World Economic Forum - Challenges for the next Generation of Entrepreneurs

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Eine zunehmend globalere Wirtschaft braucht eine internationale Plattform zum kreativen Austausch. Genau das bietet das Weltwirtschaftsforum seiner Community. Wie dieser Erfahrungsaustausch im …

Eine zunehmend globalere Wirtschaft braucht eine internationale Plattform zum kreativen Austausch. Genau das bietet das Weltwirtschaftsforum seiner Community. Wie dieser Erfahrungsaustausch im einzelnen funktioniert zeigt André Schneider in seiner Präsentation.

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  • 1. World Economic Forum World Economic Forum Challenges for the next generation of entrepreneurs André Schneider Managing Director and COO World Economic Forum
  • 2. The World Economic Forum’s beliefs • Our motto is ‘entrepreneurship in the global public interest’. • We believe that economic progress without social development is not sustainable, while social development without economic progress is not feasible. World Economic Forum 2
  • 3. What does this mean and how can we, from the economy, help progress in this world • The challenges in our world cannot be met by governments, business or civil society alone. • We need platforms for collaborative efforts to promote economic development and social progress. World Economic Forum 3
  • 4. Who is the World Economic Forum ? • The World Economic Forum is an independent international organization committed to improving the state of the world by engaging leaders in partnerships to shape the global, regional and industry agendas. World Economic Forum 4
  • 5. Our Communities Strategic Partners The World Economic Forum consists of specific communities committed Industry Partners to improving the state of the world Members through collaborative efforts. Global Growth Companies Governments, Int. Organizations Representatives of Civil Society Engaging global leaders Thought Leaders (Religion/Culture/Science/Academia) in Technology Pioneers partnerships Media Women Leaders Young Global Leaders Social Entrepreneurs World Economic Forum 5
  • 6. How are we doing this ? We have to We have to create engage all continuous processes global stakeholders for inter- and as committed intra-community communities interaction WELCOM To fulfill our role as A new type of stakeholder organization to improve The State of the World We have to make sure We have to shape the that any interaction is global, regional and industry based on the best of agendas in tangible, positive collective intelligence ways GACs Initiatives World Economic Forum 6
  • 7. What We Do Annual Meetings Global Initiatives Global Competitiveness Programme Global Challenges Programme§ Shaping the REGIONAL Regional Meetings Agenda Regional Initiatives Regional Scenarios Industry Partnerships (Governors Meetings) Industry Initiatives World Economic Forum 7
  • 8. Global Concerns - Food for Thought and Action Annual Meeting 2009, held in Davos, Switzerland, from 28 January - 1 February was organized around the theme Shaping the Post Crisis World • The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting offers a unique opportunity for leaders from all walks of life – business, government, the media, academia, the arts and civil society – to shape the global agenda for 2009. The Forum’s multistakeholder platform provides a powerful stage for them to engage together and make change happen. • The world’s business and government leaders only have a short time to develop effective solutions to the current economic crisis, participants at this year’s World Economic Forum Annual Meeting were told. The message from the Annual Meeting is that leaders must continue to develop a swift and coordinated policy response to the most serious global recession since the 1930s: global challenges demand global solutions. World Economic Forum 8
  • 9. Regional Summits and Country Meetings Russia Europe USA China Middle East India Latin America Africa World Economic Forum 9
  • 10. Workgroups and Initiatives • The World Economic Forum supports the implementation of solutions to major global issues through its workgroups and initiatives • Some challenges where business can and does make a difference • Help in disaster cases • Fighting malaria, tuberculosis and aids • Offering education and job opportunities for the youth in developing countries World Economic Forum 10
  • 11. Disaster Resource Network • Tsunami – Sri Lanka • New Orleans • Mexico • Kashmir • Bangladesh • Mexico World Economic Forum 11
  • 12. Global Health Initiative Fight against Malaria, TB, and Aids Helping our members to develop strategies and methods to fight against Malaria, TB, and Aids in their companies Creating public private partnerships World Economic Forum 12
  • 13. Global Education Initiative • The world’s youth population continues to grow. • Education is one of the best investments a country can make for its own development. • Public Private Partnerships can help to make the necessary means available World Economic Forum 13