Using Google Analytics to get Actionable Insights


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Data provided by Google analytics is endless. It is the duty of an analyst to get meaningful insights.

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  • Thank you Arun for sharing such a important information. Actually i am php programmer, recently started a technology sharing blog ( ). May i know tips to write impressive titles and tag lines. Thank in advance for you tips
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  • Great share Arun bro. I was looking for such information. Thanks a lot!
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Using Google Analytics to get Actionable Insights

  1. 1. Actionable Insights From Google Analytics Presented by Arun Kothapally
  2. 2. Why Google Analytics? • It is FREE. • Easy to install. Use your Google account. • Easy to collaborate. • Many tutorials on the web to help you use Google analytics. • It is one of the best web analytics tool.
  3. 3. The Biggest Problem with Google Analytics……..
  4. 4. Say So What Thrice! How to find actionable insights from Google Analytics?
  5. 5. So what rule - Visitors Instinct Logic No of visitors to our site has reduced by 20% this month. So What?
  6. 6. So what rule - Visitors We have to work harder and get more visitors to site. So What? Instinct Logic
  7. 7. …………………….. I got YA! So what rule - Visitors Instinct Logic
  8. 8. So what rule – Bounce Rate Our Bounce Rate has increased by 30% this month. So What? Instinct Logic
  9. 9. So what rule – Bounce Rate Google Analytics says these pages have bounce rates above 50%. So What? Instinct Logic
  10. 10. If we audit these pages individually and improve it we will make our pages more engaging. That is what I am talking about. So what rule – Bounce Rate Instinct Logic
  11. 11. Your Boss Lets Go and get this shit done!
  12. 12. Actionable Insights What specific action to perform? How will the specific action improve the business? Who is responsible for the action? By when should the action be performed?
  13. 13. Key Metrics Segmentation Actionable Insights
  14. 14. # of Product Sales 20 130 62 66 76 184 90 100 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 200
  15. 15. Traffic Source Vs. # of Product Sales 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 200 Referral Direct Email Social Google (Organic)
  16. 16. Digital Marketing Measurement Acquisition Behavior Outcomes
  17. 17. Acquisition Insights
  18. 18. % New Visits Possible Action Items 1. Do a rank check on popular keywords. 2. Update content regularly to increase direct traffic. Acquisition > Overview
  19. 19. Geographic Location Possible Action Items 1. My target country is USA but most of my traffic is from India. I can never make good money. 2. I see traction in Australia. I should launch set up operations in Australia too. Audience > Geo > Location
  20. 20. Queries Acquisition > Search Engine Optimization > Queries > Impressions Possible Action Items 1. Lost rankings for these keywords. 2. Need to make Titles clickable for these keywords.
  21. 21. Behavior Insights
  22. 22. Bounce Rate Behavior > Site Content > All Pages Possible Action Items 1. We need to increase internal links on this pages so that the people are within our site. 2. We need to improve CTA to make a user take action.
  23. 23. Cart Abandonment Rate Possible Action Items 1. About 56% of people drop off at shopping cart. Need to do optimize and test the variations. 2. 63% people drop off at checkout. Should try multiple step checkout.
  24. 24. Outcomes Insights
  25. 25. Time Lag Possible Action Items Run retargeting campaigns for upto more than 12 days to increase conversions. Audience > Behavior > Engagement > Page Depth
  26. 26. Assisted Conversions Possible Action Items 1. We suck at Email Marketing or email marketing is NOT for our business. 2. Social Media assists in conversions. It is worth investing time in it. Conversions > Attribution > Model Comparison
  27. 27. Prioritize Actions Impact Time Effort Internal Dependencies External Dependencies Priority Action 1 Action 2 Action 3 Priority Formula : Impact*Time*Effort – (Internal + External Dependencies) Use a scale of 1-10 to define each column
  28. 28. Don’t be a reporting rogue or a data douchebag be an Analytics Ninja because….
  29. 29. Actions drives business forward not data or reports
  30. 30. Let Us Talk…..