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    Google analytics. buyer persona. srds.key word Google analytics. buyer persona. srds.key word Presentation Transcript

    • Marketing Presentation
    • Table of Contents:• Breakdown of Analytics Report (3-17)• KeyWord Analysis (18)• Buyer Persona (19- 41i) Hubspot’s Buyer Persona Template (23-27)ii)City Data (28-31)iii) Nielson’s SRDS (32)-Designated Market Area (33)-PRIZIM Lifecycle Segments (35-36)-PRIZIM Social Group Segments (37-39)
    • Metric: GeographicModified Unique VisitorMetric: Toal Unique VisitorsDates: March 3, 2013- Apr 3, 2013Significance: Unique Visitors is the number ofunduplicated (counted only once) visitors toyour website over the course of a specifiedtime period.-Source-Metric: Total Northern California Bay/AreaUnique VisitorsSignificance: The number of geographicsegmented visitors of your website (countedonly once) over the course of a specified timeperiod. See effectives of time-specific KWSpecific SEO optimized Content- for both on-page SEO and Local SEO effortsSource:Navigational Side Bar: Advanced Segments Check“New Visttors”-> Apply->rimary Dimension “City” + Secondary Dimension“Metro”-> Add sum of all cities and metroslisted in the Bay Area/ Northern, CA
    • Metric: Geographic Modified UniqueVisitor [Total Northern CaliforniaBay/Area Unique Visitors Report]
    • Modified Unique Visitor(Continued)Metric: Bay Area Unique Visitors as % of TotalUnique VisitorsTotal: Formula [ Total Bay Area Unique Visitors/ TotalUnique Visitors] = .076Significance:Metric: Total Bay Area Search TrafficSignificance:Source:Navigational Side Bar: Advanced Segments Check“Search”-> Apply-> Primary Dimension “City” +Secondary Dimension “Metro”-> Add sum of allcities and metros listed in the Bay Area/Northern, CA
    • Metric: Google LocalMetric: Google Local SearchImpressionsSignificance:Source:Metric: Google Local SearchActionsSignificance:Source:
    • Metric-Conversion AssistSignificance:Conversion assists are pages on your website thatpeople looked at before becoming leads orcustomers. The Conversion Assists Report tell youthe percentage of leads and customers that visitedeach page on your website before converting.The pages with the highest assist rates may havegreat content that attracts more qualified prospects,or great calls to action that lead your prospects toeffective landing pages.Pages Include:-Blogs-Landing Pages-Website Pages
    • Metric-Conversion AssistOrigin:
    • Metric: EmailsSignificance:Send emails to different groups of your contacts.You can email your whole database or a limitedsegmented selection, such as leads who havefilled out a particular form, leads that entered aspecific city or state on your forms, or just yourcustomers. Email marketing bring leads back toyour site and HubSpots email and contactintelligence applications will help you determinewhich of your leads are more interested in yourofferings. This will make it easy for your salesteam to reach out to the most qualified leads.
    • Metric: Email [Sample]
    • Metric: Bay Area Unique VisitorsMetric: Bay Area Unique Vistors [Landing Pages]Significance: The number of geographicsegmented visitors of your website (countedonly once) over the course of a specified timeperiod. See effectives of time-specific KWSpecific SEO optimized Content- for both on-page SEO and Local SEO efforts for April’sLanding Pages, Blogs, and Webpages.Source:Navigational Side Bar “Content”-”Site Content”->”Landing Pages”: Advanced Segments Check“New Visttors”-> Apply-> Primary Dimension“City” + Secondary Dimension “Metro”-> Addsum of all cities and metros listed in the BayArea/ Northern, CA
    • Metric: Search Terms From BAMetric: Bay Area Search TermInquiry | Unique VistorsSignificance: The number ofgeographic segmented visitors thattyped these KW search phrases intogoogle to find your websiteorganiclly over the course of aspecified time period. See effectivesof time-specific KW Specific SEOoptimized Content- for both on-pageSEO and Local SEO efforts forApril’s Landing Pages, Blogs, andWebpages.Source:Advanced Segments Check “NewVisttors”-> Apply->Navigational Side Bar “Content”-”Traffic Sources”->”Search”->“Overview”->Primary Dimension“KeyWord” + Secondary Dimension“Metro”-> Add sum of all cities andmetros listed in the Bay Area/Northern, CA
    • Metric: Landing Page[Sample]
    • Metric: Paid Campaign ResultsInsert Sample
    • KeyWord Analysis:
    • Buyer Personai) Hubspot’s Buyer Persona Templateii)City Dataiii) Nielson’s SRDS-Designated Market Area-PRIZIM Lifecycle Segments-PRIZIM Social Group Segments
    • A Marketer’sTemplatefor CreatingBuyerPersonas
    • What Are BuyerPersonas?Buyer personas are fictional representations of your idealcustomers. They are based on real data about customerdemographics and online behavior, along with educatedspeculation about their personal histories, motivations, andconcerns.??
    • How Are BuyerPersonas Created?Buyer personas are created through research, surveys, and interviewsof your target audience. That includes a mix of customers – both “good”and “bad” -- prospects, and those outside of your contact database whomight align with your target audience. You’ll collect data that is bothqualitative and quantitative to paint a picture of who your ideal customeris, what they value, and how your solution fits into their daily lives.?
    • Template:Company ABCBuyer Persona Overview
    • Persona NameBACKGROUND:• Basic details about persona’s role• Key information about the persona’scompany• Relevant background info, likeeducation or hobbiesDEMOGRAPHICS:• Gender• Age Range• HH Income (Consider a spouse’sincome, if relevant)• Urbanicity (Is your personaurban, suburban, or rural?)IDENTIFIERS:• Buzz words• Mannerisms
    • Persona NameGOALS:• Persona’s primary goal• Persona’s secondary goalCHALLENGES:• Primary challenge to persona’ssuccess• Secondary challenge to persona’ssuccessHOW WE HELP:• How you solve your persona’schallenges• How you help your persona achievegoals
    • Persona NameREAL QUOTES:• Include a few real quotes –taken during your interviews –that represent your personawell. This will make it easier foremployees to relate to andunderstand your persona.COMMON OBJECTIONS:• Identify the most commonobjections your persona willraise during the sales process.
    • Persona NameMARKETING MESSAGING:• How should you describeyour solution to yourpersona?ELEVATOR PITCH:• Make describing yoursolution simple andconsistent across everyonein your company.
    • City-Data.ComWhat is it?City-Data is a social networking and information website known for its comprehensiveprofiling system of U.S. cities, containing everything from U.S. cities, counties, zipcodes, and neighborhoods are profiled and compared using data aboutrace, income, education, crime, weather, housing, maps, air pollution, religions and anyother information deemed vital. In addition, the website contains detailed information andarticles about other features of local interest, such as schools and their demographicsand test scores, hospitals, libraries, tourist attractions, local businesses, restaurantinspection findings, building permits, bridge conditions, hotels, watersystems, airports, cell phone towers, property tax assessments, and car accidents.Page, AZ
    • +BuyerPersonaPopulation Make-Up Demographics:Gender, Race, Educational Attainment , School Enrollment by Level of School, MartialStatusPage City, Income, Earnings, and Wages Data:House-Hold Income, Median Housing Values, Single-family new house constructionbuilding permits, Home Mortgage Disclosure Act , Private Mortgage InsuranceCompanies Aggregated Statistics For Year 2009Page, AZ residents, houses, and apartments detailsAnnual Home Sales Fiscal Years Per Quarter,Waste management, arts - Economy and Business DataMost Common Industries by Gender, Most Common Occupations by Gender, PovertyLevel [State Averages]Political, Religious, and Top Media Influences :Breakdown of population affiliated with a religious congregations, Presidential Electionresults, Page government finances in 2004 (Community Voted Needs), Strongest AMradio stations , Strongest FM radio stations , TV broadcast stations :
    • City-Data.comVist this Link:Page, AZ
    • DemographicsPage, AZ
    • SRDS• This next-generation, online-only consumer market research service fromSRDS and Nielsen delivers sophisticated demographic, segmentation, andtargeting data for media planners and consumer marketers. [County/DMALevel Not City Specific like City-Data]Benefit: DMA or County Specific Lifestyle Ranking Index, Cross-Referencing Lifestyle Ranking Index, PRIZM Social Group,PRIZIM Lifestage Group, and PRIZM Target Group Lifestyle Report“ PRIZM Social Group & Lifestage Cross Reference-
    • Designated Market AreaNielsen Media Research Company as agroup of counties that make up aparticular television market. Thesecounties comprise the major viewingaudience for the television stationslocated in their particular metropolitanarea. For the most part, the metropolitanareas correspond to the standardmetropolitan statistical areas (see metroarea) defined by the FederalGovernment Office of Management andBudget. The areas do not overlap, andevery county in the United Statesbelongs to only one DMA. dmas areused in the evaluation of audience dataas well as in the planning and buying ofmedia.Sources: DMA MapPage, AZ
    • Prizim’s LifeStage andSocial GroupMy Best SegmentsPage, AZ ZipCode: 86040
    • Life Style Segmentation“New Homesteaders ”My Best SegmentsPage, AZ
    • All LifestyleSegmentationsFull Segmentation
    • Social Group: CountryComfortMy Best SegmentsPage, AZ
    • LifeStage Group:“Mainstream FamiliesPage, AZ
    • All PRIZIM Social GroupSegmentationFull Segmentation
    • Relevance of DMA MAPPage, AZ
    • DEMODemo
    • A Marketer’sTemplatefor CreatingBuyerPersonas
    • END