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Stephen Marley & Matisyahu

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Zion sponsor 2

  1. 1. September, 2011For more info please visit www.zionfestival.com Arguably, The World’s Most Anticipated Reggae Concert of 2011! INTERNATIONAL REGGAE ICON’s Stephen Marley and Matisyahu, multiple grammy winning and nominated artist and currently number 4 and 5 respectively on Billboards reggae chart will be headliners for 2 dates this November 2011 to promote their albums. Tour Cities will be: New York, NY Los Angeles, CA MASSIVE PROMOTIONS Partnerships with media entities, financial partners and our incredible network of marketing and PR teams will guarantee sell-out crowds in each of the scheduled cities. 1
  2. 2. STEPHEN MARLEY BIOGRAPHYBirthplace: Kingston, JamaicaLabels: Ghetto Youths /Tuff Gong / UniversalFew people were surprised when Stephen Marley’s long awaited debut solo album“Mind Control” (Tuff Gong/Ghetto Youths/Universal Republic) premiered at No. 1 onthe Billboard Reggae Album chart in March 2007; after all, the singing, songwritingand production excellence Stephen had brought to other Marley family projectsover the years, including younger brother Damian’s two Grammy Award winningalbums, practically guaranteed “Mind Control” would be a remarkable effort. Andindeed it is: “Mind Control” is that rare self-produced set featuring a cohesiverange of diversified styles, each delivered with equal proficiency. WhetherStephen is the revolutionary roots rocker decrying mental slavery on the album’stitle cut, an out- raged prisoner protesting his jail term for marijuana possession onthe bluesy “Iron Bars”, a forlorn romantic mourning a break-up on “You’re GonnaLeave” or an irre- sistible retro-dancehall toaster flaunting his mic skills on “TheTraffic Jam”, each track on “Mind Control” reconfirms Stephen’s expansive capa-bilities as an affecting vocalist, a versatile lyricist and an accomplished instrumen-talist while furthering his renown as an ingenious producer.Continued on pages 10-11MATISYAHU BIOGRAPHYBirthplace: West Chester, PennsylvaniaLabel: MRI Associated LabelKnown for blending traditional Jewish themes with Reggae, rock and hip hop beatboxing sounds, Matisyahu’s single “King without a crown” was a Top 40 hit in theUnited States of America. Since 2004, he has released three studio albums as wellas two live albums, two remix CD’s and two DVD’s featuring live concerts.In 2004, Matisyahu, after having signed with JDUB Records a not-for-profit recordlabel that promotes Jewish musicians, released his first album, Shake of theDust….Arise. At Bonaroo 2005, Trey Anastasio of the band Phish invited him for aguest spot on his set.His major label debut album was produced by Bill Laswell, with minor contributionby pop producers Jimmy Douglass and the Ill Factor.His live album, Live at Stubb’s, released in 2005, was recorded at a concert inAustin, Texas was followed by the studio album Youth.In 2005 and 2006 he toured extensively in the United States, Canada and Europe;and made a number of stops in Israel, including a performance as the supportingact for Sting in June 2006. In late 2006, he released No Place to Be a remix albumfeaturing re-recordings and remixes of songs from all three of his earlier albums,as well as a cover of “Message in a Bottle” by The Police.Continued on page 11The Ghetto Youths CrewJo MersaIlletr8Black Am IChristopher Ellis 2
  3. 3. BILLBOARD REGGAE CHARTS SEPTEMBER 2011#4. Stephen Marley,“Revelation Pt.1 :The Root of Life”Weeks on chart: 15Peak Position: 1#5. Matisyahu,“Live at Stubbs: Vol. II”Weeks on chart: 31,Peak position: 2PREVIOUS CHART RESULTSStephen Marley, “Mind Control”Release Date: April 2007#1 Reggae Albums#35 Billboard 200 Albums#18 R&B/Hip Hop Albums#19 Digital Albums#13 Tastemaker AlbumsMatisyahu – Billboard 200#4 “Youth”#146 “No Place to Be #30 “Live at Stubb’s”#19 “Light”Matisyahu, #1 Reggae Albums“Shattered”“Youth”“No Place to Be”“Light”#2 Reggae Album“Live at Stubb’s” 3
  4. 4. MARKETING & PROMOTIONSThrough a strong media and promotions nationwide network Baktu Entertainment has the capability toreach fans in all target markets. Print placement in regional magazines, newspapers, posters and elec-tronic boards, are the core of the traditional visual marketing strategy. We will team with local andregional radio stations to create a solid campaign to promote this concert series throughout the targetregions.Within each of our target regions we will be working with the most relevant radio stations, street teamsand internet communities. One of the keys to our plan is effecting awareness on the ground and reach-ing our artists fans in their “space”. Our street teams know these spaces and will making sure that boththe concert and our peripheral events receive specialized attention.Just as strong as our understanding of traditional media, is our ability to leverage social networking sitesand always evolving online technologies. The online strategy starts with artist involvement by them post-ing tour details from contract signing to pre performance rituals on their twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc.and web sites. We will also be buying Twitter, Facebook and Google ads to complement and increase thesure to be growing social followers.The Baktu Entertainment WayBaktu Entertainment is creating its model for artists to guarantee successful promotions and Tours. Bytotally emersing the artist into the promotional plan, the overall experience for all parties becomes morepersonal. This increased access by fans will create non-traditional supplemental revenue opportunitiesfor the Artists, sponsors and partners especially in a time when artist can no longer rely on alwaysdeclining album sales. The model in principle will actually deliver a higher ROI for Baktu Entertainment,our investors and Strategic Partners because of Artist involvement in the production, promotion and mar-keting strategies.Branding and SponsorshipsFor decades the World has continuously turned to the message of hope, togetherness, peace, love andunity from the Marley family and now powerfully delivered by Matisyahu. This opportunity can be man-aged to enable our corporate sponsors and organizations to take advantage of this production and cre-ate powerful brand recognition that deepens relationships with a wide demographic and psychographicfan base.VIP Meet & Greet PackagesFor this concert series, we are planning an exclusive “Meet the Army” package where approximately 30fans at each event will pay an additional $100 and be part of the behind the scenes events of this con-cert. This will give them the opportunity to interact with the artists and crew one on one while beingcatered to by our VIP sponsor.Marketing & Promotions ProgramWe have developed our own integrated strategies for concert promotions. By developing a countrywidenetwork of relationships in event managers, public relations, and media we are capable of achievingmultifaceted points of engagements.Advertisement/Marketing Total CostCreative $ 2,000.00Website $ 2,000.00Flyers/Posters $ 1,500.00Radio $ 7,000.00Street Team $ 700.00Google Ads $ 2,000.00Social Media $ 2,000.00Miscellaneous $ 2,000.00Marketing Total $19,200.00PUBLIC RELATIONSIndustry Best Publicists will be tapped for the project.Our publicists will in the target areas promote to:– All Military Bases– All College Campuses– Local, Regional & National Print– Newspapers, Magazines, eZines 4– Talk Shows, News, Interviews– Social Networks, Blogs, Mobile Marketing– Local, Regional & National Sponsors
  5. 5. RADIO MARKETING & PROMOTIONSThe Major radio stations for New York will be “Hot 97” 97.1fm and “Power 106” 106.1The Major radio stations for Los Angeles will be “Power 106” 105.9fm and “The Beat”100.3fmCONCERT SERIES RADIO LAUNCH GIVEAWAYConcert Announcement On-Air Ticket/Sponsor premium Giveaway Promotion: Week 1We will do a Standard On-Air Giveaway Promotion to announce the concert. As a standardgiveaway, you will receive:– (60) live on-air mentions*Weekend On-Air Ticket/Sponsor premium Giveaway Promotion: Week 2We will do a Weekend Giveaway Promotion during the slated weekend dates starting at3PM, Friday to Sunday. As a Weekend Giveaway feature, the concert will receive:– (60) recorded promos per weekend*– (250) live on-air mentions per weekend*Weekday On-Air Ticket/Sponsor premium Giveaway Promotion: Week 2-6We will do an on-air ticket/Sponsor Premium giveaway promotion starting at Monday toFriday afternoon during the promotional period week 2-6 leading up to respective tour dates.As a Weekday Giveaway feature, the concert will receive:– (60) recorded promos per week (300 total)*– (250) live on-air mentions per week (1,250 total)*Baktu Entertainment to provide 15 pairs (30 total) of tickets and or Sponsor Premiums to exe -cute the radio promotions for ZION Concert.TOTAL PROMOTIONAL VALUE PROVIDED BY ALL 4 STATIONS EXCEEDS: $60,100 * 5
  6. 6. TOUR CITIES AND VENUE’SShows will be in the window October/November, 2011NEW YORK CITY - Terminal 5610 West 56th StreetNew York, NY 10019-3512(212) 582-6600http://www.terminal5nyc.com/Capacity: 3,000VIP: 30Los Angeles, CA - The Greek Theatre2700 North Vermont Ave.Los Angeles, CA 90027Tel: 323-665-5857http://www.greektheatrela.comCapacity: 5,801VIP: 30 6
  7. 7. THE OFFICIAL IN STORE PROMOTIONSAND MEDIA DAYThe LIVE @ Best Buy program will again be a stage for our featured artist to engage thecommunity through Best Buy stores. Additionally a full media day will be hosted at the instore for local and regional media credentials and new media influencers. The Instoreand media day will be 1 day before actual show dates in New York and Los Angeles. Theinstore performance will include 4 acoustic songs and signings of albums and tour mer-chandise. Official concert series sponsors and partners will have some level of visibilityat instore locations. Concert Box Office to be present at each instore location.Our relationship with Best Buy allows us to submit products associated with our featuredartist for sale or trial at instores. Subject to approval by Best Buy corporate. Selectappearances will be available for streaming on the liveatbestbuy.com to a global audi-ence once the concert series has commenced.LIVE PPV STREAMINGZION and yardreel.com are teaming up to bring you live PPV webcasts of a ZION perform-ance, plus additional stage performances to be announced!In addition to full set performances, we’ll bring to you behind-the-scenes video of back-stage, Life on the road, and all of the other concert features that make this event unique.DVD / NETFLIXGrab a VIP pass to the ZION experience. Stephen and Matisyahu continues to carry theirmessage of hope, unity, love and togetherness and invites you inside their personal worldfor the captivating experience.This will be the first DVD of its kind featuring the pair together and you’ll have them in yourliving room — Secure your VIP pass to a once-in-a-lifetime experience with ZION. Getready to be captivated by the reggae icons onstage, and take an intimate look at whattheir lives are like offstage and behind the scenes. 7
  8. 8. SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIESPRESENTING SPONSOR - $40,000ENTITLEMENTS • Banner Placement (not exceeding 20 sq ft) • Product Distribution • Product Display • Marketing Material Distribution • Mentions on Stage MicrophonePRE EVENT • “<Company> Presents.....” on all promo materials • Company logo on all backside bottom of all promo materials - Fliers - 5k/ city - Posters - 500/ city - Tickets - Free Publications (ex. LA Weekly, Ventura Times) • “Presented by...” added to online banners on the following websites: - Facebook - Artist page and Feed Banner > Unlimited hits per month - Twitter- Artist page and Feed Banner > Unlimited hits per month - Google Ads - Unlimited hits per month - PubDistrict.com > 10 million hits per month - acropolisRPM.com > 3 million hits per month - gotvape.com > 15 million hits per month - Reggaeville.com > 3 hits per month Fliers posted to above WebsitesPERKS • 10 VIP Tickets / 7 General Admission - Per show • Additional General Admission tickets purchase price fixed at $20NOTE: All displayed banners, products, materials, printed or distributed, are subject to approval.VIP ROOM SPONSOR - $20,000ENTITLEMENTS • “VIP Room Sponsored by....” on all VIP materials • “<Company> Presents.....” on all promo materials • Company logo on all backside bottom of all promo materials - Fliers - 5k/ city - Posters - 500/ city - Tickets - Free Publications (ex. LA Weekly, Ventura Times) • “VIP Room Sponsored by....” added to online banners on the following websites: - Facebook - Artist page and Feed Banner > Unlimited hits per month - Twitter- Artist page and Feed Banner > Unlimited hits per month - Google Ads - Unlimited hits per monthPERKS • 5 VIP Tickets / 4 General Admission - Per show • Additional General Admission tickets purchase price fixed at $20BAKTU ENTERTAINMENT Kristopher DaCostaShemiah Hohn dacostakris@gmail.comshemrock14@gmail.com 8 (818) 274-9964 OR (876) 871-2802(718) 715-3765
  9. 9. STEPHEN MARLEY BIOGRAPHY CONTINUEDAlso unsurprising was the widespread critical dim” and has been an invaluable mentor inacclaim that accompanied “Mind Control’s” Damian’s dramatic transformation from an inexpe-release: Interview Magazine called it “a quiet rienced teenaged hopeful into a confident globalmasterpiece, easily the best effort from a Marley adult hit-making artist.progeny” while Entertainment Weekly hailed it as“the best Marley album in a generation.” “Mind The first project that brought Stephen’s produc-Control” was bestowed with the Best Reggae tion capabilities widespread attention was “ChantAlbum Grammy in 2008 while its unplugged ver- Down Babylon”, where he audaciously manipulat-sion “Mind Control-Acoustic” was similarly hon- ed his father’s original vocal out-takes from theored in 2010, increasing Stephen’s Grammy Award 1970s Island Records’ sessions, splicing them intototal, earned from his various roles on assorted duets with hip-hop and R&B artists, while updat-Marley family projects, to seven, a record-setting ing the Wailers’ richly textured one-drop rhythmsnumber for a Jamaican artist. with an assortment of samples, loops and over- dubs. The results ranged from the late Guru’sAttaining such mastery didn’t happen overnight heartfelt take on “Johnny Was” to Busta Rhymes’and Stephen is gratified by the time it has taken. “I street version of the reverential “Rasta Manbelieve in struggling to attain greatness and it has Chant” to Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and Joetaken a lot of sacrifice to get these things,” he Perry’s hard rocking raucousness on “Roots Rockexplains. “Its like exercise, you can’t just get fit Reggae”. “Chant Down Babylon” achieved itsyou really have to work at it. It is the same thing objective of bringing Bob’s music to a new gener-with music, if it come easy, it is going to go easy so ation of fans, earned a Grammy nomination, waswe really appreciate the years, the time that it certified Gold by the Recording Industrytakes, the time that we put into it; what comes out Association of America and has sold more thanof it, I don’t take that for granted either.” one million copies worldwide.The second son of Bob and Rita Marley, Stephen Stephen’s hip-hop infused dancehall beats werewas born on April 20, 1972; he began his career as far more fluid and complex on Damian’s 2001a precocious six-year old singing, dancing and album “Half Way Tree” (Ghetto Youths/Motown)playing percussion with his siblings in the group with spectacular growth displayed by both theThe Melody Makers whose first single “Children producer and the artist. Stephen demonstratedPlaying In The Streets” was produced by their equal dexterity in creating rugged roots reggaefather in 1979 and released on Tuff Gong, the label rhythms, which supported the well-crafted, sub-founded by Bob in the late 60s. Just like his older stantial lyrics and the seamlessness of Damian’sbrother Ziggy, Stephen acquired his initial studio vocal flow. “Half Way Tree” yielded several hits inskills by watching his father. While still a teenager Jamaica, and internationally, including “Morehe assisted in the production of The Melody Justice” and “It Was Written” (featuringMakers’ albums including their three Best Reggae Capleton) and won the 2002 Grammy for BestAlbum Grammy winners “Conscious Party” (Virgin Reggae album.Records, 1989) “One Bright Day” (Virgin Records,1990) and “Fallen Is Babylon” (Elektra Stephen produced and contributed vocals toEntertainment, 1998). In 1993 Ziggy and Stephen Damian’s single “Welcome To Jamrock”, thefounded Ghetto Youths International as a means of biggest reggae song of 2005. Anchored in a blis-controlling their own music and helping upcoming tering bass-line courtesy of Robbie Shakespeare,artists. Stephen’s earliest solo production efforts sampled from a 1985 hit by Ini Kamoze, “World afor Ghetto Youths International includes his late Reggae Music”, “Welcome To Jamrock’s” haunt-grandmother’s (Cedella Booker) album “My Altar”, ing, gritty portrayal of Jamaica became an anthemfollowed in 1995 by the Ziggy Marley and The throughout the island and on urban radio all overMelody Makers single “Works To Do” and America. Stephen was nearly finished with “Mindyounger brother Damian’s “10,000 Chariots”. Both Control” at the time of “Jamrock’s” release but tosingles hit the Jamaican charts and generated maximize the momentum of the hit single withinmuch excitement surrounding Stephen’s burgeon- the international marketplace, the completion ofing production expertise. Damian’s third album now took precedence on his production schedule. Released in SeptemberIn 1996 Damian released his debut album “Mr. 2005, “Welcome To Jamrock” (Tuff Gong/GhettoMarley”, on the Ghetto Youths imprint, with distri- Youths/Universal Republic) entered the Billboardbution in the U.S. by Tuff Gong/Lightyear. Stephen Top 200 Albums Chart at No. 7, a record settingplayed several instruments and wrote most of the opening week for a reggae artist; it was certified 9songs in addition to producing “Mr. Marley”. He Gold and won the 2006 Reggae Album Grammyalso taught his younger brother how to ride a “rid- while the single was honored for the Best
  10. 10. Alternative Hip Hop performance, another first for a marily steered the album’s production but StephenJamaican artist. played what both Marleys describe as a “big broth- er role”. “Well, that means I am the teacher butMeanwhile, the success of “Welcome to Jamrock” Damian is his own man, so basically if I hear some-increased the anticipation surrounding the release thing, that don’t sound too right, I would say thatof Stephen’s solo effort and when “Mind Control” have to change,” Stephen offered regarding hisfinally arrived; it merited more attention than any involvement with “Relatives”. “It was just being hisMarley family member’s album in recent memory. bigger brother and guiding him same way.”Recorded at the Marley Music studio in Kingstonand the Marley’s Lions Den studio in Miami, Mind While Stephen has built a formidable reputationControl’s organic blend of eclectic elements defied handily navigating between genres, his secondcategorization, surprising many listeners who album, Revelation Part 1 : The Root of Life due forexclusively associate the Marley name with reggae. release May 24, 2011, marks a return to roots reg-“Mind Control is an enlightening album, it is an gae, because “that is just the way the songs cameuplifting album for your thought and for your spirit,” out of me,” he explained. “Having to tour and havingsaid Stephen, reflecting on his debut. “To me it is a been out there for the past three years, I have beenbalanced record because you have some social writing a lot of new material and to me and to themessages in there, some spiritual messages and people around me, this album is very strong, withsome personal messages so there is something some very strong political songs. I wasn’t as excit-there for everyone.” ed about “Mind Control” as I am about this album,” Stephen enthused. “We didn’t plan it, it just cameIn early 2010 Stephen contributed vocals to two together naturally and sometimes things just worktracks on Damian Marley and Nas’ lauded album out better that way.” In October of 2011, Stephen“Distant Relatives” (Ghetto Youths/Universal Marley plans to release a follow-up to the Root ofRepublic/Island Def Jam), the hard hitting Life entitled, Revelation Part 2: The Fruit of Life,“Leaders” and the devotional “In His Own Words” which will lean towards more of what Marleyand produced a third track, “Patience”. Damian pri- describes as an “eclectic feel”.MATISYAHU BIOGRAPHY CONTINUEDThe live version of the song King without at Crown, broke into the Modern Rock Top 10 in 2006. The accom-panying video and album, Youth, produced by Bill Laswell, were released on March 7, 2006. On March 16,Youth was Billboard magazine’s number-one Digital Album. In 2006, he appeared once again at Bonnaroo,this time performing a solo set.In spring 2006, right before the release of Youth, he cut ties with his managers at JDub Records. JDub man-aged his act, but was not his record label.At the 2007 Slamdance film festival, the film Unsettled, in which Matisyahu appears, won the Grand JuryPrize for Best Documentary Feature. While attending the festival, he performed in an impromptu concert atthe Park City Film Music Festival in Park City, Utah. In the summer of 2007 he joined 311 on their SummerUnity Tour. He also performed in the 2008 documentary Call + Response.His third studio album, Light was released on August 25, 2009, along with the live EP Live at Twist and Shout.From July 10 to July 30, 2010, Matisyahu supported Sublime with Rome on their US tour.In November 2009, NBC used Matisyahu’s song “One Day” as background music for their advertisement ofthe Olympic games. This stirred up speculation that “One Day” may become the theme song for the 2010Olympics. However, it remained only NBC’s top pick, and was not announced to be the theme song.On August 2, 2010, Matisyahu revealed to OC Weekly that he has been writing new songs for his next album,which should be recorded in a couple weeks.On November 26, 2010, Matisyahu released a special edition Record Store Day Black Friday 7” Vinyl called,Two for independent record stores.Matisyahu recorded the Sephardic music-influenced hip hop song “Two Child One Drop” for the SephardicMusic Festival Vol. 1 compilation album released by Shemspeed, alongside artists such as Hasidic rapper ,Israeli hip-hop group Hadag Nahash, and psychedelic rock/Sephardic fusion group Pharaoh’s Daughter. 10On August 18, 2010, Matisyahu returned to Stubb’s in Austin, Texas for another live recording for Live atStubb’s, Vol. 2. The album was released on February 1, 2011.