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Technology presentation

  1. 1. Stepping into the World of Technology Kristina List EDU 543 Managing Learning Technologies
  2. 2. There is so much technology to learn....
  3. 3. Technologies that I am going to learn ● For Personal Gain – Aviary – SlideShare – Prezi – Glogster – Evernote
  4. 4. Technologies that I am going to learn ● To Benefit My Students – AudioBoo – Grockit – Creaza – Kerpoof – CarrotSticks – Jing – ePals
  5. 5. Technologies that I am going to learn ● To Make Me A Better Teacher – LiveBinders – Knewton – Quizlet – TED-ed – MasteryConnect
  6. 6. The Reasoning Behind New Technology ● Personal – Enhances my skills as a student – Allows me to be more organized with my personal responsibilities – Help me keep in touch with nieces from a younger generation – Organize my music between my IPAD, computer and Iphone
  7. 7. Reasoning Behind New Technology ● For My Students – AudioBook ● – Grockit ● – Online connection with other students, in hopes to bring different cultures into the classroom Kerpoof ● – Record my students as they read so they see and hear their stories, hoping for improvement My students can get creative with their lessons using drawing tools ePals ● Using the Web to connect my students with those who speak a different language
  8. 8. Reasoning Behind New Technology ● For My Students – Creaza ● – CarrotStick ● – To align with common core, my students can brainstorm and create cartoons as well as use audio and video Great math learning games to fit each IEP goal Jing ● My students can use their photos and create videos instead of pic-collages
  9. 9. Reasoning Behind New Technology ● To Make Me a Better Teacher – Live Binder ● – Virtual three ring binder that allows me to collect and organize all my resources, allows me to connect with whiteboard Knewton ● Allows me to personalize online learning adapted to each student
  10. 10. Reasoning Behind New Technology ● To Make Me a Better Teacher – Quizlet ● – TED-ed ● – Allows me to create extra studying tools i.e. online flashcards An inspiration along with sites that can help me teach just about anything MasteryConnect ● Track and analyze my students to the Common Core Standards
  11. 11. When all this learning is going to happen? ● February – – ● Going to a Technology Seminar presented by our regional district: learning LiveBinder and Mastery Connect Learning Prezi and SlideShare to better my abilities as a student March – As an ISAT break, I will teach my students Grockit and Kerpoof
  12. 12. When all this learning is going to happen? ● April – ● Meeting with Technology Director to discuss new apps and site to subscribe to for the next year, will use this time to learn Jing and Carrot Sticks, implement after Spring Break May – Learn how to use Knewtonand Quizlet, getting a feel for how much time will be needed next year
  13. 13. When all this learning is going to happen? ● June – ● Learn Aviary and Glogster, will be off from school, time to focus on personal goals – Put together a list of great sites for fellow teachers by using Prezi or SlideShare July
  14. 14. When all this learning is going to happen? ● August – ● September – ● Learn and use LifeBinder as tool for my new student’s portfolios. Will learn Quizlet and use as a a helping tool, will be able to recognize their weakness by this time October – Will learn AudioBoo and use during self-selected reading time for self evlauation
  15. 15. When all this learning is going to happen? ● November – ● December – ● Will learn and implement TED-ed Will learn Creaza and implement January – Will learn ePals and set up learning goals for my students for the second semester
  16. 16. How Will I Know It was Effective? ● In order to help reinforce all of the technologies I plan to incorporate in my classroom, I will first remind myself that... Just because I am learning and teaching new technology does not mean I can forget all the old stuff!
  17. 17. Evidence that all is going as planned ● ● ● ● Watch students on a continual basis when they are working on their apps to see that they are engaged and showing progress in their deficits Watch test scores to see if DRA reading percentages increase Teacher feed back on suggested web sites as well as apps Evaluate online portfolios with LiveBinders to determine future use