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Social media marketing


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A project on social media marketing by IInd year students of Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, explaining it by citing examples from Indian context. …

A project on social media marketing by IInd year students of Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, explaining it by citing examples from Indian context.

we've tried to put it as simply as possible.

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  • 1. Social Media Marketing
  • 2. Introduction Attention ‘online’ . Earned Media instead of Paid Media. Easily accessible to anyone with an internet connection Inexpensive form of marketing Different from Traditional Marketing Leverages on Human Behaviour.
  • 3. Timeline 1971 1978 1985 1993 1997 1998 1999 • First Email Delivered. • BBS ( Bulletin Board System ) for sharing info with friends, making announcements. A rudimentary virtual community took birth • AOL ( America Online) was born. • WWW technology was given to the world. • The web 'hits' one million sites, Blogging begins. • making profiles and friendlists. AOL IM is here. • Google comes in as a search Engine and Index. • FriendsReunited, the UK service to catch up with school pals.
  • 4. Timeline 2000 • 70 million computers connected. • Frindster , social networking service in the US, reached 3 million users in just 3 months. 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 • Myspace came into existence as friendster's clone. • LinkedIN, social networking for business led professionals arrived. • Facebook@ Harvard. • Podcasting on web. • Flickr photo sharing came in along with Digg. • Bebo, blogging social networking kicked in. • Newscorp purchased Myspace. • Youtube initiated and the web reaches a humungus figure of 8 BILLION pages. • Twitter, the microblogging site launched. • Google had indexed more than 25 billion web pages, 400 million queries per day, 1.3 billion images, and more than a billion Usenet messages. • Facebook launched its Beacon advertising system which exposed user purchasing activity. • Iphone was launched, multimedia internet smartphones kicked in.
  • 5. Timeline 2008 2009 • Facebook attains the popularity status. Hits maximum active users and tries to unsuccesfully buy twitter. • Citizen journalists everywhere were electrified when Twitter broke a hard news story about a plane crash in the Hudson River. • Unfriend was the word of the year by Oxford and Facebook gained the top status as social media site. 2010 • To compete with Facebook and Twitter, Google launched Buzz, • The Democratic National Committee advertised for a social networks manager to oversee President Barack Obama's accounts on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. 2011 • Raising privacy concerns with rising content sharing. • Ping social networking for music by Apple. • 1/4th of Earth's population, ONLINE. 2012 • The top ten social networks are Facebook, Blogger, Twitter, Wordpress, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr, MySpace and Wikia. • Advertisers look to social "likes" to enhance brand visibility. • Facebook hits the billion mark. 2013 • With ever increasing users on every social media website and new entrants like google plus hitting 430 million user plus margins, Brands switch to sponsored options, share your stories option to capture , grow and retain customers.
  • 6. Platforms Perfect –One touch media to connect. Social networking apps. More Frequently used. QR codes – to visit websites online & check out their page. Twitter Social Networking Sites & Blogs Mobile Phones One to One ‘Personal 'Interaction Build Relations Increases total Outreach Act as e-Word Of Mouth Helps reach out better through content shared.
  • 7. Tactics
  • 8. Tactics Twitter •Promotion on an Individual Level. •Link to website, Facebook Pages, Instagram etc. •Users spend more time with product online. •Loyal Connection . •Real Time Promotion and beings in Customer.
  • 9. Tactics Facebook •More detailed than twitter •Photos, Videos, Descriptions and Testimonials ( with it’s comment service) •Top service to promote •Share feature.
  • 10. Tactics Foursquare •Location based social network. •Allows check in at places. •Good strategy to increase footfall and retain customers. •Incentives for recurring customers to increase visit •Ideal for restaurants ,cafés, hotels ( businesses with physical existence)
  • 11. Tactics Google+ •Addition to Facebook features and integrating google search engine. •It’s basically your spot on the world map. •Enjoys integration with adwords, adsense ,blogger, google maps and other cool things that make google awesome.
  • 12. Tactics Instagram •Free photo and video sharing social network. •Personalised mini-media only blog. •Allows Hashtag inetgration. •Links photos with everything from facebook to foursquare.
  • 13. Tactics Blogs •Personalised descriptive social media space. •Linked with all social media forms. •Scope for one to one interaction. •Promotional technique for customers, sharing behind the scene stories, perfect techniques to keep and grow customers.
  • 14. Tactics LinkedIN •Professional Business Related Networking. •Businesses create Professional Profiles. •Online Resumes for professionals. •Business Index, spam free. •Used for recruitments.
  • 15. Tactics YouTube •Advertisements used to target audience that reflects their taste. •Ads are in sync with the type of video searched. •Eg: you search for a doggy training video, and a pedigree ad emerges, and you wish to visit their website and purchase some?
  • 16. Tools •COBRAs •E-Wom
  • 17. Techniques •Social Media Measurement •Social Network Aggregation •Social Bookmarking •Social Media Analytics •Automation •Blog Marketing •Brand Ambassador
  • 18. Present Scenario • Hashtags. • Promoted Pages with Verification. Facebook • Graph Search, Ads Manager, Page replies. Twitter Google • Twitter Trends in 160+ locations. • Keyword Targeting and Target TV Ads. • Twitter for Business Website. • Places for Business • Updated Google+ Layout. • One channel design layout. YouTube
  • 19. Examples Narendra Modi
  • 20. Examples Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi was one of the first, if not the first, mainstream politician to realise the potential of these technological developments. Modi took to the internet around the same time the youth of India did.  Initially, it started with his website which highlighted important government programmes and initiatives. As innovations became available for use, his social media accounts, YouTube channel and ‘subscriptions’ options were quickly created and a content-linking mechanism in this ‘digital structure’, if you will, was put in place Modi’s enormous popularity, dismally absent in mainstream media coverage, resulted in lakhs of followers expressing their admiration through their keyboards.  In a blog titled ‘Making a Difference through Social Media’, Modi expressed gratitude for what he learns from these “wonderful people” on social media.
  • 21. Examples As the 2012 Gujarat Vidhan Sabha elections approached, the ‘digital structure’ was readied and popularised. While traditional campaigning was irreplaceable, what Modi saw with his digital structure was something far-sighted – the ability to tap the first-time voter and the youth in the youngest nation of the world. He knew where he would find them in their free time – hooked to emails and social media sites instead of prime-time television debates; on their laptops, phones or tablets and not at political rallies. Thus began the season of active campaigning on internet and social media
  • 22. Examples Dell ‘Most Inspiring Stories’ ’
  • 23. Examples Campus Ambassador Programs ’
  • 24. Examples Event Based Marketing ’
  • 25. ’ Thank you