Croud @ Google 26.11.13 - Changing face of SEO

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A short presentation at Google about the changing Face of SEO, recent developments in the algorithm and what that means for SEO. …

A short presentation at Google about the changing Face of SEO, recent developments in the algorithm and what that means for SEO.

5 Things you should be considering and implementing on your website.

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  • 1. THE CHANGING FACE OF SEO Sophie Tosone and Kris Tait
  • 2. Penguin Above the fold Knowledge Graph Caffeine Social Signals Microsites 2009 2013 2011 2012 2010 Exact match domains 200 words of content Black Hat Linkbuilding ? Panda +1s Google + Freshness Update 2014 Hummingbird Semantic SEO Quality Links Social SEO Not Provided
  • 3. WHAT SHOULD YOU BE CONSIDERING Structured  Data Not  Provided Knowledge  Graph Content  /  Social   Future  of  Search
  • 4. Structured  Data » Helping Google to help you ! » Rich Snippets 2009 ! » Google made a joint alliance with in June 2011 ! » Provide search engines with more information about your site and its products services ! » Said not to improve rankings but to enhance CTR and improve relevancy to search queries = better chances of ranking anyway
  • 5. Not  Provided » Moving towards landing page analysis » Look at organic traffic growth as a whole - visitor distribution » Rankings more important for reporting » Site Search Data - content » Make more use of your data - Adwords, Analytics & Webmaster tools still provide rich data and other SEO metrics to show us what content works.
  • 6. Knowledge  Graph » Building the next generation of search… ! » Displays entities rather than just query level results ! » Aligning your site with Google interprets data in the future
  • 7. Hummingbird Allows Google to understand user intent more closely (who, what, where, why, how), and in turn longer tail queries. ! Better understanding = more use of the ‘answer engine’. ! ! » Conversational Search » Decline of short tail » Content rather than Keywords » Greater segmentation » More importance on social content and conversations
  • 8. Conversa@onal   Search Who  is  Brad  PiC… Who  is  he  married  to… What  movies  has  she  been  in…
  • 9. Content  /  Social   » Google making it easy - not hard » Create something different » Visually engaging » Focus on the user
  • 10. Future  of  Search “Book me a flight to Paris on friday morning” » Voice Search » Google Now » More advanced queries » Augmented Reality
  • 11. KEY TAKEAWAYS Structured  Data Not  Provided Knowledge  Graph Content  /  Social   Future  of  Search