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The Coca Cola Foundation, in association with Rotary, USAID and the Department of Health will be holding free family health days at 180 sites in South Africa from 9 to 11 May. Free TB screening and HIV testing along with many other free health services and aice.

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  • Paint a clear picture of what you do Provide clarity on how you create impact to ensure your rated on relevant KPIs
  • Asked Marion to find partners and moneyPrimary partners were Coca Cola and CDC/USAIDDG’s saw value in membership drive – high profile and large scale
  • Paint a clear picture of what you do Provide clarity on how you create impact to ensure your rated on relevant KPIs
  • Rotary District 9400 RFHD

    2. 2. AIM OF PLANNING MEETINGTo communicate information to Rotary Clubs concerningthe Rotary Family Health Days in May 2013. This is toensure Clubs are able to effectively plan their sites andfacilitate the smooth roll out of the services being offered bythe Department of Health and the other partners. 2
    3. 3. Brief overview of: AGENDA Rotary Family Health Days Role of Department of Health Role of Rotary “Building” of sites Monitoring and Evaluation Timelines Security Financials Media and PR Local Partners 3
    6. 6. WHAT IS RFHA?o Rotary International Action Groupo Expanded from just HIV/Aids Focus to fall in line with the 6 Focus Areas of Rotary Internationalo Taken the lead in disease prevention
    7. 7. WHAT ARE THE ROTARYFAMILY HEALTH DAYS? o Initiated by Rotarian Stephen Mwanje from Uganda o To provide 3 days of Free Health Care to disadvantaged communities o Asked Marion Bunch to find partners and money o Uganda, Nigeria and Kenya in their 3rd year. Now in South Africa. o Vision to make it a Pan African initiative o Driven by RFHA and Rotary Clubs in South Africa at 180 sites in all 9 Provinces in conjunction with partners o CALL TO ACTION: TO FULFIL A COMMON PURPOSE AND GOAL FOR ALL ROTARIANS
    8. 8. SERVICES TO BE HCT CAMPAIGN PROVIDED NUTRITION AND LIFESTYLE HIV testing and counselling CHOICES TB screening Vitamin A administration Diabetes screening (children between 12 – 59 months) Hypertension screening MALE CIRCUMCISION Condom supply Educational literature only EPI CERVICAL CANCER Educational literature only Measles inoculation MALARIA Polio drops Educational material at certain sites in northern areas Others to be decided of SA
    9. 9. RFHA’s Signature Program “Rotary Family Health Day” An Interdependent Partnership Model THE COCA-COLA THE AFRICA COCA-COLA FOUNDATION SYSTEM Media and Bottler Support Primary Funder NGOs Event Management ROTARY CLUBSMedical / Technical Services Mobilize Community Monitor and Evaluate Volunteer Support RFHA Management Responsibility Obtain Partners, Resources, Funds MINISTRY OF HEALTH U.S. GOVERNMENT, CDC, USAID In-CountryApproval and Support and More Fund the NGOs Page 10
    10. 10. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH Minister Motsoaledi DG Precious Matsoso DDG Dr YoganPillay ThatoChadirikire HCT EPI Nutrition Social Mobilisation unit Monitoring and Evaluation unit Media and Communications Letter of alert to Provincial level
    11. 11. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH Provide health services at each of the 180 sites over the three days Engage with the CDC and USAID Provide a Monitoring and Evaluation template to be used at all sites Estimate targetsat each site Assist Rotary with Social Mobilisation advice Assist Rotary with Media campaign advice Provide a Plan and Contacts for the roll out of services at National, Provincial and District Level Engage with Rotaryat a National, Provincial and District level
    12. 12. ROTARY ROLE OVERVIEW Establish Rotary structures around RFHD‟s in each District Identify all 180 sites in 9 provinces in South Africa Engage with DoH (USAID/CDC) at National, Provincial and District level Develop a media campaign to assist in social mobilization Management of the 180 sites Provide add on services at the sites Monitoring and Evaluation at each site Identify a launch/close site with the DoH
    13. 13. NATIONAL RFFADepartment of Representative Health PLANNINGSTEE RING COMMITTEE DOH CDC USAID RFFA COCA COLAPROVINCIAL Rotary District Managers SteeringDepartment of Committee Health Representative PLANNING DOCUMENT DISTRICTDepartment of Rotary Clubs Health and and Designated RELATIONSHIP Partners Site Champion BETWEEN DOH(CDC/USAID) AND ROTARY SITE
    14. 14. TIMELINES Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr MayTaskRotary meetings with DoHRotary identification of sitesDoH Alert letters to Provincial DoHSubmission to DoH of sitesRotary contact with provincial DoHRotary/DoH Planning meeting 17-JanRotary/DoH Media meeting 16-JanDoH plan of services at each site 31-JanCommunication of plan to Rotary Steering Committee 01-FebCommunication of plan to DoH District levelRotary site to contact DoH District LevelRotary site to plan add on servicesBriefing with Minister Motsoaledi 22-FebRotary re evaluation and confirmation of siteRotary Family Health DaysMedia frameworkMedia roll outDoH validated M&E figuresDepartment of Health Rotary Club Rotary District Media Rotary Districts/Club 2013/02/27 16
    15. 15. SITES – ROTARY RESPONSIBILITYEach site to have a Rotary Champion who will manage: Relationship on site with DoH, CDC, USAID contacts Co-ordinate “add-on” services through Rotary club connections eg: optometry, hearing, hand washing, distribution of sanitary towels, breast cancer screening, etc. Assist the DoH with administration of polio drops
    16. 16. SITES/RESPONSIBILITY CONTINUED: Manage the logistics and planning around the site e.g.: security, tent, chairs, tables, monitoring of the people coming through the site, delivery of water from Coca Cola bottlers, t shirts, sanitary towels, duty roster for Rotarians, photographer etc Monitoring and Evaluation, sanitary towel distribution, registration, marshalling, assist with the adminstration of polio drops catering for staff/volunteers
    17. 17. MONITORING AND EVALUATION ON SITEo The DoH will provide an M&E template for all siteso Monitoring and Evaluation will be done by the DoH and their partners on the services they are offering.o Rotary site to Monitor and Evaluate its add-on services and the number of people visiting the site separatelyo A dedicated Rotarian at each site should collect the data from DoH and Partners at the end of each day.o Validated figures to be given to Rotary by the end of May by the DoH
    18. 18. SECURITY No free food or drinks to be given out at sites Guidelines on security requirements will be given to all Steering Committee heads for dissemination to Rotary Club site champions eg. alert local police station, fire station, ambulance etc Steve Margo has made contact with ER 24 Water should be available on site should someone need it urgently 2013/02/27 20
    19. 19. T SHIRTS Compulsory for all Rotary workers Coca Cola, RFHA/Rotary and Department of Health logos to appear Organised at Programme Director level Sent to relevant collection points in Districts
    20. 20. LAUNCH AND CLOSING SITE To be identified Gauteng, Tshwane or Ekhuruleni President, Minister, RI Representatives, Partners, Dignitaries, Mediawill attend Managed by Rotary with the help of Coca Cola Eventing Company Possible closing site on the Saturday in another Province 2013/02/27 22
    21. 21. FINANCIAL PDG Anton Meerkotter is the appointed RFHA financial advisor Supported by Financial counterpart on each Steering Committee Budgets are complete Information and process will be communicated to clubs through the Steering Committee Heads Full reports and reconciliations to be given to Programme Director by end May 2013/02/27 23
    22. 22. MEDIA AND SOCIAL MOBILIZATION PLAN PDG Shirley Downie – National Co-ordinator National and Regional plan has been developed Advisors: President Kanthan Pillay and Dr Sarah Britten Budget – in-kind support Templates supplied for consistent look and feel Media representatives in each District 2013/02/27 24
    23. 23. RADIO 30” advert in all 11 languages DoH/Coca Cola and Rotary finalise radio stations Adverts will be flighted from mid-April on:  national radio channels  local channels Clubs can contact their local radio stations to flight adverts as part of the Public Service Announcement (PSA)
    24. 24. INTERVIEWS Interviews with executives from the DoH, Coca Cola and Rotary will be arranged on as many stations as possible. Clubs are encouraged to do likewise with their local stations. 29 April: Minister of Health to launch the EPI programme and he will announce the Family Health Days event
    25. 25. TV Executive interviews with eTV and SABC Morning Live and possibly one or two other SABC related programmes. TV news channels presence for the official opening. 29 April EPI (Expanded Programme on Immunisation) launch day – TV news channels
    26. 26. PRINT Posters Pamphlet – A5 Press releases: pre/during and post National and local newspapers Basic press release will be sent to clubs to use. They can add their local event details Send all press releases to Shirley Downie – for collation. Photos: to be over 3MB for media publication and websites
    27. 27. PRINT PROCESS Posters  Design to be completed by the first week of February.  Artwork will be emailed to all the site champions in pdf format.  Telkom’s Call Centre number will be on all posters (if they confirm their involvement).  alternatively: email address of the site liaison  Clubs to:  submit poster numbers they need for their sites  obtain printing quote locally  submit quote to PDG Shirley Downie  Payment to be effected via PDG Anton Meerkotter/Steering Committee
    28. 28. SOCIAL Stakeholder websites Club website Email Facebook Twitter
    29. 29. ………and more! Telkom SA – negotiating a call centre toll free number Loud hailers NGOs - „word-of-mouth‟
    30. 30. PARTNER ROLE Coca Cola Coca Cola bottlers Nampak Pharmaceutical companies Vaccine suppliers National Laboratories Private hospitals (nurses)
    31. 31. POST EVENT Reporting structure post event All financial, site (club), DoH feedback to be given to Steering Committee Heads by 30th May Monitoring and Evaluation included DoH to give validated figures by 30th May Final reports to Programme Director by 1st June Final report to RFHA CEO Marion Bunch by 14th June for submission to Coca Cola funders… and planning for 2014!
    32. 32. THANK YOU