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Krista Grab's Sales Plan For MAR4413

Krista Grab's Sales Plan For MAR4413

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  • References:https://www.starbucks.com/account/signin?ReturnUrl=%2faccount%2frewards


  • 2. CUSTOMER PAIN POINT As a businessman, Parker’s day is packed with meetings, projects and hours at his desk. He strives to start the day right by being alert and focused. He then needs somewhere he can relax in-between morning and afternoon and conduct meetings other than in a conference room. What should Parker decide to do as routine as well as discover a reliable “get away” in the middle of his busy scheduled day?
  • 3. SOLUTION Where can Parker go to start his day, relax, and conduct business comfortably? A welcoming Starbucks Coffee House  Vision: Diversify the coffee experience  Values: Strive to make a connection  Mission: “To inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.”  Core Competencies: Brewing Espresso. Building relationships.
  • 4. RELATIONSHIP STRATEGY Sales partners are eager to make a connection. Top customers to target daily:  Business Professionals  Social groups within the neighborhood  Students  Locals or “regulars”
  • 5. PERSONAL SELLING PHILOSOPHY Start (and continue) in a friendly relaxed environment. Its easy to sell a product you believe in and are passionate about. Customers who invest in what they are passionate about, such as coffee, will continue to be loyal to the sellers where they are appreciated.  Givethem a reason to come back. Like a smile and simple thank you. (for their support in the high quality products Starbucks produces)
  • 6. PRODUCT STRATEGY Coffee, Teas, Sponsored Products, wholesome food menu High quality, nutritious, flavorful, various customizations Up-selling:  Offerfood item with specific beverage type  Whole bean 1 Lb. advertising  Modifiers (syrups, soy milk, protein powder etc)
  • 7. MANAGING CUSTOMER CONTACTS Management in Starbucks has the mainstream levels for a corporation: However, management practices 360 degree Coaching. A barista and shift manager can “coach” their own store manager (and vise versa) and has the right to input sales and customer service recommendations within meetings and coaching sessions.
  • 8. CONTACTS PROGRESS & SALES PRESENTATION Report on sales process: Weekly sales reports and quantity of stocked product will be compared to previous years status. Any inaccuracy then will be improved upon in upcoming season promotional coffee products. Share your prepared sales presentation: Build loyal customer relations to increase product demand.
  • 9. SALES PRESENTATION Plan for sales resistance: Provide differentiated product according to area served and economies of scale so to reach the optimal amount of consumers. Closing the sales methods: Relationship building closes not only sales made to customers, but reassures Starbucks those satisfied customers will return. Servicing the sale: “Right Now Recovery” is the guarantee to customers that if they didn’t enjoy their beverage, it will be made to their satisfaction. Always.
  • 10. CONCLUSION & SELECTED REFERENCES Overall, when a customer is pleased and treated with the utmost respect, they often return expecting the same actions. Therefore, in conclusion, it’s the reoccurrence of appreciation to customer loyalty and relationship building that a salesperson at Starbucks is responsible for to close a sale.