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  1. 1. • Surveillance is a mode of observing and monitoring group or individual behaviour. • This method can be used to influence, lead, and shield the sources under surveillance. • Surveillance can also be used as a mode of psychological research and a way to help should something or someone go missing
  2. 2. • CCTV • Internet: I would’ve said computers but although the computer was the initiator with internet it’s broadened to devices such as tablets and phones and can be accessed on the go anytime anywhere • Telephones and Landlines: Aside from the internet, the telephone and mobile phone can provide such surveillance as tracking of text messages and phone calls • Banking and cashing out: physical banking and online banking, atm locations • Apps: Facebook and twitter locations, twitter and instagram hashtagging, matchmaking sites, tinder, hot or not etc
  3. 3. • CCTV (Close Circuit Television): Cameras are used to observe and monitor or even to keep safe a specific object that appeal to others.
  4. 4. • Connected to landlines and billing addresses • Websites can trace back who has visited or logged into • Location settings e.g. Facebook
  5. 5. • Tracking location of a person through the gps use of location and also tracking the location a last call had been made or tracking whilst a call is made and sms • Tapping into phones however is not condoned and can be used wrongly hence the Murdoch Scandal
  6. 6. • Not as strong and reliable as other methods but yet another back up. • Where the clients income is coming from • The location and timing the client has withdrawn money from an ATM
  7. 7. • The likes of Tinder and Hot or Not etc. • Surveys peoples location in relation to the • user, these apps reveal; age, gender and • rough location of whereabouts. • Matchmaking app judging each other on appearances and both are attracted, the app gives a chance for more interaction between the two
  8. 8. • Apples Iphone app ‘Find my friend’ • This app tracks the users location, with quite an accurate and real time tracking system
  9. 9. • Twitter and Instagram are another two popular apps that can be accessed through your handheld device • The use of location privacy if switched off can determine your location at the time of the post • Trends and Hashtags • Quick and fashionable way to access news due to these trends, and hashtags operating as hyperlinks
  10. 10. • Also able to interact and chat with users of this app even without them being a follower on instagram. • Determines how far the users are from the person in use of the app
  11. 11. • Facebook, without the privacy settings intact can be another way to see who likes what pictures and posts and who is friends with who • Trends and Hashtags • Photo Tagging
  12. 12. • 24 Hours news • Real life and real time Surveillance footage • Cctv • Phone images • Informative Surveillance in Television
  13. 13. • Surveillance used to inform and to be used as evidence to help
  14. 14. • Surveillance used for entertainment purposes, not informative like the news or Crimewatch • 24 hour coverage on demand or online • Uses a primetime hour slot to recap the past 24 hours
  15. 15. • Biometric – technology that trials physical form and behaviour • Satellite – satellites can locate locations and objects even people. Thank Google for this also with the google maps
  16. 16. • Feeling of being watched over. • no privacy • Could be used by the wrong hands E.g Murdoch phone hacking scandal
  17. 17. • Helps Justice system in finding the; culprit, object, provides evidence • Helps not just locating missing people but also breaking down on identity fraud • Stolen items can be retrieved easier
  18. 18. • Although there are complaints, especially coming from London of feeling way too watched over, when called upon the surveillance methods are appreciated and useful.
  19. 19. • However, shouldn’t need interfere or ignore privacy unless given permission to