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Macro Economics Project - Education System!!
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Macro Economics Project - Education System!!


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  • 1. EDUCATION –THE BEST INVESTMENT Abhijeet . M Krupesh. Vengadesh Mari Shankar Varsha - 0 - 2 - 26 - 3
  • 2. INTRODUCTION • In today’s world, Education is the Best Investment. • Education is the knowledge developed by learning process. • Education can be obtained from different sources at different places • “Knowledge is the most valuable commodity, a person or a nation can have to offer”
  • 3. Major Problems in a Nation / World 1)Population 2)Corruptions 3)Illiteracy 4)Unemployment 5)Religious Violence and many more…
  • 4. Population 1)Biggest Threat to the nation 2)India, 2nd Largest Population in the World 3)Inadequate Education and other facilities 4)Need of Sex Education at the right time and to the right mass
  • 5. Corruption 1) One of the biggest threat to the nation 2) Citizens not aware of their Privilages and Laws 3) Education necessary for our upliftment and stop corruption
  • 7. Need of Education  Education is Self – Empowerment Education make your strong to look after yourself and can help you to question negligence and discrepancies.  Create Better Society Education helps you contribute to the society and make it civilized and structured  Financial Stability and Dignitiy of life Education helps you to get employment and realize the value of money
  • 8. Indian Education System v/s Global Education System Indian Education System • Education in India is worst compared with other countries as in India, education is very theoretical based and deep practical or logical knowledge is missing in some or the other way • In India after getting certificates, to get in best college or institution student has to pay donations which might be quite hard for a middle class family but there are no quotas for them but castes matters a lot Global Education System • There are wide and broader aspects and prospects of education in foreign nations as students not only are focused to marks but to knowledge and developing a student will help the country to develop are there ideology. • Foreign nations when they complete their studies and get certificates they are over on their jobs and even studies there are more on technical and modern equipments which India lacks.
  • 9. Indian Education System v/s Global Education System Contd… Indian Education System Global Education System • • Higher education of India is one of the most developed in the entire world. Its scenario is improving in quantitative and qualitative terms. • Foreign education system requires that students complete 12 years of primary and secondary education prior to attending university or college. • Education is important not only for development of one's personality, but also for the sustained growth of nation. It is the foundation on which the development of every citizen and the nation as a whole hinges. The quality of elementary education in India has also been a major cause of worry for government.
  • 10. Provisions applied by Government • Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan: aims to universalize elementary education and improve learning outcomes. • Education cess of 3% on income tax, corporation tax, excise and customs duties generates necessary resources • Estimate: 12th Plan: ’12-’17: 65,869 crores (US $17 billion) • Upgradation of 235 Secondary School to HigherSecondary schools • Construction of a new Teachers’ Training Institute
  • 11. Provisions applied by Government (Contd..) •New centrally sponsored scheme to update all industrial training institutes (ITIs) •Significant investments in higher education (including reforms and expansion) are expected •Right to Education
  • 12. Strategy To Move Ahead – Next 5 year plan • Focus on Skill Based Education • Marking System • Get smarter People to teach • Implement massive technology infrastructure for Education Strategic Goals
  • 13. Conclusion Taking other co-related social problems in view like poverty, increasing population, old traditional values etc… would make sense if we understand the importance of Education. Consider Education today is considered as an investment rather than an expense “An Investment in Knowledge pays the best Interest.”
  • 14. Thank you