Choosing the right tool: Prezi Vs PowerPoint


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Know how to use PowerPoint and Prezi, but never really know which one you should use. This will walk you through the pros and cons of each, plus it'll guide you in the right direction as to which tool is the best for you.

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  • Brief & clear ! Prezi is definitely a look- at -once option for people who have always been with PowerPoint.
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Choosing the right tool: Prezi Vs PowerPoint

  1. 1.  Which is the right tool for you? Prezi Vs PowerPoint
  2. 2. How to choose?
  3. 3. Both tools rock …  Both softwares incorporate  images  sounds  videos  text  charts (if used correctly) So first some similarities: For an interactive presentation.
  4. 4. More similarities  Both are used by all kinds of people:  Business people  Students
  5. 5. First let’s take a closer look at Prezi
  6. 6.  Free, if you don’t mind your Prezis being public (Unless you upgrade or have an educational account)  Sensation of being more fluid and visual  Web based (work from any computer, tablet, etc.)  Collaboration feature helps when working with others  Non-linear navigation  Short learning curve (if you give it a real chance) Prezi Pros
  7. 7.  If you go nuts with the zoomable features, you can make people dizzy. (Use grouping and frames to avoid)  Limited printing options.  Web based (when you have internet, unless you upgrade)  Animation feature and becom too much and not be as cool after about 10 presentations.  There is a learning curve. Prezi Cons
  8. 8. Now PowerPoint…
  9. 9.  More features and options in latest versions  PowerPoint animations can impact a crowd.  Linear slide format and design (some prefer it).  More people are familiar with the format, which usually means they prefer it.  No learning curve. PowerPoint Pros
  10. 10.  Animation is not as smooth as Prezi.  If not used well comes out as boring to the audience.  Usually only the most common features are used (about 10%)  Linear slide format (finding a slide after you’ve passed it could be a hastle) PowerPoint Cons
  11. 11. Now, which one to use?
  12. 12. First a warning... Independent of the tool you use to give your presentation, the result will rely soley on your ability to plan and include meaningful content.
  13. 13. Have you figured out which is best for you? Prezi  Great for presentations that need:  To look at tha big picture – details  To skip back and forth  Map-like layouts  Brainstorming  Timeline  Whiteboard effect PowerPoint  Great for presentations that need to explain:  Reports  Step-by-step ideas  Processes  Linear  Numbers and data
  14. 14. Things to remember • Don’t overuse animations (or zooming in Prezi’s case) • Focus on the content. Don’t get so wrapped up in the tool and all the cool fun stuff you can do with it, that you forget the most important part: meaningful content.
  15. 15. Finally…
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