31 Book Marketing Ideas | Video on Your Author Page!

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31 Book Marketing Ideas | Video on Your Author Page! This is Tip #8 in a series of 31!

31 Book Marketing Ideas | Video on Your Author Page! This is Tip #8 in a series of 31!

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  • 1. 31 Book Marketing Ideas That Will Help You Sell More Books Tip #8: Video on Your Author Page!
  • 2. Why Include Video? • You want send people who want to buy your book to your author page AND you want to include a video!
  • 3. Benefits of a Video on Your Sales Page! • Nearly 40% of consumers report that videos increase their likelihood of making a purchase on a mobile device.
  • 4. 5 Insider’s Secrets
  • 5. Insider’s Secret #1 • Keep your video focused on the story behind the book!
  • 6. Insider’s Secret #2 • Keep your videos on under 2 minutes! You don’t want to lose your audience.
  • 7. Insider’s Secret #3 • It’s best to add copy under your video player enhancing what you’ve highlighted in your video!
  • 8. Insider’s Secret #4 • Don’t forget to ask for the sale at the end of your video!
  • 9. Insider’s Secret #5 • You don’t need a studio to shoot a simple video for your sales page! Keep it simple!
  • 10. 2 Immediate Action Steps To Implementing This Lesson!
  • 11. Action Step #1 • Practice a few times. This a VERY important video and you want it to be seamless and smooth!
  • 12. Action Step #2 • Get feedback! Once you’ve recorded a version you’re happy with, ask a few people to make sure you communicate the important points and you ask for the sale!
  • 13. www.BookPromotionHub.com
  • 14. Brought to you by… Krizia, aka Miss K! Featured in: Twitter: @FabKrizia Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KriziaMiss K Other Social Media connections: http://about.me/misskrizia Website: http://www.BookMarketingHub.com More about Krizia: http://www.missKrizia.com Contact: http://www.missKrizia.com/contact/