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  1. 1. PLASMONICS -Newer technology that enables faster world SBIT ,Khammam PRESENTED BY: K.krishna mohan 08M61A0486 ECE-B Batch no:9
  2. 2. Introduction• Currently communication systems are based on either electronics or photonics .• However , for transporting huge amounts of data at a high speed along with miniaturisation both these technologies are facing limitations.• So researchers are pioneering a new technology called “PLASMONICS”.
  3. 3. What is Plasmonics?• Plasmonics is the study of the interaction of light and metal under precise circumstances.• Plasmonics is thought to embody the strongest points of both optical and electronic data transfer , allowing the fast transmission of information over very small wires.• The term „PLASMONICS‟ is derived from Plasmons.
  4. 4. PLASMONS• Plasmons are density waves of electrons , created when light hits the surface of metal under precise circumstances.• These density waves are generated at optical frequencies , and are very small and rapid.• They can theoretically encode a lot of information , more than what‟s possible for conventional electronics.• Plasmons are the Nanostructured metals.
  5. 5. Need for Plasmonics• Optical fibers now span the entire globe,guiding light signals that convey voluminous streams of voice command vast amount of data.• Photonic devices• Electronic circuits• Photons & Electronics• Mismatched capacities and sizes
  6. 6. • Researchers are can cobble them together ,but a single technology that has the capacity of photonics and smallest of electronics with the best bridge of all Researchers are pioneering such technology called “ PLASMONICS”.PLASMONICS breaks the fact : The fact that light interacts with nanostructures overcome the belief held for more than a century that light waves couldn‟t interact with anything smaller than their own wavelengths.
  7. 7. Communication with plasmonics• Huge control over EM waves at Nano-scale.• Surface Plasmons generated at the metal dielectric interface cloud allow plasmons to travel along nano-scale wires.• In order to fabricate effective plasmonic devices nanostructure materials must be used.
  8. 8. Applications• Graphene• Plasmonic solar cells• Plasmonic LED• Plasmonsters - A faster chip Graphene structure• Invisibility cloak - Let‟s fun with mr.india• Plasmonic Therapy – Cure for cancer• Quantum dot Plasmonics• Plasmon printing.
  9. 9. Plasmonic Therapy Invisibility cloak
  10. 10. Quantum dot plasmonics• These are the semiconductor nano crystals .• It couples strongly both photonics and electronic property.• These are used for making superfast computers that can transfer data up to 10Gbps .• Used in optical applications such as imaging
  11. 11. Future directions• To develop new optical components and systems that are of same size as today smallest integrated chips.• Plasmon sources , detectors , switches and wires as well as splitters can be developed.• Molecular switches• All frequencies of the visible light must be covered
  12. 12. Challenges remaining• The dream of making all-Plasmonic devices requires further research .• In order to realise advanced active circuits , there is a need for active modulator and components operating at Ultra-high bandwidth and low power utilisation.
  13. 13. Conclusion• Plasmonics will drive us to a work of high speed communication network , where we can convey voluminous stream of voice and vast amount of data . Plasmonics is the great boon of nano technology .
  14. 14. Thank youQueries..?