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Reintegration campaign Reintegration campaign Presentation Transcript

  • EPs (re)integration min 40% of summer GCDP og realization
  • min 50% ofsummerGCDPog RE
  • How Reintegrate?Integration Reintegration Communication
  • How? How?
  • WHAT ?
  • Reintegration Flow OGX TM&OGX OGX TM&OGX EPGCDPog preparation = Internship Reintegration RCTM integration [June-Aug} [Aug-Sept][Jan-Feb] [March-May]
  • STEP 1: Plan
  • 1. Set re-Integration goals2. Elect re-Integration team / XP member
  • STEP 2:EP selection
  • 1. Focus on EPs of 1-2 grade 2. Propose 2 packages of preparation cycle: - basic [OPS] - advanced [OPS + 70-20-10*]* 70-20-10 means:70% practical tasks with GCDP trainees or in OGX promotion20% goal setting
  • STEP 3:EP preparation
  • Remember?!
  • EP Preparation = EP IntegrationImportant• Sell it as a benefit. Project management preparation, that will help them in their internship• They don’t have the opportunity to do it, THEY WILL DO IT!• Diversify the projects!• Give it names!• Break your paradigms!
  • EP preparation advanced 70 20 101. Prepare promotion Run goal setting: 1. OPS: @way, internship flow, culturalmaterials of CR for the - Goals for internship shock, @XP(! List ofInternship - Expected learnings opportunities in Sept)2. Organize city tour - Fears 2. Training: country ambassadorwith trainees - How contributes to my 3. Training: Social Media3. Prepare trainees future goals/career Marketing: How to leadInduction seminar/training - What can be my next my personal blog step? 4. Training: my CV4. Prepare blog - Run cultural intro meeting 5. Training: Personalinternship thoughts with hosting entity (or Budgeting abroad5. Organize internal trainee from same region) 6. Culture differences &culture festival religion
  • 1. Agree on goal setting meeting [Reintegrationresponsible]2. Allocate preparation tasks with MoS & DDL3. Run extra trainings4. Invite fro LCM, LTC, SprinCo
  • STEP 4:Internship
  • 1. Evaluate goals/expectations/quality2. Send monthly opportunity list3. Send Aug-Oct upcoming events [LC,MC etc]4. Showcase their exchanges: blog, video5. Show your interest
  • STEP 5:re-Integration
  • 1. Mentoring meeting after GCDP2. Story telling on LC Meeting3. Invite for SFM, LTC4. Reintegration event – team allocation
  • Reintegration The Message • Help other people to live the same amazing experience you lived • Improve the quality and preparation of other people exploring your experinece • You receive something good from lots of people. Now, what about paying back?
  • Connecting everything Communication Recruitment Integration Reintegration AbroadTarget EP profile Blog and Add to LC groups LC activities showcasingSelect based on Give preparation Invite to LC events Reintegration event GCM tasks Propose concrete“introduce” to LC Run goal setting Team allocation teams
  • nationalCAMPAIGN
  • Goal: 40% GCDP EPs reintegratedFocus LCs: KV, OL,PL, ZL, HK, CBCriteria: % of EPs reintegrated from external GCDP EPs (summer)Midterm criteria: % of external EPs engaged in LC activities: min 3 EP Preparation trainings, min 2 tasks in FAs.Reward: SFM13Midterm reward: SprinCo13Tracking: implement questions in EP CRM (Seda till end November)
  • Tracking example