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Published on

Jst Bst Website

Jst Bst Website

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Jst Bst WebsiteWordPress
  • 2. ContentsHome Page:Blog:E-Store:Google Analytics, Mobile Phone Aps, QRCodes.
  • 3. Explanation:This Slideshow breaksdown each section of theoriginal homepage layout design step-by-stepusing Wordpress.[Cue to time designated video tutorial for most of the original websites design]*For Special Tweaks well need to get help or seek additional skills from aspecialist.
  • 4. How to Install Wordpress using - MYSQL Tutorial for Godaddy (Part 1)After downloading .zip files upload "wp-config.php"into the GoDaddy AccountHow to Install Wordpress using - MYSQL Tutorial for Godaddy (Part 1) (Part 2)
  • 5. Condensed Navigational Menu LookImage Slider placed ontop [Menu]WordPress hosts a community for people to share free plug-in, css scripts,themes, e-store templates, widgets, and etc for people to make sites.[Cue to 4:38] Add Image Slider In WordPress Header
  • 6. Membership vs. Subscribe Newsletter:[Cue to ] How to Add a Login | Logout and Register Link to Your Wordpress Menu Navigation[Cue to ] Wordpress Registration Signup New User Tutorial to allow users to make commentsin blogs.[Cue to ] How to get an email newsletter signup form onto your Wordpress website:
  • 7. LookBook Slider to Drop-downNavigational Menu[Cue to 2:00] Creating a drop-down navigation bar in Wordpress[Cue to 0;00] How to change navigation bars font size, color, and font style[Cue to 0:00] How to change the background color and style of navigation menu[Cue to 2:33] How to change background color of navigational menu:Example :
  • 8. How to add a Subscribe via Emailwidget to a WordPress BlogHow to add a Subscribe via Email widget to a WordPress Bloghow to subscribe onwordpress
  • 9. SideBar Navigation "Company & Street Beast"Create only 2-3 Categories*Want Drop Down user interaction so we dont block other content of the home page*"Company" Button"Street Beast""Affiliates Partnerships"Make Wordpress Vertical Menu[Cue to 1:30-2:20][Cue to 5:55-6:15]NOTE: Strategize for instagram, vine, facebook # tagging. Contrast Color of sidebar with condensed navigational lookbook slider
  • 10. SO FAR
  • 11. Search Engine Bar:Placement: Within LookBook Slider Navigational MenuOrVertical Drop Down Navigational Sidebar Menu[Cue to ]How to add a search box/bar to navigation menu[Cue to ]How to Move the Search Box to the Menu bar with Wordpress Themes.[Cue to ]How To Install A Google Custom Search Engine On Wordpress
  • 12. [Cue to 12:00 } Logo beside Navigation MenuLogo Image Beside the Navigation MenuwordpressHere
  • 13. Social Media Sharing Widgets:How To Add Social Media Icons ToYour WordPress Website[Cue to 1:30-2:20]NOTE: Strategize for instagram, vine, facebook # tagging. Contrast Color of sidebar with condensed navigational lookbook slider
  • 14. Use Polyvore Instead of OrignalLookBook:its a site where that stores a database where members can create different"sets" or outfits virtually. its better and easier than looking at items seperatelyand trying to determine if they would go together or not.there are clothes, shoes, and accessories from different web sites and storesthat you can choose from. and if you download this tool, you can even getthings from web sites that are not listed to use in your sets by clicking onthem. Also has the ability to set price points its called a "clipper."Instead of the Original LookBook
  • 15. Polyvore VS LookbookFollow Set Already have a lookbook slider in the Navigational Menu
  • 16. Add Polyvore to Your BloggerAdd Polyvore to Wordpress/Blogger.Cue to 0:57: How to add Polyvore to Wordpress/Blogger
  • 17. Creating Tables:[Cue to 5:05-7:35] How to create Tables.
  • 18. How to Install Instagram # RSSFEED into Wordpress[Cue to ] How To Add Instagram To Your WordPress[Cue to ] How to Stream Instgram #hashtag theme into wordpress:
  • 19. Adding a Facebook Feed to WordPress using Facebook Like BoxHowAdding a Facebook Feed to WordPress usingFacebook Like BoxAdding a Facebook Feed to WordPress using Facebook Like BoxUsing Facebook Connect with the WPFacePages Wordpress PluginUsing Facebook Connect with the WPFacePages Wordpress Plugin
  • 20. Mobile Phone Aps, QR Codes.Mobile: Andriod/IphoneTurn Your WordPress Website Into and Andriod App in Mintues (mobliefriendly)I will turn Your Business Website Into Android App With Qr Code , AlsoGet Listed On Google Play for $5How To Convert Your Website Into and iPhone AP:
  • 21. Google AnalyticsHow to Install Google Analytics in WordpressHow to get your Google Analytics tracking code
  • 22. Blog FormatsAnchor Text