NZ13 Research Presentation


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Student Research presentation. uploading with intent of sharing with our groups in Ireland

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NZ13 Research Presentation

  1. 1. Multicultural New Zealand
  2. 7. Gardening Why do we garden? Different types of gardening Tools and Technologies (past and present) History of gardening in NZ Future of gardening
  3. 8. Why do we garden? To grow fruits & veggie's for consumption For Leisure and entertainment To beautify our property’s
  4. 9. Types of gardening Residential Gardening Takes place near the home, in a designated space, referred to as the garden. Although the garden is typically located on the land within the property they can also be located on the roof, in an atrium, on a balcony, in a widow box or on a deck. Indoor Gardening Growing houseplants in a residence, or in a greenhouse or conservatory Water Gardening Growing plants adapted to pools or ponds Container Gardening Growing plants in any type of container. (Pots, hanging baskets or planters Community Gardening A social activity where an area of land is gardened by a group of people
  5. 10. Past Tools and Technologies When you look at some of the Garden tools that we use today, not much has change since the invention of these tools hundreds of years ago. What has changed though is the value placed on those implements What we think of as common garden tools were extremely valuable in planting and cultivating the beds and fields that fed whole families. Peoples' livelihoods directly depended on their garden tools. Garden tools of that time were custom made and hard to come by. Local tradesmen crafted most of the tools in demand at the time. Materials the technology of the forge to heat iron to its malleable point. crafted by hand from local materials Gardens often meant life for 18th-century families living in a society where food shortages remained a common threat. Because of their high value, each families collection of Garden tools was highly prized.
  6. 11. History of Gardening in NZ New Zealanders gardened to tend to beds or fields Vegetable Gardens were a crucial food supply Gardening was a strenuous chore and was extremely hard work The produce generated from the gardens was extremely important in times of shortages As a result of NZ’s isolation fruits and vegetables had to be grown locally. Before the influx of introduced species there was only native seeds to plant
  7. 14. Present Tools and Technologies The tools of the modern gardener are mass-produced, readily available, relatively inexpensive and, for the most part, disposable after several seasons. There are also a lot of products available to make gardening a more comfortable and pleasurable experience. Inexpensive in price because of mass production and access to materials Not considered “valuable” because they are not hand made and they are no longer essential to the survival of families. Most tools are made of heavy duty top quality high-carbon steel and those with blades made from SK5 hardened steel. Handles are made from a rage of materials including: wood, fiberglass, steel, or some are cushioned or padded.
  8. 15. Pruners Hedge Shears
  9. 16. Fork & Spade
  10. 17. Garden Gloves Large Shears
  11. 18. Comfort Equipment
  12. 19. The Future of Gardening in NZ?