Introduction to Twitter


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Presentation given at the CLIC (Cardiff Libraries in Co-operation) event, Social Media for Beginners, 24th May 2013

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Introduction to Twitter

  1. 1. A free microblogging service founded in 2006. At itsheart are 140-character bursts of information calledtweets.It has grown rapidly, and popularity on the service isoften used as a benchmark of influence.
  2. 2. Twitter by numbersTotalActive Users: 200 million AverageTweets Per Day: 400 million (March 2013)
  3. 3. Why institutions can’t ignore itanymoreIncreasingly common way to connect with usersConversations about your organisation may already behappening onTwitterOften preferred over other social media optionsInstantaneous – which is what users are increasinglyexpecting
  4. 4. It’s just people tweetingabout what they’vehad for lunch/pictures oftheir cats!Not true, well most of thetime!UltimatelyTwitter is whatyou choose to make of
  5. 5. I wouldnt know what to say!Twitter is a conversationIt may seem daunting at first,but you soon get into theswing of things and findplenty to share
  6. 6. It’s time consuming andoverwhelmingIt doesn’t have to be, thereare plenty of tools to helpyou manage yourTwitteractivityAnd, it can be less timeconsuming than someother social media options
  7. 7. Twitter is a giantconversation, whodoesn’t want tochat withcolleagues now andthen?
  8. 8. WhatTwitter can do for youAssist in your professional development - job adverts,training opportunities, etc.Help you find communities and support globally- there is amassive library community onTwitterKeep you up-to-date with new trends & technologies inyour industryDirect traffic on the internet to a main website/blogConnect you to an established user group
  9. 9. eek!!
  10. 10. Enter your nameAn email addressSet a passwordChoose a usernameClick ‘Create myaccount’
  11. 11. Choosing a name15 character limit - short is best, easy to rememberand takes up less spaceTwitter will tell you if the one you want is availableand make suggestions for alternativesConsider otherTwitter accounts at your institution
  12. 12. Accounts atAmgueddfaCymru
  13. 13. @walkyouhomeMatch it to yourblog title
  14. 14. Fill in yourprofile details
  15. 15. Add a profile photoEgg symbol oftenindicates spammersPhoto of you?Related image?Institutional logo? Upload a photo thatis under 2MB in size
  16. 16. Make sure you are aware of your institution’s socialmedia policy- if unsure of anything double checkThere have been cases of people falling foul ofemployers due to activity onTwitterTwitter is a public conversation, unless youhave privacy settings its not just yourfollowers who can see your tweets, they areavailable to everyone!
  17. 17. Start by following people - they will hopefully wantto follow you backDont be dismayed if some people dontfollow you back immediately – theymight be waiting until they see you aresaying something
  18. 18. YouFunProfessionalPersonalInformation
  19. 19.
  20. 20. Polite to alwaysreference whereit came from RT@...or MT @... if youhave modified orchanged any partof the tweet
  21. 21. 140 character limit so youcan see how much spaceyou have left
  22. 22. Share informationAsk questionsLink to blog posts when you publish them
  23. 23. .@... meanseveryone can see it -otherwise itsfollowers of bothaccounts only
  24. 24. Have to both be following each otherIt is private
  25. 25. Include a hashtag in your tweet to group itwith others of the same subjectThey are also searchable
  26. 26. Tweeting links to websites - use a service like ‘bitly’ toshorten the URL so it doesn’t take up too much of yourcharacter allowance
  27. 27.
  28. 28. How to find the time to do it!!
  29. 29. Emailnotifications
  30. 30. Not just as means ofsaying you like a tweetAllows you to save atweet you like and comeback to itGood for tweetscontaining links to muchlonger articles, blog postsetc.
  31. 31.
  32. 32. Schedule yourtweets
  33. 33. Gomobile!
  34. 34.
  35. 35.