2012 12-long term planning-output so far


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  • Our responsibility as AIESEC in the Czech Republic!
  • 2012 12-long term planning-output so far

    1. 1. Long term planning
    2. 2. Why Long Term Planning?• Sustainability• Continuity in the organization• Effective usage of resources
    3. 3. 2015 Global Goals• GIP TN 17 000• GIP EP 17 000• GCDP TN 35 000• GCDP EP 35 000
    4. 4. 2015 Goals BottomlinesAIESEC in the Czech Republic in 2015 should: - contribute to the global balance in ICX and OGX - contribute to the achievement of global 2015 goals - be strong in all programmes equally by 2015 - not lose the current position in any programme
    5. 5. 2015/2016 Potential ofAIESEC in the Czech Republic TN EP Total GIP 350 500 850 GCDP 910 840 1 750 TMP/TLP participants 760
    6. 6. GIPi
    7. 7. Vision of the product• Companies are approaching us for cooperation• Product based on needs of companies + supply in the network• 4 segments: Management, IT, EDU, engineering• ¾ of results are coming from AM• 350 RE in 2015
    8. 8. Numbers2015 (350 total):• Management 40% (140)• IT 35% (122)• EDU 15% (53)• Engineering 10% (35)2012 (135 total):• Management 65% (88)• IT 20% (27)• EDU 15% (20)• Engineering 0% (0)
    9. 9. Long term strategies• Big accounts• Connections with ministries, legislative offices• Big IT focus• Engineering (SVK?)• Not doing cold calling but more networking, events, have positioning (web, media)• Different structure in the MC? (somebody respo for this matching processes, somebody for promo?)
    10. 10. Comments to the output• Still MR in egineering needs to be done (ISO norms, SVK case…)• IT strategy (members, selling points, trends, cluster cooperations)• NEPs redesign (NST respo for matching, GEP concept?)• Need to go through with Mara again
    11. 11. GIPo
    12. 12. Overview of growth in segments
    13. 13. Reason behind this numbers, our estimatesBA, HR, MA, F… 67%• We will probably not grow so fast, because even external market is not growing so fast From 120– 200 Re 2012/13- 2015/16 T&LE• Big potential at our market –no 150% competitor, external potential as well IT From 60– 150 Re 2012/13- 2015/16• Huge potential from both sides 782% From 17 – 150 Re 2012/13- 2015/16
    14. 14. Main strategies to 2015
    15. 15. Cooperation with UNI & Ministry of EDU – In first phase will agree on common approaching graduates and alumni for better profiles of students. – Become official partner of UNI in providing internships to students as e.g. Erasmus. – Have official statement that @ X is part of education
    16. 16. Long term CY & companies partnership– Stable partnership, account management, Q evaluation– Common planning each year– Partnership between Czech UNI and company from abroad• UNI coordinators from MC level are responsible for account management of big partnerships (e.g. 100 EPs)• UNI is responsible for raising this students, company come to explain what their needs from students they need and provide feedback on education system
    17. 17. Cooperate on our product with Czech companies– Have package for people who wants work for some companies but don’t have international experience– Company will be actively promoting ours opportunities and will be part of selection process, because they creating pipeline for themselves in terms of high quality people with international XP.
    18. 18. General assumptions• We have plan for each LC in terms of growth for each product (e.g. Prague will be focusing on growing in IT because they have already stable and by internal processes handled BA, HR).• LCs using specialized units for specific products and for bigger and better managing of human resources.
    19. 19. Other topic – no LTS• Financial conditions – Have same prices for all programs, doesn’t matter which CY – Have more accessible product for all students• Possible solutions: – New financial model (separate payments) – Grand (BRIC & EU CY common application)
    20. 20. GCDPi
    21. 21. GCDP incoming• Description 1 - We percieve our GCDP IC projects (internships) as social enterprises • We are developing community in Czech republic based on the issues needed • Members are taking projects as their own businesses • Projects are financially sustainable • Our projects are sustainable in long-term thinking (we focus on product development) • Description 2 - We have credible and well known product portfolio in order to become first choice partner in providing qualitative international internships • Our projects have strong brand • Our projects are supported by Ministry of education, youth and sports (patronage) and another different stakeholders • Description 3 - Our projects create future leaders of the world • Our projects have the concept of being part of educational system (flow for different grades, continuity) • By our projects we are building pipeline for AIESEC members (from participants,..) • Our main target group are young people who have a chance to develop (child to uni student) • Thanks to trainees care we explain WHY and develop all participating people and all members of AIESEC • Our GCDP internships is taken as encouragement for trainees to have the global mindset of social development
    22. 22. Strategies• Ministry of education – Cooperation – Consultation – Co-creation of school curricula• Market scanning/research – Project/product developer• Cooperation with NGOs – Common preparation of projects• Pilot schools
    23. 23. GCDPo
    24. 24. Vision of GCPD in 2015• GCDP internship is the best opportunity how to get to know foreign country, culture and myself.• How students perceive us:• First international experience which is easy to take• International environment in projects even in close countries• I am not doing mainstream activities – I go to extraordinary country with extraordinary JD• It has simply BALLS
    25. 25. Overview of growth in CY/ project issues 900 800 700 240 600 500 400 Others 200 300 Partnership 600 200 223 100 0 2012/13 2015/16
    26. 26. Main strategies to 2015
    27. 27. Create open database of internships (MOS: #RA-MA-RE – 75%)• TNs raised only for Czech students• Offline matching is possible• Must be CY2CY cooperation
    28. 28. EP care before internship• All information about countries in partnerships• Visa processes support – Provide templates, process manuals – Embassy AM – cancel compulsory visas
    29. 29. CEEDerships• Long-term – prepare whole project including matching, TNs mainly for Czech EPs• Short-term – two weeks before X – go there, check state, save what can be saved• ICX GCDP NST positions in partner countries are leaded by Czech AIESECers – Checking and ensuring quality, current state, make black list
    30. 30. UNIs cooperations• Use segmentation – find relevant TNs for faculties and departments we have in LC cities• Sell it directly to faculties and departments and gain support in promotion, create new channel
    31. 31. Internal processes• Move dates of LCP and EB selections on earlier date and shorten transition• TLs for one year• Big autumn RCTM of newies – no need to do big spring again• Set X mindset, promote X to members for whole year – X+T
    32. 32. Specialized unites• Create SU according segments of faculties and fields of study – Focused only on GCDP
    33. 33. Other ideas• Personal discovery training before X – to distinguish from others• Be on stage of big cultural events, festivals• High school promotion – to be perceived as ERASMUS – must have experience (or at least as well-known as ERASMUS
    34. 34. TMP/TLP
    35. 35. TMP/TLPElite Leadership Development Programs• recognized & supported by universities, municipalities, externals• accessible to each student in Czech Republic and other countries• known by 100% of its students as additional edu program providing practical experience• support members’ future career development
    36. 36. recognized by universities, municipalities, externals1. University Relations[credits for both X and T, financial support, @positioning]2. Educational Programs Certification[benefits for members, quality of education withexternal involvement, EwA development, LLCpackaging]
    37. 37. accessible to each student inCzech Republic and other countries1. Ongoing Recruitment[flexible XPs, FA HR needs in time, XPs based on customer needs]2. Virtual Team XPs[providing team/project management ITplatform supporting virtual education, trackingand coaching]3. Expansion Management [SU]4. Expansion Management [Country expansions]
    38. 38. known by 100% of its students as additional edu program providing practical experience1. Market Positioning. Competitive Advantage Development.Missing market knowledge and PR background
    39. 39. support members’ future career development1. HRM system[support TMP/TLP quality, IXP strategy, LLC Development]2. External Projects Shadowing[allign membership development with external needs,provide constant feedback on personal strengths andgrowth points from externals]
    40. 40. Long Term Crucial Projects1. Ongoing Recruitment2. Expansion Management3. University Relationscontribute directly to the TMP/TLP numericalplan and internal operations development
    41. 41. What else should be covered in long term plan...• Expansions plan – Helenka, Adam, Šéďa, Pecňa• Organizational financing plan – Mišo, Pecňa• IM infrastructure plan + virtualization – Maťo• Organizational structures – Helenka, Marťa, Šéďa, Mišo• Strategic connection with universities + ministry – Adél, Šéďa
    42. 42. Thank you for your attention! Martin Tyšer MCP 2012/2013 AIESEC in the Czech Republic CEE GN Chair 2012/2013 AIESEC in Central and Eastern Europe martin.tyser@aiesec.cz +420 733 746 744