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  • 1. Jst Bst: Assessment
  • 2. Contents: -Business Plan -Business Model -Supply Chain -Definition -Diagrams Self to Team Assessment: -Skill Sets & Portfolio -Understanding Your Market Vaule
  • 3. Business Plan
  • 4. Business Model
  • 5. Supply Chain
  • 6. Supply Chain
  • 7. Supply Chain
  • 8. Self to Team Assessment My Skill-Sets: 1. Business Planning (Infrastructure) 2. Sales 3. Marketing 4. Analyst -Event Planning and Execution -Website Research, Development, and Promotion -Commercial Production 5. Purchasing (Procurement) 6. Computer System
  • 9. Self to Team Assessment 1) Planning (Infrastructure) Business Plan & Financial Forecast Model Commercial
  • 10. Sales and Lead Generation Character Assessment: 1) Willing to hit the ground running 2) Can sell for survival when the situation is called -Sold all shirts to break even at SF with no strategy and market reputation Previous Closing History: (+)In 2011 Sold 3 Alarm contracts Door-to-Door for a total $9,000 during a 2-month summer program Forest Forever (+) Solicited $820 within a two week span working a temp job at the non profit
  • 11. Sales and Lead Generation (Continued) •Lead event planning with the A.P.O Executive Committee and KCRA 3 featured Morris Baseball League for the Golden State Warriors Fundraiser for our regional conference as Fund-raiser Chair. Intention: Fundraised +$1,200 for the upcoming Spring 2010 Intercollegiate Sectional event. Gained pre-game Warriors vs. Portland Trail Blazers courtside seats after selling 75 tickets for $12 each to brothers within the 11 chapters. Produced Commerical for Morris League in order for us to get Contacts with TNT’s Media Production Staff Broadcasting that Video Clip
  • 12. Marketing Website: Research, Installation, Creation, Development, and Promotion: Jstbeast.com Research Market Vaule
  • 13. Marketing Commercial and Multi-Media Production Animation Promo Video