Gamification in Marketing
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Gamification in Marketing



Lunch-and-Learn presentation on gamification in marketing

Lunch-and-Learn presentation on gamification in marketing



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Gamification in Marketing Gamification in Marketing Presentation Transcript

  • Gamification Lunch & Learn Alison Lee
  • GAMIFICATION TRIVIA Example of gamification in marketing? Only 10% of gamified enterprise applications failed to meet their objectives in 2013. What is gamification? The first signs of gamification started back in the 1800s
  • Motivation, Dopamine & the Brain • Goals achieved  brain releases dopamine  easier to stay motivated • Scientific American says 3 things motivate people: – Autonomy: feeling in charge – Value: placing value in a goal – Competence: the better you get at it, the more likely you’ll continue with it • BUT context matters – Compelling factor to draw consumer in
  • Gamification Timeline 1896 – S&H loyalty reward stamps + catalog 1981 – American Airlines introduces AAdvantage 1983 – Holiday Inn is the first hotel to launch a hotel loyalty program
  • Gamification Timeline 1996 – Video game players divided into 4 categories: Killers – COD Achievers – Pokemon Socializers – Maple Story Explorers – Minecraft 2002 – Link between gaming industry and training programs, health industry, education and public policy 2003 – Nick Pelling coins the word “gamification”
  • Gamification Timeline 2009 – Foursquare check-ins: badges, leaderboards and points 2010 – 1st Gamification summit in SF 2014 M2 Research predicts that gamification will be a 2.8 billion dollar industry by 2016
  • Defined as “the process of taking something that already exists—a website, an enterprise application, an online community—and integrating game mechanics into it to motivate participation, engagement and loyalty.” -Bunchball Gamification in Marketing
  • The Promise of Gamification • Creates new ways to extend relationships • Longer-term engagement? (still very short right now) • Drive customer and employee loyalty • Leverages motivations and desires for community, feedback, achievement and reward • No single formula lures audiences  depends on target
  • Types of Gamification Customer loyalty rewards (traditional)
  • Types of Gamification (Cooler) loyalty rewards – Starbucks card + app
  • Types of Gamification Goal-oriented – Fitbit
  • Types of Gamification Community – Jay Z + Bing for Decoded promo
  • Types of Gamification Points & Badges – Yelp
  • Types of Gamification Leaderboard – Liberty in North Korea
  • Types of Gamification (Subtle) Game Mechanics – LinkedIn, Mint
  • Types of Gamification Self-Improvement – FreakyAlarm iOS
  • Types of Gamification Giveaways/Contests – Ashe Avenue