Middlesbrough Women's Football Team in the DPRK Online Booklet - Koryo Tours


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Middlesbrough Women's Football Team in the DPRK online booklet. This book tells the story behind the event that resulted and the impact it had on the Korean people

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Middlesbrough Women's Football Team in the DPRK Online Booklet - Koryo Tours

  1. 1. This is a collaborative Koryo Group project with theBritish Embassy in Pyongyang, CLSA, MiddlesbroughFC and the Middlesbrough Town Council.Please contact us for more information:TourismFilmArtCultural Exchangewww.koryogroup.cominfo@koryogroup.comNo 27 Bei San Li Tun Nan (East Courtyard),Chaoyang District,Beijing, China,100027Every effort has been made to trace the copyrightof the photographs contained in this book. If wehave breached any copyrights then we sincerelyappologise and ask you to get in touch with us.
  3. 3. In 2009 the British Embassy in Pyongyang contactedus to discuss ways of marking 10 years of diplomaticrelations between the UK and the DPRK.We decided the best way to celebrate this was to findan activity that was common to both sides…one thatboth countries were passionate about and one whichtranscended political and social barriers - FOOTBALL!This book tells the story behind the event that resultedand the impact it had on the Korean people. We hopeit goes someway to explain why we are looking toencourage more engagement and cultural projects,(indeed, to have less cultural exchange between theDPRK and the outside world would be difficult).Nicholas Bonner & Hannah BarracloughKORYO TOURSwww.koryogroup.com
  4. 4. North Korea created the biggest sensation in World Cup history whenthey played Italy and beat them 1-0. Most of their matches were playedin the north-eastern UK town of Middlesbrough where local fans gotright behind them and treated them as their own, 2,000 of them evenfollowed the team to Liverpool when they played another incrediblematch vs Portugal.
  5. 5. “It wasn’t that long after the Korean War and therewere people in Teesside who’d fought in that, andwhen the Korean team came they were seen as theenemy, but people really just took them to theirhearts. It helped that they played in red, which wasthe Middlesbrough team colour. But it really wasthe people themselves, non-stop smiling, and veryfriendly and open.”Dave Allan, Media Manager, Middlesbrough FC
  6. 6. The 1966 DPRK Team
  7. 7. In 1966 North Korea created the greatest shock inWorld Cup history yet once their adventure wasover, the plane taking them home could have beenflying to the moon, so completely did they disappearfrom view. In 2001, after four years of negotiations,Nicholas Bonner (Koryo Tours) and DanielGordon (VeryMuchSo Productions) were grantedunprecedented official access to tell the team’s storyfor the first time.The Game of Their Lives is a tale of struggle andsuccess, the beauty of sport crossing culturalbarriers. It is the story of a team from a Communistcountry which arrives in England at the height ofthe Cold War and is not only adopted by the localtownspeople of Middlesbrough but also ends upwinning the hearts of the whole country.The film won several awards including theRoyal Television Society award for Best SportsDocumentary 2002.
  8. 8. “The greatest story never told.”Ron Gluckman, Asian Wall Street Journal Ri Chan Myong No: 1
  9. 9. F ollowing on from the success of the film, the makers took the remainingmembers of the ‘66 World Cup squad back to Middlesbrough. This was theDPRK’s biggest ever cultural event in the west. The players received a standingovation at the Middlesbrough Football Stadium and were treated like heroes.
  10. 10. One of sport’s most enduring but least likely loveaffairs is being rekindled next month, when theNorth Korean team who shocked the 1966 footballWorld Cup finally return to the English town whichadopted them as its own.Sept 18 2002 (AFP)
  11. 11. In order to mark 10 years of diplomatic relations between the DPRKand the UK, Koryo Tours, in conjunction with the British Embassy,took Middlesbrough FC Ladies to Pyongyang to play two matchesagainst local Korean teams. Middlesbrough being chosen due toits historical links with the DPRK. Women’s football is extremelypopular in the DPRK - more so than men’s football and the NorthKorean national women’s team ranks 5th in the world. In addition tothe games - which were broadcast nationwide - the team also wentto a local middle school to coach students.
  12. 12. Early in the morning on the 16th September, 2010, the squad set off Arriving in Pyongyang it was hard to believe that it was actuallyfrom Middlesbrough for London Heathrow. Their flight, which went real - all the months of preparation fraught with logisticalvia Moscow, took them to Beijing where they had less than 24 hrs to and political problems had finally come to fruition - therest before their Air Koryo flight to Pyongyang. Middlesbrough FC Ladies were in the DPRK.
  13. 13. Both matches were played on artificial turf atthe April 25th Stadium just outside Pyongyang.With an estimated crowd of 6,000 at each gameit was an overwhelming experience for theBoro girls whose largest crowd to date had been1,000 when they played Arsenal Ladies. At leastthe weather was consistent with the UK - lightrain for both matches.
  14. 14. Match 1: 19.09.2010 Middlesbrough FC Ladies 2: 6 April 25th (the military team)“I’m glad we had this friendly match with the British team today, Isincerely hope that the football match between our two countries today Kwon Bom Hyang, April 25th FCwill promote the development of football in the future.”
  15. 15. Match 2: 21.09.2010 Middlesbrough FC Ladies 0:5 Galmaegi Women’s FC (provincial team)“We didn’t come here as a team expecting victory, we just came here asa friendly team who can put up a good game. All we really wanted to get Ami Bullen, Goalkeeper, Middlesbrough FC Ladiesout of this was friendship. Just to make the two countries closer - whateverybody wants really.”
  16. 16. “I am very happy to have had the chance to be here today and see this great football match. It demonstrates the friendship between our two countries and I hope in the future there will be many more like this.” Soldier guard at April 25th Stadium31 32
  17. 17. Greeting the crowdAfter both games, the Middlesbrough team ran round the pitch greeting thecrowds who were jostling each other to shake hands with the players. This wasreminiscent of the welcome the ‘66 team received in Middlesbrough.
  18. 18. “We feel famous. The game was amazing, the toughest we haveever played. And the crowd was unbelievable, smiling and waving.Even going past on the bus they were the same.”Nicky Duckling, striker
  19. 19. “The trip is very much aboutfriendship and is evidence offootball’s power to break downcultural barriers. It has all comeabout thanks to the wonderfulsupport the people of Middles-brough and Teesside as a wholegave the Koreans at the 1966World Cup.”Marrie Wieczorek, Manager,Middlesbrough FC Ladies
  20. 20. Football is not only about winningThe English people took us to their hearts and viceversa. I learned that football is not only about winning.Wherever we go playing football can improve diplomaticrelations and promote peace.Pak Do Ik No: 7 | 2001, The Game of Their Lives
  21. 21. Coaching schoolchildren at Rungra Middle School, Pyongyang
  22. 22. “Even when we went to theschools with the young childrenfrom the ages of 12 down, theytaught us a thing or two.”Rachel Hines, Captain,MiddlesbroughFC Ladies
  23. 23. Pyongyang Boat Restaurant No 1; British Embassy ReceptionPak Do Ik, Ri Chan Myong and Rim Jung Son from the 1966 Word Cup Squad,British Embassy Staff, Koryo Tours, Middlesbrough FC Ladies, CLSA delegation,April 25th Women’s FC.
  24. 24. ”Meeting the Middlesbrough players here bringsback a really fresh and strong feeling becausewhen we were playing there, we had some goodresults, and a big reason for that was the greatsupport from the people of Middlesbrough whichgave our players a great spirit.”Pak Do Ik, ‘66 World Cup squad member
  25. 25. 1 Ami Bullen2 Rachel Hine3 Clare Helm4 Abby Freeman5 Ashleigh Leighton6 Leanne Hawxwell7 Kate Foster8 Abbey Lyle9 Nicky Duckling10 Katie Kinlan11 Lindsay Stephenson12 Becky Stephenson14 Shannon Bewick15 Chelsea JowersManager: Marrie WieczorekAssistant Manager: David JamesGK Coach: Kris Dixon
  26. 26. The visit of the Middlesbrough FC Ladiesdrew huge press attention all over the world,both before and after the event. This includedthe DPRK where the games were broadcastnationwide (with 100% ratings).
  27. 27. “Since news broke about the venture, Wieczorek has been inundated withmedia requests from hundreds of newspapers, TV channels and radio stationseverywhere from Britain to Australia and all points in between.”Nick Harris, The Independent
  28. 28. TourismFilmsArtPublicationsCultural Exchanges
  29. 29. Travel to the DPRKSince 1993, Koryo Tours has been engaged in travel to the DPRK.Each year Koryo Tours takes over 50% of the westerners who visitthe country and are advisors to the Lonely Planet, Bradt Guideand Rough Guide for the DPRK.
  30. 30. We have opened up new destinations in the countrypreviously off-limits to tourists
  31. 31. Comrade Kim goes Flying (2011)North Korea’s first romantic feature film shot onlocation in Pyongyang with North Korean cast andcrew. The first ever collaboration between a westernand Korean film crew.
  32. 32. Crossing the Line (2006)Documentary on the US soldiers who defected from South to North Korea inthe 1960’s, one of whom still lives in Pyongyang with his family. Screened atSundance and Berlin Film Festivals. Made with UK film company VeryMuchSoProductions. www.crossingthelinefilm.com
  33. 33. A State of Mind (2005)Documentary following the training and family life of two young girls inthe lead up to the Pyongyang Mass Games Screened in both North andSouth Korea. Premiered in the USA at Tribeca Film Festival, nominated forthe Norwegian Peace Film Award and various international awards. Madewith UK film company VeryMuchSo Productions
  34. 34. The Game of TheirLives (2001)Documentary on the NorthKorean World Cup team of 1966.Winner of the Royal TelevisionSociety award for best sportsdocumentary. Received anomination for Best HistoricalDocumentary at the GriersonAwards, Best Documentary atthe British Independent FilmAwards and won first prizeat the Seville Film Festival .Made with UK film companyVeryMuchSo Productions.
  35. 35. N icholas Bonner, director of KoryoTours possesses one of the most significantcollections of DPRK art outside the country. Inaddition to various in-house exhibitions, inSeptember 2008 his collection of woodblockswas exhibited at the Korea Society, NewYork. In December 2009 he co-curatedthe North Korean inclusion in The AsiaPacific Triennial of Contemporary Art atthe Queensland Art Gallery in Brisbane.
  36. 36. The Art of DPRKNorth Korean FilmPosters (2009)In-house publication,collection of filmposters from the DPRKwith explanation offilm plots and themes.
  37. 37. Welcome to Pyongyang (2007)A photographic study with UKphotographer Charlie Crane which wonthe 2007 British Journal of PhotographyInternational Prize.
  38. 38. Koryo Tours arranges friendship football,ice hockey, cricket and volleyball matchesbetween locals and westerners.Koryo Tours is the International co-ordina-tor for the biennial Pyongyang Internation-al Film Festival with local audience total of120,000. In 2004 and 2006 we took in thefilms Bend it like Beckham, Mr Bean andBride and Prejudice - each film was seen byover 12,000 locals.Since 2005, Koryo has organised trips forinternational schools to visit schools inPyongyang to share lessons and interactwith students.
  39. 39. Koryo Tours would like to thank the April 25th Women’s teamfollowing people for their invaluable and Galmaegi FC for theirhelp and support during this project - fantastic sportswomenship andwithout you none of this would have competitionever happened: Raf Wober at APTN and Ned Kelly for their great coverage ofThe staff at the British Embassy, the team’s activities whilst inPyongyang - in particular the the DPRKAmbassador, Peter Hughes, for histireless campaigning to make theevent happen and 3rd Secretary Dan Gordon and the rest ofChris Williamson for all his on-the- the team at VeryMuchSoground work in the DPRK Productions who helped reignite the relationship between A Explore Worldwide UK for their Middlesbrough and the DPRK assistance with the UK-ChinaCLSA for their generous sponsorship back in 2001 www.verymuchso. nd finally…. The Middlesbrough flight bookings.of the event, special thanks to co.uk FC Ladies team for their enthusiasmMichael Chambers and Ed Jenne and friendliness - you were all excel- Everyone else who has helped with lent ambassadors for your town and The DPRK Ministry of Sport and and supported this project, including the UK and the impression you have Ministry of Foreign Affairs for KITC, Dave Allen, Clare Jenne, Vicky left upon all the Koreans you came into their hospitality towards the Mohiedeen and all those who came to contact with will be long-lasting. team in the DPRK watch the two matches in Pyongyang.
  40. 40. In 2012 we plan to take a NorthKorean women’s football team on afriendship tour to Europe.If you wish to support this projectthen please contact Hannah:hannah@koryogroup.com
  41. 41. DVD comes with bookletPhoto credits: Chris Williamson and Koryo Groupwww.koryogroup.com DVD Edited by: Vicky Mohiedeeninfo@koryogroup.com Book design by: Andelie Wang