Coursework evaluation q2 - Ancillary work


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A power point evaluating the effectiveness of my ancillary pieces when combined with my main product.

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Coursework evaluation q2 - Ancillary work

  1. 1. My front cover did well to representthe soap by showing the audience thegenre of the soap, by having acharacter on the front cover crying, itshows the nature of the soap asopposed to having smiling, happyfigures on the cover, which wouldrepresent a completely different genre
  2. 2. Eye contact, interaction with reader The pose of the character and how she interacts with the camera creates mystery and enigma, but the headline reveals some plot points as does the trailer, so they combine to create a slowly unravelling plot that combines all 3 pieces of media.Hint at storyline but notfully revealed (teddy)
  3. 3. The brand is consistent in all ofmy media products, withreferences to ITV or the brandimage itself present in the cover,the billboard poster and thetrailer itself ITV brand referenced as well as E4, creates a realistic magazine by including different institutions
  4. 4. The branding throughout all my products has been strong and noticeable, fitting with conventions and helping to define the soaps genre and styleThe trailer, Front cover and even myevaluations and presentations have beenbranded in the style of ITV and used theITV style to promote them.
  5. 5. In terms of other publications the magazine cover fits well, I followedconventions and was guided by TV & Satellite week in making my cover,so obviously the cover bares a resemblance to it.
  6. 6. Header in the same style Articles promoting different types of programmes Both are set out in similar ways and engage the reader in a conventional manner Star engaging with reader to generate meaning and emotion Colour scheme relevantHeadline anchored to Other articles set to the emotion andstar out on the page genre of the main to promote article different shows
  7. 7. The headline and sub headings ofthe magazines main articlecompliment the Soap by creatinggenre, addressing the tone of theshow and is set out in a way thatrepresents the gritty and realisticstyle of the soap Engaging headline that suggest downbeat storylines and represent the soap to the audience in a way similar to the tone of the show. Headlines also relevant to the soap, referencing stories directly shown in the trailer.
  8. 8. Audience interest isgenerated by the starscostume, make up and props.The way these combine allmake the reader want to findout more about thestorylines and the soap itself.
  9. 9. By presenting the soap to theaudience along with a conventional,standard looking magazine cover itallows the audience to create linksbetween the soap and its targetaudience, a generic soap which isadvertised and reported about withother soaps of its kind.
  10. 10. My other ancillary piece, the billboard poster also works well alongside the other products. Once again, the branding is present and the poster works well in advertising the style of the show.ITV branding 2 main characters shown topresent, as well the audienceas conventionalfeatures liketime and daythe soap isshown.
  11. 11. Clothes represent class and age tothe viewer. The stars and the background both show the demographic the show is set in, the village shows an Emmerdale style lace where everyone knows each other and the fashionable casual clothes show middle class and young people.
  12. 12. Distance between stars representing the distance they feel between them in the soap. The conflict is provided by the way the stars perform and their facial expressions.The poster also allows me to represent thecharacters as in conflict, with them stood farapart and the words Blackmail, lies deceit in-between them it uses Mise en scene to representthe characters to the audience
  13. 13. Engaging headline, which represents the soap well and works well with complimenting the front cover by slowly unveiling the enigma of the characters and storylines.Audience anticipation is created byusing the taglines “Blackmail, deceit,lies, watch the nightmare unfold.” Theaudience is intrigued and much in thesame way the headlines on the frontcover do, urge the audience of theposter to find out more.
  14. 14. Genre is created by the way the stars interact, the tagline and the general style of the poster. Tagline shows the tone of the show and what to expect from the soap itself.Moody lookingstars to showthe downbeatnature of theshow. Minimal poster creates enigma and mystery around characters. Stars signify the age and class of the soap as well as Small village like background signifies a targeting the age group of 16-24 by having people in soap like emmerdale, audience are happy this age group feature on the poster. with familiarity and things they recognize.
  15. 15. Stars engage camera in similar ways to show sadness.The two ancillaries work well together in creating a brand, arepresentation of the soap and inform potential viewers what toexpect from the soap. The way stars engage is important and bothancillaries are consistent in the tone of the performance. They bothshow downbeat and depressing characters who looktroubled, representing the soap well for the genre.
  16. 16. Distance betweenstars, metaphorical fordistance between thecharacters in the showand the theme ofisolation. The shared ideas across all three products are present in the billboard in the way the characters are positioned. By having characters on their own or far apart I was able to show the audience isolation and distance are some of the key themes in the show.
  17. 17. Both Ancillaries work well with complimenting my trailer and allcombine to make a set f media products that work together tocreate a realistic product that portrays meaning, genre and thecharacteristics of the show well and represents various aspectsof the shows tone, attitudes and themes.