Risk assessment


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Risk assessment

  1. 1. Scene Location Problem Solution Establishing shot of school. Greenslade Primary School Due to the filming taking place by the road there is a risk of the camera crew getting run over. Making sure the crew stay well away from the road during filming. Sam walking to meet the rest of the group. School Corridor Naima's character Sam will be walking in a busy corridor therefore may pump into people and cause obstruction. This can be resolved by making sure that everyone using the corridor is aware that we are filming. Group discussing plans for the evening. Classroom There is a danger that tables and chairs could obstruct the actors when walking in the scene. Ensure that the actor has a clear path to walk into the shot. Michelle and Ava discuss where they are meeting. Lockers/Corridor Again using the corridor can be dangerous as the characters may be in the way of students in the hallway. We can make sure that people know that we will be filming in this area which will make people be more careful around the locker area. Michelle and Sam are walking up the stair to meet the others. Stairs The actors could slip or fall on the stair which could result in serious injury. It is also possible that the stairs could be wet which would increase the risk of an accident. To avoid falling or slipping on the stairs before filming we will have to make sure the floor is dry and free from obstruction. The actors will also have to stay vigilant in order to avoid stumbling. Ouija board scene with all four characters. Gym This scene includes several hazards, the main one being the use of candles, this could potentially cause a fire. There are also lots of tables and chairs around the room which the actors could fall over. As well as this there is a rusty nail in one of the doors which could potentially be dangerous when actors and the film crew enter the hall. For the use of candles to be safe we will have to warn the buildings fire officer for him to be aware of their use, as they could set off a smoke alarm. The tables and chairs will have to be moved to stop anyone from falling over them. Finally the crew and cast will need to be warned about the rusty nail in the door Ava alone in the toilets Toilets Because we turn the sinks on in the scene water may splash onto the floor making it slippery. To make sure no one slips on the floor we will avoid standing around the sink area as it is potentially very dangerous. Michelle, Sam and Jared running scenes Hallway/ Classroom These scenes are considerable more dangerous due to the running. Their may also be other students that the actors could pump into. We will have to keep the hallways and corridors clear. We can do this by making sure there is someone standing at the entrance of the classrooms and hallways to stop people from coming into close contact with the actors running.