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There is a Chinese proverb that goes:
“It is better to travel ten thousand miles than read ten thousand books.”

Once again I took the suggestion literally, packed my stuff (which is not much) and went to an exploration trip in the series of discovering the world’s financial centers. This time my destination was Hong Kong.

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My hong kong_adventure_2014_v0503

  1. 1. Hong Kong 2014 Pics from my adventures in the Asia’s World City Kristi Rohtsalu February 2014
  2. 2. „It is better to travel ten thousand miles than read ten thousand books.“ − Chinese proverb Amsterdam, 22 January 2014: I’m leaving Europe. Adventure begins.
  3. 3. Welcome to Hong Kong!
  4. 4. A city that celebrates light... A Symphony of Lights
  5. 5. ... and life A Sunday night in Victoria Park The sad story behind: Many of these Indonesian and Filipino domestic workers are in debt slavery.
  6. 6. Where you can follow the crowd... A major shopping street in Causeway Bay (I tried to avoid it because it was too crowded.)
  7. 7. ... or go on your own... A hiking trail in New Territories (On my walk from Tsuen Wan to Tai Po)
  8. 8. ...or together with a group of like-minded people A Saturday leisure hike of Hong Kong professionals
  9. 9. Walk between modern glass buildings... Warning: Beware of falling bankers! During my stay, one JP Morgan employee committed suicide in Central.
  10. 10. ... or try to get around construction works... Construction of the coming high-speed rail terminal next to International Commerce Centre (ICC)
  11. 11. ... or use long subway tunnels... ... which are as long as eye can see
  12. 12. ... or do shopping while walking... ... Lots of shopping (there are many „streets“ like this)
  13. 13. In Hong Kong, one may live here... One Island East
  14. 14. ... or here... Tai O (Lantau Island), the Venice of Hong Kong
  15. 15. ... or here... (NB! Lower housing costs!) A village in Lamma Island
  16. 16. ... or maybe this way An unknown person sleeping in an unused subway entrance
  17. 17. If not then some buildings seem to be available there on Sunset Peak These buildings were once used by monks.
  18. 18. One may be regarded member of a yacht club... Going to the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club
  19. 19. ... or one may grow bananas A banana field in Lamma Island
  20. 20. What a tourist may confuse for a toilet...
  21. 21. ... turns out to be a holy place
  22. 22. Ready to see how the Year of the Horse arrived?
  23. 23. A celebration is also an advertisement: Ocean Park’s wagon Chinese New Year: A pic from the Night Parade
  24. 24. A celebration is also an advertisement: Hang Seng Bank’s wagon Chinese New Year: Another pic from the Night Parade
  25. 25. A celebration is also an advertisement: MTR’s wagon Chinese New Year: One more pic from the Night Parade
  26. 26. Getting busy... Crowd in a Professional Networking Evening (7 February 2014)
  27. 27. ... with an ambitious goal... Climbing to Victoria Peak
  28. 28. Looking at the maps... Just trying to locate my next accommodation
  29. 29. ... and taking (photographing) notes... ... to memorize when and where I might go
  30. 30. Learning about automated trading systems... Presentation & training & promotion of Mirror Trader
  31. 31. ... and studying Hong Kong’s pension system A class of the Continuing Education Program for Financial Planners in Hong Kong
  32. 32. Listening to the founders of StartupsHK... First event of the Startup Grid Hong Kong
  33. 33. ... and finding out about Science Park
  34. 34. Learning about Hong Kong dollar... Exhibition and guided tour in the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA)
  35. 35. ... and hearing more about Bitcoin They were talking in Bitcoin HK 20 February meetup
  36. 36. Keeping an eye on global markets... A big screen in the HSBC main building in Hong Kong
  37. 37. ... and trying to find out what’s going on here People Power radicals are disrupting Democratic Party's Occupy Central event.
  38. 38. Wondering what to have for lunch... A typical menu in fishing towns such as Sok Kwu Wan
  39. 39. ... or where to have it A restaurant in World Trade Center
  40. 40. Seeing others meditating... A Saturday morning in Kowloon Park
  41. 41. ... and attending a Yoga class... A Sahaja Yoga HK meetup
  42. 42. ...and taking a picture of Buddha Big & famous Tian Tan Buddha in Ngong Ping as seen from Section 3 of the Lantau trail
  43. 43. Climbing to the highest accessible top... „Like“: Landscape „Dislike“: Pollution
  44. 44. ...and buying my ticket to Tung Lung Chau Temporary „ticket office“ in Sam Ka Tsuen Ferry Pier
  45. 45. Here they go... Mass of runners in Hong Kong Marathon
  46. 46. ... and they go... Traffic on Connaught Road Central
  47. 47. ... and we are ready to go Going to a hike in Tsuen Wan / Sham Tseng (I’m the one with blue hat in the middle.)
  48. 48. By ferry... This one here is ferry to/from Lamma Island, but it’s not the only one.
  49. 49. ... and by MTR Metros in Hong Kong Island are looking good indeed. Waiting for train in Causeway Bay station
  50. 50. Hinting my next destination: Lo Wu border crossing: Just got through the Hong Kong immigration
  51. 51. But that’s already another story... More stories in my blogs: and