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Review of Word Of Mouth Marketing
Review of Word Of Mouth Marketing
Review of Word Of Mouth Marketing
Review of Word Of Mouth Marketing
Review of Word Of Mouth Marketing
Review of Word Of Mouth Marketing
Review of Word Of Mouth Marketing
Review of Word Of Mouth Marketing
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Review of Word Of Mouth Marketing


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  • If there is conversation amongst countless people, then word of mouth marketing, whether negative or positive is a reality
  • Transcript

    • 1. A Social Media Knowledge Benchmark Ranjiv Dhuga MKTG 6900A Fall 2009
    • 2. What is Word of Mouth Marketing?
      • Its everything you can do to get people talking
      • C2C Marketing  B2C2C Marketing
      • Internet has brought ‘word of mouth’ out of the shadows
        • Business involvement
        • 80% is still offline
      • Organic WOMM: springs naturally from the positive qualities of your product
        • Enterprise Rent A Car will pick you up
      • Amplified WOMM: started by intentional campaign to get people talking
        • Bridezilla, Sunsilk Canada
    • 3. Five T’s of Word of Mouth Marketing
      • Talkers: Who will tell their friends about you?
        • Happy customers and honeymooners
      • Topics: What will they talk about?
        • Give people something to talk about
      • Tools: How can you help the message travel?
        • Ask people to spread the word
        • Put everything in an email
        • Put a ‘tell a friend’ link on every page of your website
        • Blogs, message boards, forums
          • Great tool to extend and/or accelerate a conversation
    • 4. Five T’s of Word of Mouth Marketing
      • Taking Part: When and how should you join the conversation?
        • BIG IDEA: word of mouth is as much about customer service as it is about marketing
        • Do not take part if you’re always trying to sell or promote
          • This damages your reputation and creates negative word of mouth
      • Tracking: What are people saying about you?
        • Free market research
        • Search engine alerts, blog alerts, news alerts etc.
    • 5. Review- Valuable Information
      • Distinguishing the difference between word of mouth and word of mouth Marketing
      • How to participate effectively in word of mouth marketing
            • Implementing the 5 T’s
            • Ethical participation
      • The Value of word of mouth marketing
            • Positive feedback – Negative feedback = WOM reputation
    • 6. Review- What could have been done better?
      • The impact of social networking sites
        • Reaching people that aren’t an obvious target
      • Taking a global perspective
    • 7. WOMM and SMM
      • They go hand-in-hand
        • Feed off each other, promote conversation
        • Blogs, message boards, forums, email forwards
        • Hyper-speed communities (Facebook, MySpace)
      • Key Idea: WOM is the message, SM is the medium
      • The 5 T’s and SMM
        • Talkers
        • Topics
        • Tools
        • Taking Part
        • Tracking
    • 8. What does it all mean?
      • WOMM is growing
      • Cheap and Effective
      • Your credibility and reputation drives WOMM