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Application for my specialization in design. Enjoy!

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Creative design portfolio

  1. 1. Creative Design Portfolio<br />Just a few examples of what I have been working on this year…<br />Krista Wiegand<br />
  2. 2. Letter of intent<br /> My name is Krista Wiegand, and I am a freshman at Michigan State University and currently studying working through my creative advertising courses. It is to my interest to apply for this Design Specialization in the field of Advertising, for I feel it will help me get ahead in the workforce once I graduate. I have always had a unique interest in all kinds of cosmetic, beauty, and fashion ads, their layout and design, and the rich use of color. As I have worked through my freshman year here at MSU, however, I have also discovered an interest in other areas of Advertising, such as copy and other forms of media. Just recently I have discovered my creative talent and I hope to foster this creativity through such courses offered in this specialization. I would love to hone my eye for detail and color, and just the creative side of my mind in general.<br />I understand the amount of effort required in this field. However I enjoy this kind of work, because it is not your typical repetitive labor. You can truly let your mind go and work in areas you never thought were standard. In my mind I see myself working in an advertising firm, and creating something new everyday. Creating quirky new ideas and working with a team are just some of the things I could bring to the table. I would love to be the link that helps clients spread the joy of what they are selling to the public. <br />Whether I end up working for a fashion magazine or a local business, I hope to be able to harness my creativity. If I join the Design Specialization, I can really get the in depth background I need to hopefully apply to my future career. I would love to learn everything I can from these courses, from the basics to the advanced programs. With the drawing and color design classes I have taken so far, I believe I can advance myself even further. Learning the new computer design programs and other modern media are a few things I would really love to learn about. With this knowledge I can deliver my creativity to the outside world. <br />The following slides contain some of my recent works.<br />
  3. 3. The are a few picture I did for a creative journal all from color soft pastels. The eye above is actually drawn from a cosmetic ad.<br />
  4. 4. A few examples of copy and text works. Also created for my creative journal.<br />
  5. 5. I enjoy using different types of media as you can see…the image on the left was created using magazine clippings and real nail polish. On the left I recycled some chocolate wrappers!<br />
  6. 6. This was my final project for my Drawing I class. I also used a lot of color pastels in this along with pencil.<br />
  7. 7. Here’s one of a series of ads I did for the cosmetic company Color Me Beautiful. This was not for real, but as a Honors Option for my Creative Processes class.<br />
  8. 8. Just to show my interest in cosmetic ads, here is a photo of an ad display I have in my room. I like to use these as references.<br />