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  • Q: Who knows what they want to be when they grow up? Why? Good, now write it down.
  • These are things I wish people told me before I had to learn the hard way. Ya’ll are all smart. Who thinks they’re not smart?
  • Q: Tell me some reasons not to go to college?
  • Q: Tell me some reasons not to go to college?
  • Q: Tell me some reasons not to go to college?
  • Q: Tell me some reasons not to go to college?
  • Q: Tell me some reasons not to go to college?
  • Help you to create disciplines
  • MISTAKES!FinanceCareer choiceLoveIt will be the best time of your life
  • MISTAKES!FinanceCareer choiceLoveIt will be the best time of your life
  • Some jobs and certifications REQUIRE IT:EngineersDoctorsConsultants
  • 2013 starting salaries -
  • It’s a hard decision but I think it’s relatively easy to decide if you know what you want to do. That’s why I asked you guy to write it down. I like to think about it as more of a choice between guidance (school) and passion. In the real world you get the opportunity to live out your passion day in and day out learning all the practical aspects needed to be successful. In school, you have a ton of mentors there to guide you if you don’t know what you want to do.
  • So you have the college vs the real world….In college you get the atmosphere which has the benefit of meeting folks, joining clubs, making life long friends, etc. , Unfortunately you can’t do some jobs without have a degree.
  • THE END. That’s it. I hope I’ve inspired you to go out and take control of your life. Whether you want to go out there and tackle the college system and beat it or you want to do something on your own in the scariness of the real life either way this is your chance to start today. Lots of things are going to happen to you in life you just have to react well, be nice and keep learning. From this moment forward you will take responsibility of your life. Don’t live someone else’s idea for you. Everyone has a story make sure yours is great. So you can come back and tell yours.
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  • Es alumni career day 2013 ver2

    1. 1. You don’t have togo to college butwhy you shouldBy: Keith Williams
    2. 2. Phillyborn andraisedGraduated HS College!ME!Graduatedin 2002!OMG!Brooklyn,NYWhere I’m From
    3. 3. • B.S. Electrical &ComputerEngineering• M.S. MOT• MBABig Apple WorkMore ME!Live inNYCElectricalEngineerDegrees
    4. 4. Fun, Fun, Fun… FUN!Even more ME!Exercise,TV,cookingProgramming,Podcasting &ComedyTechnology Consultant$$$$
    5. 5. There are some exceptionsYou Do Not Need To Go ToCollege SAYWHAT?!?!?!?!?
    6. 6. Why should you Not go tocollege?
    7. 7. #1Waste of Money
    8. 8. Student loans are EVIL!
    9. 9. $72,050Extra!!!
    10. 10. Text books are expensive!!
    11. 11. #2You’ll learn too much
    12. 12. You learn a lot useless stuff
    13. 13. Things you might not need for work
    14. 14. #3Waste of Time
    15. 15. 6 years is average
    16. 16. Reasons TO go to College
    17. 17. Structure
    18. 18. Too much information
    19. 19. Profs help
    20. 20. Challenge you
    21. 21. You’ll reach higher
    22. 22. MISTAKES
    23. 23. Safe Environment
    24. 24. You’ll eat too much
    25. 25. Unforgettable Times
    26. 26. ONE MORE THING….
    27. 27. Some Jobs need it
    28. 28. Now take adeepbreath…
    29. 29. See a Trend?
    30. 30. College Real LifeCollege vs. Real World• Atmosphere• Structure• Mistakes• GoodInvestment• Less waste• MoreExperience
    31. 31. Mix
    32. 32. A Mix gives you the structure of college with lessmoney and more practical experience
    33. 33. Jobs that don’t require degree• 1. Air-traffic controller: $113,547• 2. Radiation therapist: $76,627• 3. Dental hygienist: $70,408• 4. Nuclear medicine technologist: $69,638• 5. Nuclear technician: $68,037• 6. Registered nurse: $65,853• 7. Diagnostic medical sonographer: $65,499• 8. Fashion designer: $63,170• 9. Aerospace engineering and operations technician:$61,547• 10. Engineering technician: $58,698**Computer, chemical and electronic engineer jobs, which do require a four-year degree,all earn higher median salaries of over $90,000.
    34. 34. TakeawaysGood Major(STEM)Good/LowCost SchoolScholarshipsCollegeVery HardworkExperiencePracticalReallife
    35. 35. Questions?
    36. 36. Too embarrassed to ask?Keith Williams