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(Progress) :[Dad]


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Here you go dad.

Here you go dad.

Published in: Career, Education, Business

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  • 1. What’s going on? [Breakdown of a Day]
  • 2. Contents: -Planner -Upcoming Interviews and Current Jobs -Job Application Submission And Interview History -Past Employment -Employment Development Department -Certificates for Employment [Research] Activities outside of job searching that I am almost finished with which are transferable skills I am adding to my most recent Resume:
  • 3. Planner: Avoiding misconceptions After going through this presentation you will able to analyze what my typical day is like within a 24 hours span. After noticing daily events, actions taken, time taken, and etc. there will be no reason that you in anyway should feel A) I am not being productive B) You’ll understand why when I say “WRITE DOWN what you want me to do for house chours then I will schedule accordingly” Exception: Room, Laundry, Bathroom needs work
  • 4. Upcoming Interview & Jobs: About: 1-on-1 in home College- High School level tutoring company. Location: 479 Mason Suite 224 Vacaville, CA 95688 Owner: Julie: 707.334.844 Pay: $17/hr $30/hr for SAT/ACT Prep Hours: 20hrs-25hrs * Brand New Branch* Hours will be slow at the start (why) -Business Just Launched -Growing book of business -Hours increases as a school semester begins or ends
  • 5. Upcoming Interview & Jobs: About: Special Education Pay: $16-$20 Interview: Tomorrow (8.13.2013) Estimated Hours 10-20 Website:
  • 6. Job Application Submission and Interview History (Part 1) a) Sample of some of the Jobs I have applied for ( We can go over this) b) List 2 was erased from the desk top computer (upstairs) 3) We can go over all rejection letters+ Interview emails aswell
  • 7. Past Employment : [Since Graduation] GoTime Marketing: Start: End of Feb. End: End of April Owner: Steven Bloom Laid-Off GoTime Marketing closed down due to slow business: [Show Text from Steven]
  • 8. Employment Development Center: About: Federal Agency Providing Job Placement, Free Workshops, and Job Training Grants up to $3,600 Training :Applied to get grant money for Certificates in: +Market Research Analysis +SQL DATABASE Management/Analysis + HTML, CSS, Java Job Placement: Denied Grant ($) but placed for their Job Placement Program
  • 9. Employment Development Center (Part.II): -EDD Letter of Invitation
  • 10. Certificates to Qualify: Training :Applied to get grant money for Certificates in: +Market Research Analysis Cost: $6,500 vs. Cost: $500 80 hour program +SQL DATABASE Management/Analysis Cost: GI Bill American River College 14 units 1 semester Jan.2014
  • 11. Market Research Analysis Certificate and Employment Outlook
  • 12. Contents: -Other Programs- Current Jobs (Samples) -Occupation Outlook -IIPMR’s Program *Certificate
  • 13. UC Davis, UC Berkeley, And CSUS Benefits: +Current and 2020 Occupation outlook for jobs related to what I currently have in addition to gaining these two certificates has a 41% increase in openings over all other jobs nationally +Good pay + Going to take 1 month to finish Note: Found program $500
  • 14. Current Jobs: [SF, Concord, Fairfield] Business Research Associate: Emeryville ● -$50,000 - $75,000 per year, depending on experience ● Opportunities for substantial bonus incentives ● 15 vacation/sick days per year, prorated ● Health insurance ● 401(k) plan ● Relocation expenses to the Bay Area will be considered for the right candidate Business System Analysis : [Pleasanton] * 50 per hour Financial Business Analyst : [San Francisco] *25-30 per hour Budget Analyst: [Solano County] *$33.16 - $46.74 Hourly
  • 15. Certified Research Analyst (CRA): Certificate compared to UC DAVIS Cost: $500
  • 16. Credibility: CrunchBase
  • 17. IIPMR: VIDEO
  • 18. SQL-Database Analysis Certificate Click
  • 19. What do I do on my free time (5pm-9pm)
  • 20. Outside of Applying/ Training Projects: Promo Video Advertising/Marketing Campaign Watch Video (Snippet)
  • 21. Outside of Applying/ Training Storyboard for video: Click Here:
  • 22. Outside of Applying/ Training Developing Website: Click to see plan
  • 23. Outside of Applying/ Training Business Plan: Finished
  • 24. Outside of Applying/ Training Music: View All these things we created, produced, and are still being currently worked on by me with no money or under $5.
  • 25. Outside of Applying/ Training And: SPORTS
  • 26. Planner: Avoiding misconceptions Outside of my room, laundry,and bathroom-- Think about chorus you want me to do. Its not that I am not taking initiative in life in general its a misconception of what you may think I am doing through the morning- afternoon-night. I am always taking initiative but to fulfill your needs from me without conflict lets figure how to balance better.