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social media book review

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Review of Beyond Buzz

  1. 1. A Social Media Knowledge <br />Benchmark<br />KishoreParthasarathi<br />209945262<br />MKTG 6090<br />
  2. 2. Beyond Buzz : It is the Age of Conversation<br /><ul><li>Old marketing model is dead
  3. 3. Creating buzz has been the focus till now
  4. 4. Marketers have failed to communicate the right kind of message
  5. 5. Buzz will soon die down if it is not meaningful
  6. 6. New marketing is all about being part of conversation where the brands and customers co-exist
  7. 7. Companies need to reshape their entire approach to communication to have any hope of influencing today's customers.</li></li></ul><li>Why conversation is important?<br /><ul><li>People don’t trust marketing and sales information
  8. 8. People are overwhelmed with information
  9. 9. Explosion of new “talk” communications channels
  10. 10. People want to be heard and have a say</li></ul># In a recent study, being satisfied with the product accounted for only 21% of participants becoming advocates for a company, while identification accounted for 62% of the participants becoming advocates<br /><ul><li>Marketing ≠ Advertising
  11. 11. No more selling, it is all about communicating</li></li></ul><li>Ingredients to interesting conversation:<br /><ul><li> Relevance
  12. 12. Context
  13. 13. Pattern Making
  14. 14. Emotions</li></ul>How to do it ??<br />
  15. 15. ‘Point Of View’<br /><ul><li>Beliefs and ideas that provoke conversation and help understand each other better
  16. 16. People are better engaged when they have a point of view
  17. 17. Book outlines 9 methods to kick start a conversation</li></ul>‘Conversational Culture’<br /><ul><li> Need to build talk culture in the organization
  18. 18. Need to re- look at executive communication, PR, sales communication , communication strategy</li></li></ul><li><ul><li> Outlines many methods of creating and maintaining useful conversations – very useful resource
  19. 19. Book is structured very well
  20. 20. No new concept but very innovative and interesting takes
  21. 21. Minimum jargon and keeps the book simple
  22. 22. Filled with insightful examples of conversation
  23. 23. Illustrates methods on how a company can successfully generate much more than buzz. </li></ul>Thumbs Up to the book!!<br />
  24. 24. <ul><li> Few case studies of actual use of conversation in marketing
  25. 25. How to implement conversation in a marketing plan??
  26. 26. No analysis comparing the costs and expected benefits of conversation vs. more conventional marketing techniques ?
  27. 27. Measurements metrics of conversational marketing is missing</li></ul>Being ‘Alpha Fraidy Cat’<br />
  28. 28. Social Media is a medium through which we can do conversational marketing <br />Social Media and Conversational Marketing <br />
  29. 29. Social Media = People Power <br /><ul><li>Social = People involved in a conversation
  30. 30. +
  31. 31. Media = Different types of content through various distribution channels shared</li></ul>Influences customer’s decision due to presence of different opinions & views<br />Social Media allows users to share their ‘point of view’ digitally<br />
  32. 32. Social Media Marketing<br /><ul><li> Most of the people are online and are talking to each other .For instance - around 70% of the Canadians have used social media.
  33. 33. Purpose of Marketing – identify the needs of customer, give them the product in the form they want and communicate the message to customers effectively
  34. 34. Social Media achieves the above objectives – looks at ways humans communicate with each other and how conversational aspects, hooks and themes can be used for marketing</li></li></ul><li>Different types of Social media<br /><ul><li>Email
  35. 35. Instant Messaging
  36. 36. Forums
  37. 37. Social networks
  38. 38. Blogging
  39. 39. Microblogging
  40. 40. Video sharing
  41. 41. Image sharing sites
  42. 42. Audio sharing
  43. 43. Human filtering sites such as digg, delicious, stumbleupon
  44. 44. Comments on webpages
  45. 45. Wikis
  46. 46. Cloud Computing</li></ul>No one form of social media is weak or strong . It all depends on the context of your message. Every form is powerful on its own<br />
  47. 47. Can Social media be quantified?<br /> Is it the end of mainstream marketing<br /> Is it possible for B2B companies to use social media?<br /> Are consumers interested in conversing about everything ….do they want to talk only about cool products<br />Questions on Social Media<br />
  48. 48.,0.jpg- Borat Photo<br />– Cover page of Beyond Buzz<br /> Conversation Image<br /> - Age of conversation Image<br /> - Conversational marketing image<br /> Social Media + conversation marketing Image<br /> - Alpha fraidy cat<br /><br /> Social media data<br />Image References<br />