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Forfeit - Our Family Game Show
Forfeit - Our Family Game Show
Forfeit - Our Family Game Show
Forfeit - Our Family Game Show
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Forfeit - Our Family Game Show


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We had to come up with a TV show that would be played at a prime time slot of 7.00pm. …

We had to come up with a TV show that would be played at a prime time slot of 7.00pm.
We decided to make the show appeal to the whole family so that there would be as many viewers as possible. There are contestants of all ages, part of a real family – so that the viewers at home can relate to the experience.
We added humour by having Jimmy Carr as the presenter who will tell jokes along the way and so make the show less dull – instead of the typical game show with boring question after question in a serious atmosphere – adding humour makes the show more appealing and easy to watch.
The contestants play for the grand prize of an all expenses paid family holiday.
The game consists of 3 rounds of 10 questions each. The first round is general knowledge questions – some for the younger and older generation so that everyone at home can get involved in trying to answer some!
At the end of each round, the family that looses has to do a forfeit (hence the name of the show). This may include getting gunged, dancing round in a chicken costume or many other embarrassing things! – This again will make the show fun to watch as it adds humour.
The second round includes 5 Pictionary questions and 5 Charades. Each family member will have to try and draw the object they are given in Pictionary in the centre of the stage. As they are drawing, the image will be shown on the big screens around the ring so that it is easy for the audience, viewers at home, and other family members that are trying to guess what it is to see! A member from each family will be drawing at the same time against the clock, and the first family to guess what the drawing is correctly wins the point.
Again with Charades, each family member has to act out the film etc that they are given. This again will be shown on the big screens and is against the clock.
When this round has ended, the loosing family will forfeit again.
The third and final round consists of census questions (the public are asked a question – for example what sports do you play on grass and have to say what first comes to mind. The contestants then have to guess the most popular answers given by the public). Points are then given to the contestants for the answers that were most frequently given by the public – the more frequently the answer was given, the more points the contestants get. If they say an answer that is not in the top 5 of frequently given answers by the public, then they do not gain a point.
After this round again, the loosing family will forfeit.
The winning family with the most points is then awarded with their family holiday!

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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  • 1. Forfeit
    The Prime Time Family game show
    By George, Kristy, Kieran and Beth
  • 2. Format
    .Two families playing for the prize of a family holiday
    . Three rounds 10 questions each.
    . Round one-general knowledge
    . Loosing family forfeits
    . Round two-5 questions Pictionary, 5 questions charades
    . Loosing family forfeits
    . Round three- Census questions
  • 3. Presenter
  • 4. Set Design
    The outer ring is the tallest part of the set so that all players and the presenter can be seen at all times. The middle ring is the lowest part, this makes the set interesting from a number of different angles, and the center is a small amount higher than the middle ring so the eye is drawn there when contestants are playing.
    The colour scheme is bright and uses primary colours; this is to attract the eye and keep the viewers attention on screen.
    The stage is designed to be a target shape, again to focus the eye on the contestants.
    The bulbs which surround each area of the stage are intended to flash in sequence, zeroing in on the center where Pictionary will be played from.
    The game will be played with a live audience, and the seating area surrounds the stage allowing a good view of what is going on, on stage.
    Screens at the back of the set that not only show the Pictionary drawings as they are happening but the could open up to be the location of the forfeit.