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Leo burnett india

  1. 1. Project on Agency Management by Krithika Ravi TYBMM (Advertisement) Roll no.- 11
  2. 2. The beginningBasis date : 1935Headquarters : USA, ChicagoOffices : 78 companies, 230countries,9000 employees.Revenue :1.6 $ billionClients : Coca Cola, McDonald’s, Nintendo
  3. 3. Leo Burnett IndiaLeo Burnett India came into existence as ChaitraAdvertising Private Ltd. in 197 2 Leo BurnettThe affiliation with the Leo Burnett network first beganon 1987; the name Project on was changed to of the agencyChaitra Leo Burnett Private Ltd. Agency ManagementToday Leo Burnett India is one of the top 1 0 agencies By Krithika Raviin India and operates through 328 advertising TYBMM (Advt.) - 11professionals in 4 strong offices across the country-Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore.
  4. 4. They believe in… Building Brand Believers – Target people to becomebrand loyal and believe in their brand. An ideas culture – They encourage fresh ideas andclutter-breaking advertisements. Building an intense bond – They build emotionalexperience around the brand proposition.
  5. 5. Clients
  6. 6. Departments• Client Servicing• Account Planning• Media• Creative• Public Relations
  7. 7. Leo Burnett & McDonald’sFunctions of the departments and case studies of McDonalds.
  8. 8. Client Brief by McDonald’s“Like the dollar menu in America, the HappyPrice Menu is part of our everyday affordableplatform and has worked very well in India.You know how the world is: everyone’s lookingfor something fresh, exciting and insightful,and that’s why refresh the creativeadvertisements every year to grab moreattention of new targeted audiences. The adsshould be fun-loving and colorful”.
  9. 9. Client Service• The client service/ account executive is the link betweenthe ad agency and its clients.• The account executive is mainly responsible to gainknowledge about the client’s business, profit goals,marketing problems and advertising objectives.• The account executive is responsible for gettingapproved the media schedules, budgets and rough ads orstory boards from the client. McD•Leo Brunette pitched and won McDonalds against FP7.Leo Brunette has 17 yrs of partnership with McDonald’s.
  10. 10. Account Planner• Planning the objectives of the advertising.• Selecting and evaluating research feedback on the basis of which the team makes judgments and takes decisions.• Making the objective and the feedback relevant and stimulating to the rest of the team particularly the creative. McD• Account planners of Leo Burnett researched on if the price will be affordable for if McDonalds prices have risen
  11. 11. Media department• The responsibility of the agency’s media department is to develop a media plan to reach the target audience effectively in a cost effective manner.• The staff analyses, selects and contracts for media time or space that will be used to deliver the ad message. A large part of the client’s money is spent on the media time and space. McD• Media department decided how many McDonald’s hoardings, posters, TV Commercials should be produced to reach the audience.
  12. 12. Creative department• The creative specialists are known as copywriters. They are the ones who conceive ideas for the ads and write the headlines, subheads and the body copy.• They often prepare the rough layout of the print ad or the commercial story board.• Creation of an ad is the responsibility of the copywriters and the art department decides how the ad should look. McD• McDonald’s Happy Price Menu was launched in 2004 and has since seen taglines like “ Purane zamaane ka daam ” and “ Bees mein full dhamaal ”. These taglines were created by Leo Burnett.
  13. 13. Production department• After the completion and approval of the copy and the illustrations the ad is sent to the production department.• The production department supervises the casting of actors to appear in the ad, the setting for scenes and selecting an independent production studio.• The production department sometimes hires an outside director to transform the creative concept to a commercial. McD • McDonald’s has TV ads which include Mc Aloo tikki – Rs.25, Purane zamaane ka daam, and ads on latest few dips.
  14. 14. The End