of Kryton's Waterproofing of the Madushan Dam in China, information about nuclear power construction standards, green practices, and Kryton news worldwide.

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Krystol Magazine 13.2

  1. 1. Kryst l Magazine ® ® Leaders in Integral Crystalline Waterproofing Volume 13 | Issue 2 Waterproofing the Madushan Dam Modernizing Nuclear Power Construction Standards Green Vegas PLUS: Kryton Increases Their Global Presence Spotlight on the United Kingdom Krystol® Magazine
  2. 2. Concrete Waterproofing that Works! Stop using unreliable membranes to waterproof your concrete. Since 1973 Kryton has helped architects, engineers and builders create dry, waterproof concrete using Krystol technology. Our waterproofing admixture, KIM®, is faster, more reliable ® and costs 25% less than using traditional waterproofing systems. KIM is backed by the industry’s longest warranty. For more information on the longest standing crystalline waterproofing admixture jobs in the world, visit us online at or call us at 1.800.267.8280 or 604.324.8280. ort No. 1 in Technical Supp ® At the Lab. In the Field. By Your Side.
  3. 3. Contents Volume 13 | Issue 24 Top 10 Things to Look for When Selecting Your Waterproofing Solution 106 Waterproofing the Madushan Dam8 By Your Side 8 Test Your Knowledge9 CEO Column — Modernizing Nuclear Power Construction Standards Krystol® Magazine is printed twice a year10 Keeping Water Tanks Watertight by Kryton International Inc. 1645 East Kent Avenue Vancouver, BC V5P 2S8 Canada12 Kryton News For information about this publication or13 Ask a Kryton Expert about Kryton International Inc., write to the above address, phone 604-324-8280 or 1-800-267-8280, or email13 Green Vegas Copyright © 2010 Kryton International Inc.14 Kryton in the United Kingdom All rights reserved. Editors/Contributors Jillian Work Kari Yuers Al Polonuk Alex Emlyn Sheila Dong 6 Design/Production Yvonne Lee Printed in Canada by Rebel Communications Group Krystol® Magazine
  4. 4. 0Top Things to Look For When Selecting Your Waterproofing SolutionWhen a building project calls for non-pressure situations. However, repair locations. In addition, because absolutely watertight waterproofing – are easily overcome by hydrostatic the structures are often buried and pools, underground parking garages, pressure, allowing water and the membranes are located on the aquariums, water tanks or similar contaminants in. Membranes can other side of the wall, access is structures – builders, developers, provide adequate protection as restricted. Many repair systems, such architects and engineers need to know long as they have been installed as injections, can make the situation the options available, and what works with pristine workmanship; but any worse if they push the membrane best where. pinhole or separated seam can lead off the structure or cause a seam to leaks. Crystalline waterproofing to split. In contrast, crystalline In waterproofing concrete, there are systems withstand very high waterproofing systems have different types of systems, some of which may have distinct advantages hydrostatic pressure, improving over compatible repair systems for cracks over other systems. time and providing continuous self- that are effectively and reliably sealing capabilities. installed from either side. Here are the top 10 things to look for when selecting your 3. Could you easily repair leaks if 4. Can you easily get skilled andwaterproofing solution: you needed to? experienced trades people to Leaking membrane systems are apply the waterproofing?1. Are you on a tight construction extremely difficult and often You need to have confidence in your schedule? impossible to repair. Water can travel trades people – no matter what Waterproofing systems like between the membrane and the wall waterproofing solution you choose. membranes typically require a well- until it finds an opening, the location But you can mitigate the risks by prepared surface prior to application. of a leak does not necessarily indicate choosing a system that makes their Some require the concrete to have the location of the membrane breach. jobs easier. Integral crystalline been cured for 28 days. All surface This makes it challenging to identify waterproofing systems eliminate applied systems require time for workers to complete the preparation and application. Internal systems, like crystalline waterproofing, are integrated into the concrete mix during batching and require no labour or preparation on-site. This can save a significant amount of time and money and even shorten your construction schedule.2. Will the concrete be subjectedto hydrostatic pressure?Water repelling products are inexpensive and can be effective in reducing water absorption in The TreePeople cistern needed a permanent waterproofing solution because landscaping overtop would make repairs almost impossible.
  5. 5. 9. Do you require expert advice and support? Be sure to choose a waterproofing system that has a track record of being supported by the local distributor as well as the manufacturer. Proper support should include reviews of project specific designs and details, clear literature on the product or system, application instructions, training, online help, and site visits. Suppliers should be available and always willing to help. 10. Does the manufacturer have a long history of success? Any waterproofing system that you should consider trusting to protect your structure should be proven to be Skilled tradespeople on this jobsite at the Cowichan Pool in Duncan, B.C., received training effective over a long period of time. and support throughout the waterproofing process. Your structure and its waterproofing the need for labour as the product 7. Are you seeking LEED system is undoubtedly intended to is integrated into the concrete mix. certification for your project? last for many years. Choose a system Membranes and other surface applied A LEED point can be achieved as a that has stood the test of time. Also result of using innovation in design be sure to choose a manufacturer products can require highly skilled and some crystalline waterproofing that has demonstrated a strong labour, increasing the chances that systems can contribute towards commitment to stand behind its mistakes will occur. your LEED credits because of products in the long term.5. Are you trying to build within their innovative nature. Be aware tight property lines or make the that many membrane systems are most effective use of your building petroleum-based and applied using adhesives with high volatile organic site area? compounds. Membranes can also Using surface applied products restrict the concrete’s ability to be normally requires access space on recycled when the structure’s useful the outside of the concrete. This life is over.can prevent you from building right up to the property line. Integral 8. Does your concrete includewaterproofing systems do not require rough or irregular surfaces oron-site installation so allow you to unusual shaping?build tight to the property lines, The more irregular the architectural potentially giving you more building shape the more difficult the area and flexibility in the design. application process becomes for surface applied systems like adhered 6. Will the concrete be in contact membranes and bentonite sheets. with potable water? Surface applied systems require If the structure you are building will meticulous workmanship to achieve a hold potable water, you need to be perfect seal when working with fancy sure that the waterproofing system architectural designs. Liquid applied you choose is safe for contact with coatings and integral waterproofing The Underwater World Aquarium in Australiathe water. Any such system should admixtures are more effectively used needed a waterproofing solution that couldbe certified safe for contact with to waterproof irregular shapes resist hydrostatic pressure from within the tankdrinking water by NSF International. and forms. and outside in the Yarra River. KIM installed in 2000. Krystol® Magazine
  6. 6. Waterproofing the Madushan DamThe Madushan hydroelectric dam is due to inclement weather on-site. An example of this occurred in 2005 located on the Red River in Yunnan The owner was also already moving when the Taum Sauk pumped storage Province, People’s Republic forward on an expansion project plant in Missouri, U.S.A., experienced of China. With a height of 107 on the dam, building additional a failure in its upper dam. A computer metres, length of 353 metres and infrastructure and increasing its software problem, in tandem with a water capacity of 552 million overall capacity. It would be a busy a preexisting leakage issue in the cubic metres, it is a major dam that site, and repair work needed to concrete, led to more than four provides electricity to hundreds of happen as quickly, efficiently and million cubic metres of water topping thousands of people. effectively as possible. the dam walls and being released into the river below over a 12 minute When cracks in the dam’s upstream Because concrete will crack if concrete walls began to surface due not properly placed or cured, to immense hydrostatic pressure, waterproofing with a trusted and the structure’s owners – Red guaranteed system provides extra River Guangyuan Hydropower protection for dam walls and the Development Co. Ltd. – knew they steel rebar reinforcements within. were up against a massive challenge. If water enters cracks in concrete, The dam needed to remain in it can damage the reinforcing steel service, making planning and co- below the concrete surface. As the ordination difficult for trades. In steel corrodes, it expands, which addition, the owner had concerns that leads to further cracking and water traditional membrane waterproofing ingress. Over time, the concrete and polyurethane coating systems deteriorates and fails – this can result wouldn’t be effective or easy to use in devastating floods. Before crews could start on waterproofing the Madushan Dam, more than 1.3 million cubic metres of earth were excavated.
  7. 7. period. The concrete walls had been exposure to water, salts or other waterproofed with a traditional contaminants and are not affected membrane system but had been by UV rays or extreme temperatures. leaking over a prolonged period of Finally, integral systems are a green time. Because of the leak, the concrete solution – they can extend the walls had weakened and slumped, serviceable life of structures and also lowering the point at which the walls allow the concrete to be recycled after would be overtopped by water. its useful life is over. For hydroelectric dams, which are a green form of energy, integral Crews prepared the surface of the walls prior to applying T1 and T2. waterproofing systems make sense. later in the life of the concrete, the incoming water will trigger further The construction crystal growth, keeping the structure team chose watertight over its lifespan. They Hangzhou Guo recognized the system would not only Dian Dam Safety fix the cracks, but would increase the Engineering Co, resistance of chloride penetration Kryton’s distributor into the concrete and improve the in China, to provide structure’s overall durability. Krystol T1 and T2 – a surface-applied Krystol T1 and T2 is a two-step crystalline slurry integral system that is brush-applied coat system – as well onto existing concrete structures. Crews applied T1 and T2 to the dam’s walls as Krystol Waterstop Once applied, the crystals grow deep to prevent water leakage and increase the Grout for the joints and cracks. into the existing concrete. durability of the structure. Kryton’s Krystol line of products To enhance the safety of these contain crystals that grow and fill A total of 12,000 square metres of structures, more and more naturally occurring pores and cracks concrete have been treated with governments and hydro companies in concrete, providing permanent approximately 40 tonnes of Kryton’s are turning to integral crystalline waterproof protection. If cracks form T1 and T2 system. waterproofing manufacturers for help – which is exactly what happened Did You Know?after the Taum Sauk failure. Kryton China is home to the largest hydroelectric dam in the world – the Three Gorges International Inc. was brought on Dam. Spanning the Yangtze River, the dam wall is 2,309 metres long, 185 metres board to provide crack repair and high and 115 metres thick at its base. In all, more than 27 million cubic metres of surface treatment to repair the concrete and 463,000 tonnes of steel were used to build the wall.damage that had been done by the leaking membrane system. In the case The dam contains 32 main electricity generators, six of which are still of the Madushan Dam, Kryton was under construction. In just one year of operation, the dam generated the solution again. enough electricity to cover more than one third of its building costs. Integral systems can add decades to the life of a concrete structure. Unlike membrane systems that can deteriorate over time, integral systems become part of the concrete matrix, waterproofing from the inside out. This gives these systems added reliability over other waterproofing systems as they cannot be punctured or torn. In addition, integral systems won’t be worn away by constant Krystol® Magazine
  8. 8. By Your SideWhen Kryton was brought on Kryton’s China office, led by Helen travelled to the site on the Red board to waterproof the Madushan Qiao and Tian Dapeng, delivered River at the beginning of the repair Dam through its distributor, a presentation on crystalline work and provided hands-on Hangzhou Guo Dian Dam Safety waterproofing and its direct benefits training for the applicators to ensure Engineering Company, it began for the dam to an audience made the Krystol T1 and T2 products developing a comprehensive strategy up of the dam owners from Red were used correctly. to provide full service support to the River Guangyuan Hydropower on-site crews. Development Company. Tian also The By Your Side support continued overseas at Kryton’s technical headquarters in Canada. Kryton’s team of researchers, scientists, engineers and market and product experts provided technical support throughout the waterproofing work, answering questions on product capabilities and application techniques. For more information about Kryton’s By Your Side service, visit provides a training demonstration in China. Test Your Knowledge! A. The tallest dam in the world D. One-third of the world’s is the Nurek Dam in Tajikistan. countries rely on hydropower for It is: their electricity supply. Large dams 1. 150 metres high generate this percentage of the 2. 210 metres high world’s total electricity supply: 3. 300 metres high 1. 8% 4. 440 metres high 2. 15% 3. 19% B. The earliest known dam is 4. 23% situated in Jawa, Jordan and is dated back to: E. In order to build the Hoover 1. 3,000 BC Dam, workers laboured non-stop, 2. 1,200 BC both day and night, for two years F. The largest man-made lake 3. 110 AD to prevent uneven curing of the in the United States was created 4. 1,400 AD concrete. In all, this much concrete by the: was poured to build the dam: 1. Daniel Johnson Dam C. The world’s largest known 1. 1 million tons 2. Inguri Dam beaver dam is: 2. 3 million tons 3. Glen Canyon Dam 1. 466 metres 3. 5 million tons 4. Hoover Dam 2. 652 metres 4. 7 million tons 3. 822 metres 4. 1,097 metres A. 3; B. 1; C. 3; D. 3; E. 4; F. 4 Answers:
  9. 9. CEO ColumnModernizing Nuclear Power Construction Standardsby Kari YuersAt the recent American Concrete about standards and safety that must be concrete and concrete structures. Institute (ACI) convention in Chicago, addressed before the public is reassured Currently, different versions of standards the National Institute for Standards and that nuclear power is safe power. It raises and different dates of standards are being Technology gave a presentation to the concerns as well in the construction cited by various regulatory agencies. Board to ask for the ACI’s collaboration industry that those regulations not and support in revamping standards override the economics of producing As a global industry, we need to come for the concrete construction of nuclear nuclear power. together to make the necessary changes power stations. What became apparent to our codes and standards, ensuring the as we listened to the goals that need to Construction standards and safety nuclear power stations that are be achieved to even begin construction have changed radically since the first built around the world are durable, is the tremendous amount of work that commercial nuclear power stations were reliable and safe.needs to be done to incorporate 30 years built in the 1950s. Construction of any of technology and process change. There new nuclear facility must be based on can be no conflicts among all of these alignment with up-to-date standards standards and codes. And standards and and codes cited in the US Nuclear codes need to be agreed upon by the Regulatory Commission’s regulatory appropriate regulatory bodies on very documents. But a large part of those tight timelines. codes and standards have not been updated since the 1980s. Can we catch The time crunch is in part due to US up in time, and with sufficient input and President Obama’s administration deliberation, to re-assure the public, and approving an $8.3 billion conditional the construction industry?loan guarantee to start building the first nuclear power plants in the US in more There are more than 6,000 standards and Nuclear power facilities like this one in thethan three decades. That kind of incentive codes cited for constructing a Generation UK are going to become a more familiaris good news for the global concrete III reactor. About 600 of those standards sight after the United States approved newindustry. But it also raises concerns and codes relate to concrete, reinforced construction. Krystol® Magazine
  10. 10. Failed epoxy injection in this 30 year old water tank led to substantial cracking requiring repairs.Keeping Water Tanks WatertightThe average lifespan of a concrete water How to Repair a Water Tank First, check the exterior walls of the tank is 25 to 40 years. Over that time, tank (if accessible) for visible leaks. Water tanks should be inspected by a the concrete resists constant hydrostatic Old epoxy injection repairs can fail, professional engineer every one to two pressure of varying degrees from the leading to degradation of not only the years. The engineer will examine the inside and outside, is in contact with concrete but the steel reinforcement tank for signs of rebar corrosion, analyze chlorine in water that softens its surface, inside the structure’s walls. Next, look crack patterns in your structure, evaluate and will develop cracks due to drying, the overall condition of the concrete shrinkage and settling. These conditions, and determine whether the tank should in tandem with concrete’s natural be repaired or replaced altogether. You porosity, can lead to leaks, corrosion and should plan to shut your tank down for a reduced service life. up to two days to drain, clean and inspect all the surfaces. So how do you repair a deteriorating water tank? What is the best way to keep Once the tank has been drained and the water in and contaminants out for the disinfected with chlorinated solution and longest period of time possible? And, how pressure washer, you are ready to begin do you protect the steel reinforcement looking for problem areas.within the concrete walls? This tank lid was not sealed properly, leading to water leakage from the inside out. 0
  11. 11. at the support columns inside the tank. These columns often corrode at the base where they are thoroughly saturated by water. In severe cases, the concrete may be worn away, leaving exposed rebar that needs to be protected. Consult an engineer before removing deteriorated concrete from columns, especially if this requires chipping inside the rebar cage. Also look for honeycombing on the outside and inside of the concrete walls. Poorly consolidated concrete can lead to honeycombing and these areas will actively leak unless repaired. Finally, check the tank lid. Too often, water tank lids are not waterproofed or sealed. This can result in contaminated standing water on the outside of the tank making its Over time, this support column corroded at the base exposing the rebar reinforcements.way into the water in the tank – a major health hazard. How Age Affect Repairs you make that decision. If the concrete surface is relatively sound but is showing Ensure all cracks and defects are repaired The older the water tank, the more likely signs of deterioration, resurfacing the with a waterproofing solution. Once repairs and maintenance are going to walls can protect the concrete from complete, disinfect the structure again be required. Extra precaution needs to further deterioration.with a chlorinated solution and pressure be taken when repairing the tank if the washer. This will ensure the tank is ready concrete is older. When cleaning the tank to hold any type of water including The Old vs New Way of with a pressure washer, older concrete is potable water. When the tank has been more likely to become loose and fall away. Waterproofingsuccessfully cleaned, fill it with two inches You need to be prepared to place new Traditionally, concrete tanks have not of water, drain the water and then fill concrete in these areas. The engineer you incorporated a waterproofing system again completely. bring on your project will be able to help until a problem has surfaced. Cracks have been filled with Oakum to stop water flow, epoxy coatings have been applied or polyurethane plastic liners have been welded together inside the tank to block water leakage. While these methods may have provided temporary relief, none have proven as effective as integral crystalline waterproofing. Cracks and defects repaired with crystalline systems will outlast traditional epoxy or urethane repairs. Crystalline repairs can also be complemented by applying a full crystalline surface treatment to protect the concrete walls from further damage. Using integral systems for water tank repairs can protect tanks from deterioration and extend the structure’s service life, provided that the repairs are made before the deterioration becomes too severe. Because of this, the popularity of crystalline systems is booming and water tanks around the world are standing the test of time. This concrete was poorly consolidated, leading to honeycombing and leaking. Krystol® Magazine
  12. 12. Kryton News Four New She’s a Jolly Distributors for Good Fellow Kryton products Kryton CEO and President Kari Yuers has been honoured by the In line with Kryton’s dedication to and American Concrete Institute (ACI) focus on distributors, the company has with the designation of Fellow. appointed four new distributors to its She was introduced with other international network. new ACI Fellows in Chicago at the Institute’s spring 2010 convention. Kryton has a new Canadian partner Kari was awarded the title for her located in Ontario. Form and Build outstanding contributions to the Supply has been in business for more production of concrete materials and than 35 years, distributing concrete products and her commitment to related products across the province. concrete education, research, design, It has offices in multiple cities in the construction and management. She province including London, Mississauga, joins 731 other Fellows nominated by Kitchener, Windsor and Hamilton. the Institute since it established the honour in 1973. In south America, Kryton’s products are now being distributed by Brazil’s Lwart Kari is also the chair of the ACI’s Convention Committee and a member of the Quimica, headquartered in Sao Paulo. ACI Educational Activities Committee, ACI Financial Advisory Committee, Emil Fehr, Marketing Manager at Lwart ACI Committees 212 Chemical Admixtures, E701 Materials for Concrete had this to say about the partnership. Construction, E702 Design of Concrete Structures and 362 Parking Structures. “Lwart has been known in South America for asphalt based waterproofing products for many years and we were looking for new opportunities, especially promising technologies that could help us to expand our business, beyond asphalt products. Kryton Strengthens Position In the search we discovered Kryton, and after a period of tests and negotiations, in Middle East we have now begun distribution business in Brazil. We are very excited about this opportunity. The Brazilian economy is Kryton bolstered its position in the very good at the moment, especially with Middle East this February by appointing civil construction, and we are sure to find Fadi Farhat to the position of Territory many opportunities for Kryton products.”Manager. Farhat will be responsible for driving concrete waterproofing In Africa, Concrete Logistics will specifications as well as supporting new be providing Kryton’s products to construction and remedial rehabilitation companies building concrete structures around Nigeria. projects. He brings his background as a civil engineer and several years of Finally, Reliable Materials S.A., a Greek construction material experience to his company that deals with planning role at Kryton as well as a track record of and developing new products in the winning and developing major projects. construction industry, will be the exclusive distributor of Kryton products The move is reflective of Kryton’s to projects and sites in Greece, Albania, ongoing commitment to the area and will Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia. The main allow the company to provide additional distribution centre will be the company’s technical concrete waterproofing support central location in its customers in the region. 2
  13. 13. Ask a Kryton Expert!In the 12 years since its creation, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) has been used in more than 14,000 projects across 30 countries. So what do you need to do to become LEED certified and why should you consider it?We ask these questions and more to Kryton’s certified LEED-AP Alexandra Emlyn. Q: Why should a developer pursue LEED? Q: How do you go about beingI think the three key reasons for pursuing LEED LEED certified?are building longevity, selling power and human Once you decide to pursue LEED certification and satisfaction. If you put the money and planning up what level you want to achieve (Certified, Silver, front, then you will have a better quality building that Gold or Platinum), register with your national green lasts longer in the end. By achieving LEED, you can building council. You will pay your upfront fees and in increase your profits and bolster your professional exchange be given your certification level requirements reputation. Finally, you create buildings that people and access to an online library of forms to use during actually want to be in. They have better air ventilation your construction. Documentation is a key part of systems, lighting and are simply healthier environments certification and forms must be filled out for every for the people who use them. LEED point you are trying to achieve. Q: Are integral crystalline waterproofing Hiring a LEED-AP early on will ensure you are given systems the only waterproofing systems sound advice and guidance throughout the process. that can contribute to achieving The LEED-AP will also certify your documentation and data prior to you submitting it to the council LEED points? for review.Traditional membrane-type waterproofing systems will not earn you any LEED points due to the chemicals Once your structure is complete and forms have been they use and the inability for concrete to be recycled filled out and certified, submit your completed package after the membrane is placed. Integral crystalline to your national council for review. A final adjudication waterproofing systems can contribute to LEED points will determine how many points you have achieved and in three main categories: sustainable sites, indoor the associated LEED certification level.environmental quality and innovation and design process. Consult with a LEED-AP to The process seems daunting but in the end, you will get more information. have produced a building that is healthier, more durable and enjoyable to use. Green VegasDid you know Kryton had a hand in waterproofing the world’s largest mixed-use new construction development to earn LEED certification? CityCenter in Las Vegas covers 76 acres and consists of hotels, retail, entertainment and residential facilities. The project relied on more than 60 LEED-AP’s through its five year design and construction process and has since been awarded six LEED Gold certifications for its various buildings. A total of 20,000 kilograms (44,000 pounds) of Kryton’s flagship product, KIM, was used in the project as well as other Kryton products. CityCenter was awarded 6 LEED Gold certifications Krystol® Magazine
  14. 14. Kryton in the United KingdomFor the past decade, Kryton has been involved in the UK end of the tunnel with more investments returning to the market construction industry. During this time a lot has changed: and many new infrastructure projects commencing. This opens standards and codes have been tightened and demands for the door to concrete waterproofing opportunities.concrete products have fluctuated depending on economic times. The global economic downturn in recent years has had With a well-established ready mix channel in place that has significant effects in the UK’s concrete construction industry. In approximately 1,000 concrete batching plants across the country, 2008, concrete sales fell 20 per cent and dropped a further 28 per Kryton continues to be a valuable concrete waterproofing cent in 2009. In 2010, the industry started seeing the light at the partner for the industry. Olympic Canoe Slalom Course, LondonLondon’s Olympic Canoe Slalom Course will soon be paddled by the world’s best athletes. Part of Lee Valley White Water Centre, the 2012 Olympic course features computer designed substructure to ensure Olympic standard rapids and includes a competitive and training course. These courses are fed by a man-made 10,000 square metre lake that, with the help of high powered pumps, supply 15 cubic metres of water per second. The structure integrates 800 cubic metres of concrete containing 5,600 kilograms of Krystol Internal Membrane (KIM). Effective and guaranteed waterproofing is critical for any structure integrating such water volume and pressure. KIM ensures the course will remain accessible to and safe for athletes and visitors long after the Olympics are over.Longwood Home, HaleLocated in one of Cheshire’s desired neighbourhoods, Longwood on Hilltop is a mansion that showcases luxury and contemporary living. The six bedroom six bathroom home features a variety of amenities, including a swimming pool, greenroom, sauna and spa, gym, cinema, games room and office. Before construction, the development team extensively researched reliable waterproofing systems that could adapt to the area’s geographical challenges. Their research led them to Kryton’s KIM waterproofing solution. KIM was added to the concrete formwork in the basement. Nearing completion, the mansion will be put on the market for approximately £4 million.One Housing Group, StratfordOne Housing Group has embarked on a development tower that will be a featured part of the tall buildings that form a gateway of Stratford City and the 2012 Olympic sites. This tower is composed of 17 floors and will feature 113 residential units, commercial units, communal gardens and a courtyard. One major task during construction involved waterproofing the building’s water tanks and basement. This was a challenge due to the building’s innovative design, which included an awkward perimeter and steel sheet pilings on all sides. To deal with this, the design team used 250 cubic metres of KIM mixed concrete and another 150 lineal metres of the Krystol Waterstop System. The redevelopment is now on track and, at £20 million, on budget.
  15. 15. Central Street, LondonTouted as one of the largest land deals in Central London, Central Street is a residential and commercial hub covering seven blocks and two acres. The development, which ranges between five and ten stories, consists of 274 homes and 4,500 square metres of commercial space. It is not only a landmark development for the area but also a key project for Kryton as it is one of the largest basement waterproofing projects ever undertaken by the company in the UK. Approximately 3,500 cubic metres of KIM concrete was used in the basement and 1,000 lineal metres of the Krystol Waterstop System were used on the joints. Waterproofing work began in April and is expected to be complete in August. Supermarket, WalsallWhen it came to waterproofing the service yard area of West Midland’s new £17 million supermarket development, Kryton was a simple choice for concrete flooring contractor Snowden Flooring Limited. The 2,600 metre square service yard, located on the first floor of the building with car parking below would be used by articulated lorries, or big rigs, when delivering goods to the store. The concrete slab needed to be watertight to ensure the parked cars underneath stayed dry as well as durable under heavy and constant pressure from the rigs. A precast/in situ composite deck incorporating KIM was used to waterproof the slab. KIM not only increased the slab’s durability but also gave the concrete enhanced freeze/thaw durability and de-icing salt resistance. Kryton Distribution in AUTHORIZEDthe United Kingdom DISTRIBUTORKryton is distributed in Great Britain and Ireland by England IrelandI.C.C.T. Ltd. With office and warehouse locations in both England and The Republic of Ireland supporting a network I.C.C.T Ltd. I.C.C.T Ltd.of sub-distributors and Ready Mix companies, Kryton is Contact: Seamus Carr Contact: Padraig Carrwell positioned to support projects, large and small. Tel: +44 2084-279222 Tel: +353 74-973-9011 Fax: +44 2084-240509 Fax: +353 74-973-9600Kryton is also supported in the UK by Gary Penk, Territory Email: Email: info@kryton-ireland.comManager. He can be reached at or at Website: Website: 7824-516788.Check out to see other areas where Kryton distributors are changing concrete construction for the better, including Europe, South East Asia and Africa. Krystol® Magazine
  16. 16. Concrete Waterproofing that Works!KIM® resists hydrostatic pressure up to 140m.Using KIM® in your concrete can save you time andmoney and replace the need to use costly and timeconsuming surface applied membranes that canoften prove to be unreliable. Since 1973 Kryton hashelped architects, engineers and builders create dry,waterproof concrete using Krystol Technology.Our waterproofing admixture, KIM®, is faster, morereliable and costs 25% less than using traditionalwaterproofing systems. KIM® is backed by theindustry’s longest warranty.For more information on the longest standing Custom bags for added quality controlcrystalline waterproofing admixture jobs in theworld, visit us online at orcall us at 1 800 267 8280 or+1 604 324 8280. Certified to CERTIFICATE No 05/4217 NSF/ANSI 61 ® At the Lab. In the Field. By Your Side.