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Carver exemplarpbi sfinal

  1. 1. PBIS Exemplar School Carver Elementary School 2012-2013
  2. 2. Carver Elementary School • Mission: Carver Elementary School ensures that all students will succeed by building a learning community that is cooperative and supportive of the unique learning needs of each student through the use of research based strategies.
  3. 3. Introduction • Carver Elementary • Title I school located in Wendell, NC • 490 students • Approximately 76 children are Hispanic/ Latino, 3 are Asian, 144 are African American, 243 are Caucasian, and 24 are Multi-racial. • Completed PBIS module training in 2006 and have been implementing for 7 years • PBIS team consists of 8 members and is representative of Administration, regular/ special education classroom teachers teacher assistants, and specialists.
  4. 4. Implementation Examples • PRIDE expectations are displayed in all areas of school • PRIDE is reinforced on morning announcements in the form of a Carver Pledge • Students are reminded to “show PRIDE” throughout the day
  5. 5. Carver Elementary Matrix of PRIDE Expectations
  6. 6. Teaching Strategies • In addition to teaching positive behaviors at the beginning of the year, “Booster Lessons” are used throughout the year to reteach expectations in various settings.
  7. 7. Implementation Examples • We hold an annual PRIDE awards assembly mid-way through the year to recognize children who have demonstrated all aspects of PRIDE. Students are rewarded with a certificate and handprint on PRIDE Wall of Fame.
  8. 8. Whole Class Recognition • Entire classes are awarded with Paws, for positive behaviors, which classes keep track of on a poster outside their classroom. • For every set of 25 Paws, classes can decide on a full-class reward.
  9. 9. Individual Recognition • Individual students are rewarded for demonstratin g PRIDE with tickets. • 3-5 Students save up tickets for rewards from a matrix
  10. 10. Individual Recognition Cont’d • K-2 students submit their tickets into a weekly drawing to visit the “Pride Cave”.
  11. 11. PBIS Environment • PRIDE award winners are able to add their handprint to a “wall of fame”. • Children in grades 3 through 5 can save up tickets to put their handprint on the wall.
  12. 12. PBIS Environment Cont’d • Students are able to design leaves for a PRIDE tree, located in one of the main hallways • Drawing what each aspect of PRIDE looks like to them, provides visual representation of concepts
  13. 13. Systems • Administrative Support: – Our Assistant Principal reviews the SWIS data monthly with our staff at our faculty meeting. – Attends our monthly PBIS meetings to add support and brainstorm behavior strategies. – Assists with our “Pride Cave” to reinforce positive Behavior – Our Assistant Principal facilitates PRIDE assemblies where students are recognized for positive behavior. • Team Meetings: – Our PBIS team meets monthly for 1-2 hours to discuss school-wide PBIS concerns, and to suggest behavior strategies for students in the building.
  14. 14. Pictures of Assistant Principal/ Teachers with students at PRIDE Assembly
  15. 15. Systems • Chair Support of implementation: – Leads our monthly meetings prepared with organized agenda – Assists the Vice Principal in entering data into SWIS – Offers staff support in behavior strategies and documentation. – Operates the ticket collection service with student council members. – Assists in facilitating the PRIDE assembly where students are recognized for positive behavior. – Trained leadership team to access read only data in SWIS database
  16. 16. Systems • Staff Support: – Staff consistently reviews posted PRIDE expectations – Based on the PBIS Self Assessment survey, 94% of staff believe the PBIS system is in place or partially in place – Team leaders share read only SWIS data with grade level on a monthly basis. – Teachers are included in the Rewards Matrix for Positive behavior • Ex: 1 on 1 Basketball with teacher OR Lunch with teacher
  17. 17. •The office discipline referrals Carver Elementary have gone down significantly. Children have improved their behavior since PBIS was implemented. •Overall, student achievement, as measured through school wide EOG data, has improved. The consistency and support for positive behaviors has created a leaning environment where students can learn and succeed. •The positive environment at Carver Elementary has helped us maintain a high attendance rate for students. Review
  18. 18. 2010-11% proficient 2011-12% proficient Grades 3-5 Reading 74.2 76.3 Grades 3-5 Math 85.6 86.4 Grade 5 Science 79 81.4 Carver Elementary End of Grade Test Data Overall proficiency for 2010/2011 is 74.3% Overall proficiency for 2011/2012 is 80.1 % Due to this increase, we were titled High Growth, School of Distinction.
  19. 19. Data: Multi-Year Average Referrals Per Day Per Month
  20. 20. Attendance Data for Carver Elementary Year Student Attendance 2011-2012 96% 2010-2011 96% Our Attendance rates are holding steady at an impressive 96%
  21. 21. Data: Suspension/ Expulsion Year Suspension Expulsion 2012-13 14 0 2011-12 39 0 2010-11 52 0
  22. 22. PRACTICES We scored a 94% on the SET in 2011-2012. For the 2012-2013 school year, we improved to a BoQ score of 90%. We scored 14 out of 14 points in the Classroom Systems section. We also scored 6 out of 6 in the Faculty Commitment section.
  23. 23. PRACTICES: Implementation Inventory Year Universals Secondary Tertiary Practices Systems Data 2012-13 98% 85% 100% 100% 95% 91% 2011-12 96% 82% 82% 96% 86% 86%
  24. 24. Implementation Inventory Survey • This year, we improved from a level III to a level IV on the Implementation Inventory. • Our school climate and culture is deeply invested in PBIS. We all believe that behavior should be taught and can be learned. • PRIDE expectations are shared and recited every morning on WCAR news. Our teachers review PRIDE with the students on a daily basis throughout the school day. • PRIDE expectations are also posted in each area throughout the school (cafeteria, hallway, assemblies, restrooms, classrooms, and playground).
  25. 25. II and BoQ Summary PBIS implementation scores remain high Next year, the PBIS team plans to focus more on implementing a team mission statement, staff incentives, and involving family and community participation. Year II BoQ/ SET 2012-13 Level IV BoQ-90% 2011-12 Level III SET-94 2010-11 Level III SET-85
  26. 26. Conclusion • The Positive Behavior Intervention Support System has positively impacted Carver Elementary School. Classes show pride as a community as students encourage each other to do their best to follow school-wide policies and procedures. Students demonstrate pride to earn rewards by taking responsibility inside and outside the classroom. The staff consistently follows through with PBIS expectations making Carver a warm, welcoming, and safe learning environment.