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Chocodate in-saudi-arabia
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Chocodate in-saudi-arabia


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  • 1. BUY CHOCODATE FROM SAUDI ARABIAHYPERMARKETS & LARGE SUPERMARKETS LOCATION CITY Al Azizia-Panda United, IncAl Azizia-Panda Nera Toyota DammamAl Azizia-Panda Korneesh. Shatee District. DammamAl Azizia-Panda Itsalat District. Dammam The intersection of Malek Saud Bin AbdAzizAl Azizia-Panda Road with One Str. DammamAl Azizia-Panda 42 Str. In front of Hayat Plaza. DammamAl Azizia-Panda Sheera Mall. DammamAl Azizia-Panda Behind Mooset Hospital. DammamAl Azizia-Panda Jameen District. Ali Ben Abee Saalab Str. DammamAl Azizia-Panda Safa district Jeddah The intersection of Tahlea Str. And TheAl Azizia-Panda Sabeen Str. JeddahAl Azizia-Panda Rawda district JeddahAl Azizia-Panda Madaen Al Fahad JeddahAl Azizia-Panda Bakhashab Str. JeddahAl Azizia-Panda N2 Mall. West of The Daraja round about. JeddahAl Azizia-Panda Malek Road. JeddahAl Azizia-Panda Roshan Mall. Kura Al Ardia round about. Jeddah Andalos Mall. The old airport, Malek AbdullahAl Azizia-Panda Str. JeddahAl Azizia-Panda Abdullah Solayman Str. Plaza University JeddahAl Azizia-Panda Morowa district. Amir Meteb Str. Jeddah Macrona Str. West of the Daraja round about.Al Azizia-Panda JeddahAl Azizia-Panda El Alia District. ThalaTheen Str. RiyadhAl Azizia-Panda Malez District. Khaleej Str. RiyadhAl Azizia-Panda Slaymanea district. Orouba Str. RiyadhAl Azizia-Panda Nassim District. Arbeen Str. RiyadhAl Azizia-Panda Masseef District. Malek Abel Aziz Road. RiyadhAl Azizia-Panda El Rahmanya. RiyadhAl Azizia-Panda Abou Baker El Sedeek. Exit 6. RiyadhAl Azizia-Panda Nadeem District. Khareess Road. RiyadhAl Azizia-Panda Ashbeelya Yarmook. Riyadh Nasseem District. Saed Ben Abdel RahmanAl Azizia-Panda Road. RiyadhAl Azizia-Panda Rajihi Project. Exit 15. Riyadh Moroj District. Mahra Str. Vegetable Market.Al Azizia-Panda Riyadh The Ministries Compound. Kasser El RyadAl Azizia-Panda Hotel. RiyadhAl Azizia-Panda Malez District. Omar Ben Khatab Str. Riyadh Hamra District. The intersection of MalekAl Azizia-Panda Abdullah Str. with Kaled Str. Riyadh
  • 2. HYPERMARKETS & LARGE SUPERMARKETS LOCATION CITYAl Azizia-Panda Aleesha District. RiyadhAl Azizia-Panda Rabwa District. Moshref Str. RiyadhAl Azizia-Panda Sweydee District. The Main Road. RiyadhAl Azizia-Panda Manfooha. At the end of Bessa Str. RiyadhAl Azizia-Panda Al Badae. RiyadhAl Azizia-Panda Badeea District. RiyadhAl Azizia-Panda El Shafa Str. RiyadhAl Azizia-Panda El Nasser Str. RiyadhAl Azizia-Panda Eskan El Kherej. Yasameen Mall. Riyadh South of Malek Fahed Str. In front of theAl Azizia-Panda vegetable market. Ateeka bridge. Riyadh The intersection of Mecca round Road withAl Azizia-Panda Takhassossee Road. RiyadhAl Azizia-Panda Azeezeea Road. Della Str. RiyadhAl Azizia-Panda Fayssalea District. Exit 16. El Remal Mall. RiyadhAl Azizia-Panda Areeja District. Bilal Ben Ryah Str. RiyadhAl Azizia-Panda Exit 14, next to Watanya. RiyadhAl Azeezyah Panda Gassim Al Othaim Markets CompanyAl Othaim Markets Company GassimAl Othaim Markets Co. Eastern Ring Road Exit 14 RiyadhAl Othaim Dammam Astra Wholsales And S/MAstra Wholsales And S/M Jeddah Bin Dawood Super StoresBin Dawood Super Stores Herra Road, Dist.Naeem JeddahBin Dawood Super Stores Palestine Road, Dist.Hamra JeddahBin Dawood Super Stores Shoula Center, Madinah Road. JeddahBin Dawood Super Stores King Fahad Street, Sittin. JeddahBin Dawood Super Stores King Fahad Street, Dist. Rabwah. Jeddah CarrefourCarrefour Shatea Mall DammamCarrefour Al- Jalawaiyah DammamCarrefour Rashid Mall MadinahCarrefour JeddahCarrefour Star Avenue Mall JeddahCarrefour JeddahCarrefour Khurais RiyadhCarrefour Granada RiyadhCarrefour LeeMall RiyadhCarrefour AlBustan RiyadhCarrefour Flamingo Riyadh
  • 3. HYPERMARKETS & LARGE SUPERMARKETS LOCATION CITY DanubeDanube Co. Red Sea Mall JeddahDanube Co. Arbeen Mall JeddahDanube Co. Thahalia Mall JeddahDanube Co. Khalidiya Mall JeddahDanube Co. Serafi Mall JeddahDanube Co. Nahda Mall RiyadhDanube Co. Hayat Mall Riyadh FarmFarm Super Stores Bin Saud Area DammamFarm Super Stores Al Faisaliya DammamFarm Super Stores King Fahad Hospital DammamFarm Super Stores Al Mazroeia DammamFarm Super Stores Area 71 DammamFarm Super Stores Petromin DammamFarm Super Stores Haii Abdulah Fauad DammamFarm Super Stores Al Showlaha Plan DammamFarm Super Stores Prince Sultan Street / Jareer Mall JeddahFarm Super Stores Al Rawdah Area Hamad Al Jaser JeddahFarm Super Stores Al Safa Area Prince Muheb Jeddah GeantGeant Saudi Ltd. RiyadhGeant Saudi Ltd. Gardenia RiyadhGeant Saudi Ltd. Bureida GassimGeant Saudi Ltd. Riyadh RiyadhGeant Saudi Ltd. Kharaj RiyadhGeant Saudi Ltd. Galleria RiyadhGeant Saudi Ltd. Exit 2 RiyadhGeant Saudi Ltd. DammamGeant Saudi Ltd. Onaiza GassimGeant Saudi Ltd. Salam Mall RiyadhGeant Saudi Ltd. Jeddah MUSBAHMusbah Trading Al Khaskia Al Balad Area Jeddah RayaRaya Super Market Amir Masjid Street. JeddahRaya Super Market Hiraa Street. JeddahRaya Super Market Sari Street. JeddahRaya Super Market Rawdah JeddahRaya Super Market Palestine Street. JeddahRaya Super Market Fahad Street. JeddahRaya Super Market Old Makkah Road. Jeddah
  • 4. HYPERMARKETS & LARGE SUPERMARKETS LOCATION CITY LuluLulu Saudi Hypermarket Dammam MazayaMazaya Food Trading Est Dammam SarawatSarawat Super Stores Baroom Center JeddahSarawat Super Stores Kilo 4 Makkah Road JeddahSarawat Super Stores International Market Jeddah TamimiTamimi Food Company DammamTamimi - Safeway Riyadh OthersKhairat Al Mazrah DammamAl Dahia Eastern S/C (No 1) DammamBusy Man Service DammamSameway Shopping Center DammamAl Essawi Trading Est DammamAl Dahiyah Shopping Centre DammamWahat AlMustalik(Consumer Oasis) DammamMulti Purp Co-Op Soc -Safwa DammamMhasen Shopping Center DammamCo-Op Society - Alkhafji DammamAlaDin Super Market DammamNaji Essa Al Sukairi Trad Est DammamGreen Shopping Center DammamAl Beraki Shopping Center DammamAl Deajie Shopping Center DammamS W C C Shopping Center DammamEast West Hyper Market Co DammamCandy World Trad Est DammamCo-Op Society Of Upm DammamAl Dahia Eastern S/C (No 5) DammamKayen Shopping Center DammamAl Dahia Eastern S/C (No 4) DammamBab Al Khair For Sweets DammamStars Shopping Centre#4 DammamAl Makhazeem S/Center DammamAl Jarrash Shopping Center DammamTop Shopping Center DammamBaghlaf Shopping Center DammamAl Dahia Eastern S/C (No 3) DammamMusbah Est For Gifts JeddahFaisalia Mix Nuts JeddahDanube Co.For Food Stuffs Jeddah
  • 5. HYPERMARKETS & LARGE SUPERMARKETS LOCATION CITYMix Nut House JeddahNajran Mall JeddahAl Goniem Shopping Center JeddahAswak Khair Al Biladi JeddahAl Horaybi Est. JeddahMarrie Bin Mahfouz JeddahAl Musal Trading JeddahAl Hinnawi Trading Center JeddahHamam Super Market JeddahAl Jameeyah Al Tauniyah JeddahMoug Al Azark Center JeddahDeera Market JeddahTamwinat Al Sultan JeddahAl Osra Super Market JeddahTadco Marketing Center JeddahBin Naji JeddahKhoga Market JeddahAli Hafiz Center JeddahZaad Super Market JeddahCommercial Marketing Center JeddahHaraga Center (Refaat Sm) JeddahJawharathul Majd JeddahNamas Mall JeddahMahmoudiah JeddahBalaga Est JeddahShaya Al Shaya JeddahAl Kahida Jawaiya S/M JeddahNesma Trading Company Limited JeddahAlwani Shopping Center JeddahDar Badira JeddahShopping Time, JeddahMouhanad Super Market JeddahBihani Super Market JeddahMusthafa M Amin Al Shangaythi JeddahSalam Souk JeddahKing Khalid Hospital JeddahTaib For Sweet & Biscuits JeddahRehaly Commercial Center JeddahMatajar Al Hunaidi JeddahZayton Najran Est JeddahKhadra S M JeddahRabiq Super Market & Bakery JeddahSanabil Al Radwa JeddahMilitary Hospital - Al Goniem JeddahSafwa Super Market JeddahAlbani Establishment JeddahMohamed Zaid Al Ahmadi JeddahAl Amal Center Jeddah
  • 6. HYPERMARKETS & LARGE SUPERMARKETS LOCATION CITYTawafir Super Stores JeddahJazeera Super Market JeddahZaheer Shopping Center JeddahSouk Al Khair JeddahWaleedi Super Market JeddahAl Qadhi Shopping Center JeddahKhayrat Watani Shopping Center JeddahEzze Shopping Center JeddahAl Tasan Shopping Center JeddahBandari Market JeddahAli Hafiz Center JeddahBen Fetat Center JeddahMohammed Al Askar RiyadhAl Rajhi Co.For Food Stuff-Bat RiyadhMunir M. Halwani & Co. RiyadhAl Shaya Groups-Al Hamra (1 Inv) RiyadhAl Okail Supermarket - Batha RiyadhRamez InternationalTrad.Co. GassimHalwiyath Toffee GassimMarad Sinaidi Al Thijara. GassimAl Madeena Central Markets. GassimZaad S/M GassimHalayiat Al Khema-1Inv GassimAl Yehya C/S GassimAbrar Super Market GassimBasathin Hail Company-Qsim GassimSameera Sweets (1 Invoice Only) Gassim